Get Long Hair Fast And Care For Hair Naturally Using Honey

The dictionary’s definition for honey is – a sweet, sticky, yellowish-brown fluid made by bees and other insects from nectar collected from flowers – otherwise, the word ‘honey’ can also mean ‘sweetheart’ or ‘darling’ – like when you call your spouse or loved one. And to get long hair fast and care for hair naturally using honey – is one of my favorite ingredient  🙂

Personally, honey is one of my hair’s best-loved ingredients. So yes, I love using this pleasant, sweet, moist and really economical ingredient on my crowning glory. And believe it or not, even my regular honey works wonders for my hair.

However, before I share some experiences about caring for hair using honey, I should let you all know that I have never used just or only honey on my hair. This natural ingredient works much better and is more ‘user friendly’ or easier to apply on hair, when mixed or combined with say, olive oil.

I have not tried using only honey but my guess is, the honey will be sticky, making it tricky to apply. get long hair fast and care for hair naturally using honey

And can you see ‘my honey’ in this picture? It is regular honey I get from the ‘wet market’ near my place…

That said, you may try using just honey on your hair (and maybe share ‘your story’?). As for me, since honey has been working well for me when used with something else, I will share this bit…

Hair Care Naturally With Honey

When I wash my hair, simply adding half a teaspoon of honey with the amount of shampoo I use to wash my hair, does wonders. After rinsing, honey conditions my hair, makes it shiny and leaves a sweet, pleasant smell on my hair.

I remember the first time, I was pleasantly surprised because I did not expect the smell of honey to linger on my hair, even after washing it all off (or so I thought…).

Or else, I may also add this same amount of honey with my regular conditioner and I get the same wonderful effects after rinsing. There is no problem at all applying honey when mixed with shampoo or conditioner, and easy to rinse or wash it off. So no hassle really, just my hair feeling soft, supple and looking shiny and great.

A tip here: It is always good (and convenient) to massage your scalp when you shampoo your hair (even more so since you have honey in your shampoo). Because really, what cleans your hair is not just applying shampoo and spreading it all over your hair, but the movement of your finger tips kneading and massaging your scalp. This is vital for any type of hair.

Scalp massage effectively gets the dirt and dead skin off your scalp and helps blood (and nutrients) circulate up to your scalp so your hair follicles (or hair) are well nourished for hair to grow out at its healthiest and fastest speed. Massaging also loosens your pores so essential oil ‘seeps in’ better to keep scalp moist. All this helps to get long hair fast.

With a little planning, take like about 5 minutes to do this in the shower. Consistently doing this works great to keep your scalp healthy and hair growing at its naturally fastest speed – means no slow growing or ‘stunted’ hair growth which can lead to hair loss.

Scalp massage works just as great, if not good, for scalp with thick hair– be it normal or dry texture hair. You may need to take a little bit more time though to massage, rinse and shampoo because you have more hair, and may need a little extra honey and oil.

Still, thick hair is a great start! And after rinsing, thick, soft, supple and shiny hair definitely make heads turn!

Using Honey With Essential Oil To Care For Dry Fizzy Hair

That has been my routine when my hair got to ‘normal’ condition. Way, way back before, like I shared, I had dry and fizzy hair (sometimes split ends), especially after a swim or a good time in the sun.

So for the case of dry and fizzy hair, adding honey and a boost of olive oil, virgin coconut oil or avocado oil for example, will give better results (especially if you want your hair to look extra shiny and attractive for a special occasion).

Get Long Hair Fast And Care For Hair Naturally Using Honey Deep Conditioning Treatment

For especially dry, fizzy, coarse and brittle hair or hair with split ends (for thick dry hair as well) – for an extra boost, you may want to DIY a potion to give your hair a deep conditioning treatment before finally rinsing your hair. And this all natural potion is really simple to do. The dosage or amount suggested here is to start you off.

You need to ‘fine tune’ this potion to suit your unique hair condition and your preferred smells and moods. So again, no hard and fast rules.

You need:

1 table spoon honey

2 table spoons olive oil or avocado oil

1 table spoon buttermilk, milk or plain yoghurt

A small flat ceramic or glass dish (for the oil)

Hot steaming water (water that has just been boiled)

A regular coffee mug or cup (for hot steaming water)

Wide tooth comb (optional)

A plastic shower cap

What to do:

  • [list style=”arrow”]
    • Step 1 Put the olive oil (or oil of your choice) on the small flat dish
    • Step 2 Boil some hot water and pour hot boiling water into the mug
    • Step 2 Put this dish above the mug of steaming hot water to warm the olive oil
    • Step 3 Add honey and buttermilk to warm olive oil and mix well
    • Step 4 Massage conditioner mixture on to your scalp and evenly to damp, clean hair (you may use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to glide through your hair). Do this routine after you wash your hair and dab dry (hair is still damp).
    • Step 5 Put your hair up with a plastic shower cap and leave on for 15-30 minutes (since honey lightens the hair color for some cases, keep the timing to 30 minutes max)
    • Step 6 Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water. Rinse twice if need to.


Using Honey To Treat Inside Naturally

Honey is not just great for hair and skin, but for our overall immune system and health. Honey (especially honey like manuka honey) has healing qualities and has been used for the longest time.

So other than ‘treating your hair’, you may also want to gulp down a cup or two of honey – good quality honey would be best. I usually drink honey chilled and sometimes I add ice and lemon. When I have a sore throat however, I drink lemon honey warm.

Then I may also just squeeze some fresh lemon right down my throat! And this ‘quick fix’ works great for me, especially when I need my voice back the next day!

All that said, I hope this piece of information is helpful for you to get long hair fast and care for hair naturally using honey!

Enjoy 🙂

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