Faster Hair Growth Without Migraines 

Migraine – A recurrent throbbing headache that typically affects one side of the head and is often accompanied by nausea and disturbed vision. Can migraines affect hair growth in any way? Once upon a time…one factor that caused my hair thinning was daily stress. One thing that surely gave me stress was having migraines. So for me, I feel faster hair growth can be affected (indirectly) by that pain throbbing in my head!

Can migraines make your hair grow slowly and fall out? No, having migraines do not directly cause yours or my hair to grow slowly and fall out. I mention ‘my hair’ because I used to have migraines but after quite a long stretch, have overcome this (I will be sharing ‘my migraine story’ in my blog – a little side track here, if I may).

When I did have migraine attacks, I did wonder if it was this (apart from other stuff) that made me lose some of my hair but nope, it does not. But having migraines did stress me out and well, made it a lot more ‘challenging’ for me to ‘live life to the fullest’. And definitely not give me faster hair growth 🙁

In  a way, getting away from migraines triggers helped faster hair growth

But when I found out what triggered my migraines (root cause), I worked on ‘getting away’ from the root and although a pretty long stretch and gradually, things got drastically better.

By the way, I had a chat with my friends, they too have wondered if migraines could cause hair loss or balding. But depending on the frequency or ‘how awful’ the attacks are, it can lead to serious stress, to deep depression and totally ‘losing your quality of life’.

This can send your hair to ‘resting stage’, causing eventual hair loss or hair growing slowly. In fact, such depression can wear you out and cause you or your overall health to deteriorate and wither.

So do you think you can have faster hair growth when your health withers? 

Nope, I don’t think so. When our health withers, our scalp, hair and ‘overall being’ withers too…

So if I may, I would like to side track a bit, and share with you (I believe some of us have migraine attacks) what factors may trigger migraine attacks. I hope this may be of some value, help or meaning to some of you. Here are some common migraine triggers (this varies from person to person)…

Hormones ‘going up and down’

PMS (which I cannot avoid!) is one of my triggers. PMS or menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause are some strong migraine triggers. My doctor once said maybe this is one of the reasons why women tend to get migraines more than men. Contraceptives and hormone supplements are suppose to help but not in my case. My ‘PMS migraines’ last the most 2 days. And I noticed (in my ‘migraine diary’) how I manage other factors, affects the ‘state’ of my ‘PMS migraine’ and sometimes I do not get any migraine.

Flickering, sudden glare or bright lights

These are like sudden glare or flicker of light from a distance, from bushes or trees along the road when I drive in the day, or when I step out into the glaring sun ‘too quickly’ and looking up at the glare, looking at flickering lights on the ceiling, etc. Just closing my eyes a while as I step out into the glaring sun or looking at the ground or wearing my sunglasses, helps.


For some of us including myself, simply not drinking enough water triggers a migraine. For me, this trigger is something I can avoid so long as I keep my body well-filled-up with water. I start my day drinking at least 2-3 glasses of plain water. And anyway, I heard water is the best drink – and some of my friends practice ‘Water Therapy’ (have you heard?). And in my case, I need even more water throughout the day because I drink coffee or tea too.

Sleep Patterns

This means too much sleep, too little sleep, disturbed sleep, irregular sleeping times, not getting ‘restful or sound’ sleep, being ‘jerked up’ or waking up too suddenly – all these can trigger migraines in some of us. I am OK with ‘mixed up’ sleeping times so long as I get at least 4-5 hours of good, deep sleep. They say, sleep 8 hours. For me, when I get poor 8 hours of sleep or simply too long for me I think, I may wake up with a headache!faster hair growth

By the way, getting enough sleep helps with faster hair growth. So sleep like a baby! 

Mealtimes and What we eat and drink

Again, not everybody have this trigger. Usually, stuff high in sugar, carbohydrates, caffeine or some dairy stuff may trigger a migraine. In this case, the only way is to monitor our F&B menu every day. Taking notes or having a diary or journal helps a lot here especially. This, like all the other triggers, affects each person differently, to different degrees.

Our daily F&B menu and followed by our scattered or irregular meal times, may trigger a migraine attack. Try to keep to a regular eating time and not skip meals, especially breakfast – which is in fact the most important meal of the day.

Then, keeping to a good diet with the right supplements helps with faster hair growth. 

Weather changes and/or heat

For a start, this cannot be helped! So for those who are sensitive to this factor, usually sudden changes in weather or temperature like moving from a cold air-conditioned room to the hot glaring and burning sun outside may cause a migraine. A raining ‘cats and dogs’ weather to a really hot sunny day may also trigger an attack in some people.

Smells, smoke, chemicals, sprays

Cigarette smoke, smoke from a car’s exhaust pipe, perfumes, cleaning detergents, fresheners, smell of certain foods, etc in especially a small or crowded place can give some people a migraine and some may feel nauseous or a little dizzy. I feel maybe avoiding these smells or places with these smells or carrying something with a smell that soothes you may help – like a bottle of essential oil that soothes you (to inhale or rub on your temples or abdomen area).

Noises, Sounds

For some migraines sufferers loud clanging noises or sounds, loud music, doors banging, clanging of pots and pans, the sound of utensils knocking on the table, loud noises and maybe even the sound of a dog barking non-stop – all these may trigger a migraine attack. So those who are affected by such noises and sounds ‘like peace and quiet’ especially when they are working on something, and to avoid a migraine attack.

Too much physical exercise or activities including orgasm

If you do get an attack due to too much physical activity, exercise or orgasm, do see your doctor. Depending on your condition and if this factor is a trigger for you, or maybe another medical condition, your doctor should be able to help you. And for further advice, seeing a Migraine Specialist should help.


This factor, according to The International Headache Society, is not directly a migraine trigger but we are more vulnerable or more likely to get triggered, when we are under stress – do I make sense here? I do not know if this makes any sense to you but when I read this, I went “huh?” – Anyway, I think the best way to find out is to rely on your daily journal or diary. Do you get triggered easily and get a migraine when you are stressed out, any other factors involved?

Last but not least

I hope this write up helped you in some way or another. Again, not everyone have the same migraine triggers. Not everyone have all of these listed migraine triggers. Some may have just one or two, or a couple of these migraine triggers. Some other migraine triggers may not even be on this list !

After reading much feedback from migraine sufferers, ‘migraineurs’ or people, I really want to say that this is a common and often overlooked condition and pain that is in need of more awareness and medical help. Fixing an appointment with your doctor or a Migraine Specialist can help. Then I hope my coming blog helps you in some way to better ‘manage the triggers’ and ease some of your pain.

There are ways (medication or ‘self-management’) to overcome or better manage this condition though it can be a long stretch – but the effort to do this is well worth it and does give you back some quality of life. I believe, for anything in life truly worth doing and truly meaningful, takes consistent commitment, discipline and perseverance. Being positive, smiles and lots of laughter are great bonuses!

PS: Can migraines make your hair grow slowly and fall out? Nope. But since I started the routine of ending my day (especially ‘long days’) with a good scalp massage using my favorite essential oil or hair recipe (depends on my mood) and doing my best to manage a few other triggers – have seen my migraine attacks lessen and me experiencing an improved quality of life – hence faster hair growth (at its healthiest fastest speed)  🙂


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