Fast Hair Growth Remedies Using Essential Oils

You would probably have heard or come across the term Essential Oil but may not know exactly what it is or just besides the fact that it is something very popular and widely used for aromatherapy. 

Fast Hair Growth Remedies Using Essential Oils

But do you know essential oils have come a long way since thousands of years ago, when it was used even for anointing and healing the sick? And today, it is one of the fast hair growth remedies.

In today’s modern world, essential oil is used not only in aromatherapy, but also in massage therapy, emotional health, nutritional supplements, personal care like scalp care and many more.

Essential oils can also be used in our daily scalp care like massage to speed up our grow hair long process. 

Perhaps now is a perfect time for you to learn and know more about what essential oil is?

What is its usefulness in your daily living and especially for healthy scalp care for fast hair growth.

Essential Oils – What Are They

Although it is called Essential Oil, it is not an oily based product. 

Unlike vegetable and animal oils that contain fatty lipids or acids, essential oil does not contain any of these although they are fat soluble. 

In fact, they are very clean and easily absorbed by the skin.  It evaporates quickly and does not leave your skin feeling oily or greasy. They also are a great help in the grow hair long process.

Essential Oils - What Are They

How can you test if it is pure? You can test this by putting a drop of essential oil on blotting paper.

You will see that it evaporates and disperses without any trace of oily ring.  This is how you know if it is pure.  There may be a few exceptions to this, yet very few. 

On the other hand, a drop of vegetable oil on blotting paper will surely leave you with a trace of oily ring.

Essential oil comes mostly from different plant elements such as shrubs, flowers, barks, roots, seeds and so forth.  For example, peppermint oil stems from leaves, rose oil from petals and sandalwood oil from bark or wood.

Grow Hair Long with Essential Oils

Some essential oils make good faster hair growth  remedies, when used for scalp massage.

Amazingly, essential oil plays an important role in contributing to plants’ growth, its ability to live, evolve and adapt to their surroundings as it consist of a unique component that helps defend plants against insects, environmental conditions and diseases. 

Any essential oil with animal products in it is not an essential oil.  Also, true essential oils do not contain synthetic ingredients neither any chemicals nor additives of any kind. 

Essential oil is not the same as fragrance oil or perfume oil.    

Essential Oils to Grow Hair Long – How It Is Produced

Essential oils are usually produced by steam distillation to make the natural oils in a plant substance very concentrated.  Steam is used to help release droplets of oil.  Throughout the distillation process, the right temperature must be maintained while closely monitoring the pressure, time and batch sizes to get the highest quality. 

Also, plants need to be harvested at the right time and the right parts of plant or species must be used for best quality and potency.

Another common method used is cold pressing for extracting citrus oils.  This method is cheaper. 

It is just like pressing grape juice out of grapes or orange rinds where the rinds can be grounded or chopped and then pressed to release a watery mixture of essential oil and liquid. Eventually, the oil separates and is ready to be bottled. 

Essential Oils to Grow Hair Long - How It Is Produced

Whatever the methods are, it is essentially important that they be carried out as it should be under the right conditions, otherwise its benefits and effects may not be as powerful even though the essential oil could be 100% pure.

These oils have potent antimicrobial factors, having 200-300 therapeutic constituents. 

Majority of essential oils are clear to deep blue but some are yellow or amber in color. For best effects, use pure essential oils to aid in our grow hair long journey.

It takes an enormous amount of plant material to make just a small amount of essential oils.  For this reason, they are very expensive.  The price of essential oils varies widely depending on the number of plant parts used to make them. The greater the number of part plants used, the higher its price. 

Citrus oils for example are cheaper as it is quite economical to make, since the citrus rind contains a lot of oil, in comparison to the oils derived from flowers, which contain very little oil.  Those that come from exotic plants are even more expensive. 

The Goodness of Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries to promote physical and mental well-being as well as treat medical conditions.   There are so many varieties of essential oils to cure almost every ailment out there.  Moreover, several choices of oils can be used to treat a certain condition. And it can be used to effectively aid the grow hair long process.

Fortunately, it only takes a few drops of these essential oils for a powerful effect since it can cost a fortune to some.  And since just a few drops are needed, a small bottle can last you a long time. So in a way, a good pure bottle can last a long time which makes it cost effective.

fast hair growth remedies goodness of essential oils

Essential oils enter the body through the sense of smell.  This is why they are often inhaled in some way or another.  When essential oils are inhaled, they reach the limbic system of the brain and go on to affect all the systems that it interfaces with.  These include the circulatory system, the respiratory system, the endocrine system and memory. 

They are also absorbed into the tissues of the skin and into the bloodstream affecting the organs as well.  This is especially true when they are used in baths or massages for soothing effects.  Also, when you have had a massage treatment with essential oils be it on your body or even your scalp (great to grow hair long), it is wise not to bathe or wash it off for a couple of hours.  This is because the systems of the body take time to absorb the oils from the skin.

Truly it is fascinating and a privilege for us to know that Mother Nature has endowed us with such an amazing natural gift that heals naturally, in many ways.  We should be humbled, although at the end of the day, we pride ourselves with our modern technology.

Still, modern science has yet to truly unlock the secrets and mysteries of essential oils and why they can do the wonders they do and so effectively, for our health and as a one of our natural fast hair growth remedies.

Do you use essential oils? Do share so we can we learn from your experience…


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