Flaxseed Hair Gel Picture Recipe

You have seen the ‘hot way’ of making your own flaxseed hair gel in my post, before this one. So, here is how I do it by soaking the flaxseeds to make hair gel. But I have to say, although I can do this, I really prefer the ‘hot way or boiled way’ of making flaxseed hair gel. This is because I find that sometimes, after soaking for hours, I find there is a strange smell. So really,  I do like the ‘hot or boiled’ recipe a lot more – although soaking is much easier.

By the way, if you want to see picture recipes of doing this gel ‘the hot or boiled’ way – HOP OVER to my other ‘flax seed’ post!

Here are some useful info about flaxseed hair gel:

– Golden flaxseed makes thicker gel, as compared to brown flaxseeds. I like the golden seeds more than the brown ones. Gel from golden flaxseeds seem to hold better on my hair. And I get the same ‘gel results’ most of the time – pretty consistent.

– Some may add guar gum or xanthan gum to make the gel even thicker and to add weight to hold or style better. I have not tried any of these, as I did not feel I need to. So you may want to play around a bit and see if you like your flaxseed hair gel better with guar gum or xanthan gum. By the way, add these gums bit by bit. Because like guar gum, may take time to thicken as the mixture cools down. Better not put in too much, too soon.

– For storage, you can try freezing small individually portions (in the amount you feel you need to use each time) in the freezer. To use, just take out one portion, thaw it and it is good to go! Sometimes, I just leave my jar in the fridge, not freezer – if I know I will be using it. But it does last longer in the freezer. After thawing, you may need to stir or mix the gel a bit.

OK, now let us take a look at the ‘soaking method’ to make flaxseed hair gel…

flaxseed hair gel recipe

1. Refer to my other flaxseed post, before this one. Yup, this is the same soup/ladle spoon and same glass jar. So, put 3 full spoons of flaxseeds into this jar.

flaxseed hair gel

2.Here’s my regular coffee mug. Now I pour in 3/4 mug of distilled water into the jar. There is no need to warm or boil the water ok. Just ‘normal’, like from the tap…







flaxseeds hair gel

4.When I like the texture of the gel, it is time to separate the gel from the flaxseeds. Now, get another glass jar with a wide mouth too. Put an ankle lady stocking over the bottle, like a sieve or strainer. Then, you are going to pour the stuff from the other jar into the stocking/this jar.


flaxseed hair gel how to soak

3.See, just leave the flaxseeds to soak overnight, at least. Some say 16-18 hours. One thing’s for sure, it takes a whole lot of time to ‘soak the gel out’! Well, occasionally, I check to see the gel texture. When I like it, I get it out. And oh, you should cover the top/jar with just a piece of dry cloth. Or ‘loosely’ with the jar cover – so ‘it’s breathable’.


Now, here is my last picture of this flaxseed hair gel recipe. You see the gel being separated from the flaxseeds. It is really easy and not messy at all! Now that you have the gel, you can just throw the stocking stuff away. homemade flaxseed hair gel recipe

Or if you are a fun-loving mum like me (or maybe a mum ‘gone nuts’!), sometimes I just let my kids play with the slimy stuff – and my kids simply love this slimy stuff!!  😉

Now just in case you still want the gel to be thicker, you can actually just boil it with those flaxseeds. But not with the stocking OK! LOL…

Hold ‘the lump’ up, then just give a snip or cut at the bottom. And you will see the flaxseeds ‘plop’ into the jar. Then put all this into your small, non-stick pot, boil the stuff up a bit. You need to watch this thing. Once it thickens to how you like it, turn off the fire…if you get stuck from here, no worries! Hop over to my previous ‘flax seed post’   😉   And yup, you will need another stocking!

Now, to make your flaxseed hair gel smell lovely, at the same time moisturize your hair – add in nice smelling essential oils like lavender oil, rosemary oil, etc and some virgin coconut oil as moisturiser. Sometimes I also like a bit of honey and avocado oil. This is really a personal thing and really depends on the type of hair you have.

Do this a couple of times, and you will be able to fine tune to what you like best – like they say, practice makes perfect. Well, I have taken lots of guess work away…but you need to fine tune the rest of it to your unique hair condition and personal tastes – and if you have any allergies.

But really, if you do need any more ‘helpful tips’ – feel free to shoot me a message on my ‘contact’ page OK. I really need to know more about your hair type to suggest what other stuff you can mix into your flaxseed hair gel, OK   😉


PS: I should warn ya…In case like me, you are going to let your kids play with this gel and slime – I strongly advise you to get your kids OUTDOORS like in the garden, backyard or the park  🙂

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  • Cant wait to try it.

  • can I leave over night or is it bad for your hair

    • Nope, do not leave any kind of gel stuff (even natural stuff) on your hair overnight. I use flaxseed gel to style my hair or keep it in place, or to just have a wet look. Then I go for that special occasion or something. When I get back, I rinse off totally. Then just air dry my hair, and off to bed.

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