Handy ‘Buy Essential Oil Tips’

In this article, I will share the tips you need to buy the right essential oil or oils, to help nourish your scalp and grow hair long.

Essential oils (in the right dosage though), are great to mix with carrier oils or ‘lighter oils’ for  great body and scalp massages.

Before that, the thing is, there could be essential oils that are diluted, poor in quality, in that they could have been mishandled during distillation process, wrong parts of plants or species used and many other reasons. 

It could have even been mixed or added with chemicals 🙁

Buy Essential Oil Tips

Whatever it is, as long as it is not pure essential oil, the maximum benefits would have been compromised or even cause harmful side effects.  So, just be cautious!

6 Tips on Buying Essential Oil to Grow Hair Long

Here are 6 important tips to note when you go essential oils shopping…

Know yourself…

Tips for Buying Essential Oils

    • Firstly, ask yourself, why do you need essential oil for?  Is it for any particular healing of whatever ailment you are experiencing? Do you want to use it for aromatherapy at home? Only or once you know why or the reason, then you should do some research or consult a specialized practitioner on which essential oil to look for, as each type of essential oil has its own therapeutic qualities to meet your specific needs or situation. 


    • READ the label on the bottle!  What does it say? Always ensure that it is labeled as “100% Essential Oil” or “Pure Essential Oil”.  Other than that such as those labeled as “Perfume Oil”, “Fragrance Oil”, “Natural Oil” or “Nature Identical Oil”, would mean that they contain some chemical concoction and therefore not 100% pure.  This is also true with “Aromatherapy Oil” as it may contain only a fraction of essential oil or blended with a carrier oil. 

6 Tips on Buying Essential Oil

    • A good label will also indicate the latin botanical name of the essential oil, country of origin and processing method. The purpose of having the latin botanical name is to avoid confusion as to what you are buying as there are essential oils with same common name but different properties.  Country of origin is important too because the resulting properties of the oil can be affected by the climate and soil conditions.  In any case, a good vendor will know to provide you with informative brochures.

 Bottle type…

    • Essential oils should not be sold or stored in plastic or clear containers.  Plastic containers can melt into the oil, destroying the effectiveness and sometimes the safety of the oils.  Clear bottles let the light ruin good essential oils.  The right type of bottle used should be dark glass bottles.  However, there are those who use aluminium bottles but as long as they are lined, it’s alright.

Essential Oil to Get Long Hair

    • And what about the bottle cap?  Avoid those with rubber eyedropper bulb in the top.  The essential oil can dissolve the rubber dropper and becomes contaminated.  However, they should be fitted with a dropper cap in order to dispense oil one drop at a time.  Also, avoid those with dust on the caps as this could mean they have been long sitting on the shelves, therefore it could be old stocks and may have well lost its scent and healing power as they age.  Make sure the caps are tightly sealed too to ensure no contamination.

Test and Samples…

    • Availability of sampling.  Reputable vendors will have sample bottles for you to try before you purchase.  You can take some time to smell the different brands of essential oils but make sure you take some breaks in between your sniffing; otherwise it can overwhelm your senses and temporarily reduce your ability to detect the differences.  When you are sniffing, have your nose at least 5 inches away from the sample as the concentrated oil is strong and can cause dizziness or headache.

Buying Essential Oils Tips

    • Find out from the vendor if the essential oils have been tested by an independent lab to verify its purity and authenticity.  To do a basic test yourself simply place a drop of essential oil on a piece of paper.  The oil should evaporate quickly, leaving no trace of any oily rings or marks behind.  If there are traces, it has been diluted with vegetable oil.  Watch out for synthetic oil as well such as strawberry, cucumber, rain, carnation and lilac are few examples. If they are also part of the vendor’s stock, the rest could be synthetic as well.  Just be cautious.

Price and Affordability…

    • Avoid vendors who sell all of their essential oils for the same set of price.  The oils made from more exotic plants, or plants with little oil, should cost more.  For example, Rose Oil is extremely expensive in comparison to Lavender Oil.  If you come across such a vendor, either he or she is charging too much for some of them, or is not supplying a quality product in all cases. 

    • Essential oil can come or be sold in the form as its own or it could be blended or mixed with a few types of oil.  If you buy blends, it would be up to the maker to decide what oils to mix together and in what proportions.  You can save money in this way, because you only have to buy one bottle of a blend rather than several bottles to mix yourself.  Of course, the setback is that you do not get to choose what blends you want and it is also important to know the ingredients used.  However, if money is not an issue, you might like to have the option of buying individual pure essential oil.

tips to buy the right essential oils

    • If possible, go for organic oils instead of non-organic oils since they are more superior in quality.

    • If you are buying online, avoid those websites that does not give you adequate information especially its origin, method of extraction, what are its therapeutic benefits etc.  Reputable websites should include such information as they are important for a buyer to decide which is suitable to their needs and it also reflects on the price difference.  Also, be sure to ask them the expiry date of their stocks.

Other precautions to look out for when buying essential oil…

    • Be cautious of vendors selling essential oils used in the food and beverage, or the fragrance industries.  Reason being, the essential oil undergo more processing or re-distilled to remove or add specific constituents to suit certain aroma or flavor specified by such industries.  This often lessens essential oil’s effect for physical or psychological healing.  Should you desire to buy from such vendors, find out on the method of processing or extraction of the oil.

Essential Oil to Grow Hair Long

    • As essential oils are now quite easily available in the market, you probably can try shops that sell herbs, health food, beauty or cosmetic shops, online shops and those selling aromatherapy products. 

Take Your Time to Choose the Best Suited Essential Oil to Grow Long Healthy Hair

Perhaps the most important of all ‘buy essential oil tips‘ is – whether you buy your essential oils online or at your local stores, you will need to exercise good judgment in making your purchases. Know what you are getting, so…


The most important things are to get a good quality product and to deal with a company that gives good customer service and offer information to any of your questions for it only shows that they are more reputable.

You are now even better equipped to not only get the right essential oil but also the best essential oil of its kind, for your particular use and hair.  Have a great and relaxing experience massaging with the best kind of essential oil and eventually, this gives you a healthy scalp to grow hair long faster.


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