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How To Keep Strees Away And Prevent Hair From Growing Slowly And Falling Out

I was walking in the park, along the lake earlier this evening and I was thinking…

Since I have just talked about how I used to get migraines and got out of it by trusting and relying on my migraine diary and making some ‘adjustments’ here and there, I want to also again, mention stress – as this commonly can either trigger you to get a migraine or make your migraine feel worse!

So I was thinking again about how to keep stress away prevent hair from growing slowly and falling


How To Manage Migraine Triggers Keep Stress Away And Grow Hair Long Fast

Before you read this maybe, just to get a picture of what some migraine triggers are, please run through my recent article – Can Migraines Make Your Hair Grow Slowly And Fall Out

Migraine is a common condition experienced by many of us. In fact, I know many people around me suffer migraine attacks on a regular basis.


Get Long Hair Fast And Care For Hair Naturally Using Honey

The dictionary’s definition for honey is – a sweet, sticky, yellowish-brown fluid made by bees and other insects from nectar collected from flowers – otherwise, the word ‘honey’ can also mean ‘sweetheart’ or ‘darling’ – like when you call your spouse or loved one. And to get long hair fast and care for hair naturally using honey – is one of my favorite ingredient  🙂

Personally, honey is one of my hair’s best-loved ingredients.


Get Rid Of Dandruff Naturally And Grow Hair Long Faster

Get Rid Of Dandruff Naturally And Grow Hair Long Faster

Have you seen white flakes that ‘falls’ on the shoulders and falls even more when someone for example, combs his or her hair or scratches his or her head? That is dandruff. This post talks about how to get rid of dandruff naturally and grow hair long faster.

Formally defined, dandruff is the shedding of excessive dead cells from the scalp.


Grow Hair Recipe How To Choose Carrier Oil

Grow Hair Recipe – How to Choose Carrier Oil
Carrier oils are actually the ‘base oil’ for essential oil, when both are mixed together – once you choose an essential oil, this essential oil is then mixed into the carrier oil of your choice.

Although we usually talk about essential oils, as I did in my earlier posts, you should note that carrier oils are just as important. Carrier oils are oils made from nuts and seeds. Essentials are so concentrated that they need to be diluted with carrier oils.


How To Grow Long Hair Fast for My Daughter

Yesterday, I was having dinner with a few friends, who are also regular mothers like me.


Grow Hair Long Fast Avocado Fruit or Oil

Grow Hair Long Fast using Avocado Fruit or Oil

Sometime back I talked about using avocado oil to grow hair long fast. Here’s more about avocado and hair growth…

Well, the picture you see here is avocado – the fruit. It is a highly nutritious and fruit not just for healthy hair growth but for our overall health. I love eating avocado but over here, it can be pretty pricey and considered one of those ‘unique and special’ fruit.


Grow Hair – Be Stress Free With ‘Rhythm’…what do I mean

Stress really bugs people doesn’t it? And gives someone insomnia who then calls my mobile at 2.


Grow Hair – Water Jet Spray

Grow Hair – Water Jet Spray

As I have shared, my natural hair texture was dry and fizzy. This was especially so after a swim, whether in sea water or chlorinated (swimming pool) water and in spite of using hair conditioner. Often I would spray what I call ‘hair mist’ on to my hair after my showergrow hair to keep my hair moist.


Make Your Hair Grow Faster – De-stress 2

Make Your Hair Grow Faster – Chill Out and De-stress

As I have talked about stress in my earlier post, and how stress causes hair loss and the two main kinds of stress – acute and chronic stress. Simply put, acute is ‘small time’ stress and chronic is ‘big time’ and long term stress.

If left to accumulate, chronic stress can cause serious health problems like heart attacks, stroke, serious depression and anxiety, and other serious conditions.


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