Get Rid Of Dandruff Naturally And Grow Hair Long Faster

Get Rid Of Dandruff Naturally And Grow Hair Long Faster

Have you seen white flakes that ‘falls’ on the shoulders and falls even more when someone for example, combs his or her hair or scratches his or her head? That is dandruff. This post talks about how to get rid of dandruff naturally and grow hair long faster.

Formally defined, dandruff is the shedding of excessive dead cells from the scalp. When left ‘untreated’ dandruff can cause problems such as hair loss, worsening of an acne condition, premature greying of hair, pimples to form – leading to a dip in self-esteem and self-confidence (it is rather unsightly to see white flakes falling on the shoulders…)

Dandruff problem should be treated because it can get severe and become a chronic condition of the scalp. And we need to get rid of dandruff because a scalp with especially severe dandruff does get in the way of healthy hair growing at its naturally fastest speed.

And to add on to that, do you know that sharing the same comb, hair brush, towel or some other personal items can spread dandruff?

Although dandruff can be embarrassing and irritating, getting rid of dandruff is not really that hard– and there are in fact many natural ways or remedies to get rid of dandruff instead of relying on harsh chemically induced and costly hair care products.

As I am not sure of your personal or individual tastes and preferences, here are some natural ways to get rid of dandruff – have a ‘test run’ for each naturally-rid-dandruff-recipe, monitor each recipe’s effectiveness on your scalp and stick to the recipe(s) that you feel you like best.

Recipes to Get Rid of Dandruff Naturally and Grow Hair Long Faster

Before you start any recipe…

It is best to know your hair and scalp condition, and find out if you have are sensitive or allergic to any of these ingredients.

The dosage, frequency and length of time (to leave the ingredients on the scalp) really depend on the outcome of your condition. See what happens (taking notes may be helpful) and adjust to what is best and most effective for your dandruff and scalp condition.

To get rid of dandruff naturally and grow hair long faster – There are no hard and fast rules here.

In case dandruff persists (in spite of having tried all ways), get worse or you get allergic or sensitive reactions on your scalp, it is time to fix an appointment with your doctor. Depending on your condition, your doctor may then refer you to a specialist.

Here are the recipes…

Lemon Juice

Before you shower, just massage fresh lemon juice onto your scalp and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse with a good, mild shampoo. You may start with 1 table spoon of lemon juice, once a day, alternate days.

Lemon Juice with Coconut Oil or Virgin Coconut Oil

Mix 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice with 1 tablespoon coconut or virgin coconut oil. Massage onto your scalp and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse with good shampoo – you may need to wash twice if you feel your scalp or hair is still too oily. No need to use conditioner. Start with once a day, alternate days.

Coconut Oil

Wash your hair as usual – no conditioner – then towel-dry your hair. Massage 1 tablespoon coconut oil on to your scalp and try your best not to get the oil onto your hair. Then wash and rinse well and do this twice if need to. Start with alternate days or 3 times per week until your dandruff is cleared.

Olive Oil

You may start by using 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil once a day, every day. Before going to bed, put the olive oil on a flat, small ceramic or glass dish. Then put this dish on a mug of steaming hot water (the steam warms the oil on the dish). Massage warm oil onto your scalp. Leave on overnight as you sleep (put a towel on your pillow!). Wash hair thoroughly the next morning.

Apple Cider Vinegarget rid of dandruff naturally and grow hair long faster applecvinegar

Wash your hair as usual, without conditioner. Then apply 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar by rubbing it on your scalp. In case you feel a stinging sensation or your scalp ‘burn’, rinse the area with water. Leave vinegar on for 10-15 minutes then rinse thoroughly with water. If you are concerned about the smell of vinegar on your hair, do not worry because the smell goes away when your hair dries. You may start alternate days, once a day.

Diluted Apple Cider Vinegar

In case your scalp burns too or the stinging sensation is too uncomfortable for you, try this diluted apple cider vinegar potion. All you have to do is mix a mug of water with 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar. Then after washing your hair as usual, just pour this mug of ‘water vinegar mix’ onto your hair. If you prefer you may use or make 2 mugs. Now towel-dry your hair. You may do this once a day, every day.

Tea Tree Oilget rid of dandruff and grow hair long faster tea tree oil

This is another popular and effective rid-dandruff-potion because tea tree oil has antiseptic and antibiotic qualities. Just massage 1 tablespoon of tea tree oil on your scalp and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse and wash hair as usual.

Otherwise, you can also mix 3-5 drops of tea tree oil with a good shampoo when you shampoo your hair. Then rinse well like you normally do. If you feel your hair is moist, there is no need to use conditioner. You can start this once a day, every day.

Neem Leavesget rid of dandruff naturally neem leaf

Just for your info, neem leaves are antiseptic hence can help in getting rid of dandruff naturally. If you can get some fresh neem leaves, you can make neem leaves paste – mash or blend the leaves with a teeny bit of water (so it is moist) until mixture becomes pasty. Now apply this paste on to your scalp. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly as you normally do, and towel-dry. If you can do this alternately it will be a good start – so long as you can get fresh neem leaves and you are comfortable with neem leaves paste on your scalp.

Onion paste

Now this is another potion which I gather from people’s feedback, is also effective in treating dandruff. To make onion paste, you may blend or chop finely then press until pasty and ‘moist’. Then apply onion paste on to your scalp and leave on for 30-45 minutes. Now wash thoroughly. If the smell of onion lingers, applying some fresh lemon juice on your scalp will remove the onion smell. Otherwise, try the other potions 🙂

I hope these natural recipes will help you get rid of dandruff naturally and grow hair long faster!

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  • Thank you for this info. My boyfriend will be so happy when I start using your recipes to grow out my hair. Do you have anything for thick hair that causes migraines? I learned to shave the underside of my head to help relieve the pain, but it makes my head look funny when I want to put it up. Any suggestions?

  • I’ve been using coconut oil for my hair since Junior High, It was my grandmother’s advice. Not only will it help prevent?cure dandruff but it also make your hair smooth and shiny. Not to mention it’s inexpensive. I can’t wait to do these other ways for my husband’s dandruff problem. Thanks for this recipes! Do you know which among these is the most effective? Please advise.

    • Hi, I like virgin coconut oil plus lemon juice. Or I may sometimes use these separately. Sometimes I leave virgin coconut oil on my scalp overnight, not for lemon juice though. That said, these work for my hair. But you really need to ‘test run’ for your husband. And if he’s sensitive or allergic to any of those ingredients, stay away from it. Lemon juice is pretty ‘neutral and harmless’…so I guess you can give virgin coconut oil and/or lemon juice a try first? Lemon juice is also really cheap 😉 I’ve a friend, she uses tea tree oil and this is her favorite and it’s effective for her. Well, among all the ingredients I use, virgin coconut oil is my favorite 🙂

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