Grow Hair Long with Avocado Oil

Grow Hair Long with Avocado Oil

As I have shared, I had gotten my hair cut. I got it cut to a little above my shoulders. I am not desperate (read About Me) though or sad, because I have discovered how to grow hair long fast ALL naturally.grow hair long avocado

So I will be sharing snippets of my grow hair long journey as I go along. Hope this adds more tips to your journey as well. And for those who have got my ebooks, here are more ‘live’ grow hair long tips to top up!

So I read and heard about so much goodness about Avocado, how good it would be for your skin and hair so as I was shopping one day, I came across this shop selling organic stuff from facial skin care to lotions, shampoos, oils etc. 

Since I myself was once upon a time, experiencing hair problems, I thought why not give a stroll in this shop.  There I was browsing through, the sales girl was showing me all kinds of oils, and then I saw Avocado Oil.  I picked up the bottle, the last in stock it seems and bought it. 

Applying Avocado Oil

One night, after I washed my hair and while it was still wet, I put a drop or two of avocado oil onto my palm, rub it between my palms and applied onto my hair.  Guess what, after my hair dried, it felt so soft!  I ran my fingers through my hair, so soft and moist.

I don’t know about you, but I’m stuck with using it every now and then 🙂 I love how it feels on my hair, just great.  Besides, there’s no smell, really.  

So as said in my article, avocado does work great with hair!  Give avocado a try to grow hair long!  It’s easy, you need just a drop or two, the most three.  Too much will make your hair look oily and may not be good to grow hair long. 

If you are using it the first time, I would suggest that you start with one or two drops and see how it goes with your hair.  If you feel it doesn’t look that oily after it dries, I suppose you can add more, maybe another drop or two. Of course, it also depends on the length of  your hair. If it’s not for grow hair long, you can use it as a great ‘hair moisturizer’ (for dry hair).

Then of course, it can be done while your hair is dry too, not necessarily while it’s wet.  Have fun!

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