Grow Hair – Be Stress Free With ‘Rhythm’…what do I mean

Stress really bugs people doesn’t it? And gives someone insomnia who then calls my mobile at 2.00AM to chill out! But of course she knows I’m more of a ‘vampire’ so chances are, I’ll be wide awake to answer her call!

By the way, this call has nothing to do with grow hair, but about hair loss…

So she said being overly stressed out must have made her lose more hair than usual over the past two weeks – why am I not surprised?

After she ‘downloaded’ her stressful stuff on to me, we talked about some of the stuff I do to chill out. And one of these intrigued her…

So since stress is such a common pain in daily living which is unhealthy and gets in the way of our grow hair process, I’ll share my bit here about how I sometimes chill out by taking a solid 15 minutes break to ‘get in touch’ with what is around me.

A couple of scenarios…

Release Stress and Grow Hair at Optimum Speed

Scenario One – I am in my apartment on the 20th floor, sitting on my sofa. Then I just consciously ’empty my head’ and focus around me. What ‘rhythm’ do I feel, see or hear around me?

The droning of the fan up in the ceiling, the fan rotating round and round, my little boy tapping his pencil on his book, the sound of the washing machine, the sound of my girl unzipping her pencil case, the sound of my girl sharpening her color pencil, the way my girl arranges her color pencils on the floor one by one in a row, the gentle movements of the curtain being blown by the fan, the ball rolling towards my son, my kids talking to each other, the ball bouncing back and forth, my girl swinging her hands front and back, then up and down, the sound of the wind blowing outside, a bird flying and flapping its wings in the sky…and if I get up and walk out to my balcony on the 20th floor, I can ‘get in touch’ with a whole lot more ‘rhythm’ around me!

Well, consciously for just a solid 15 minutes I empty everything from myself and just ‘sense the rhythm or movement’ around me. This totally gets me away for a good while from what could have been bugging me.

This mini ‘getaway’ relaxes me and sometimes gives me ideas to do stuff or see things in a whole new light! And I say 15 minutes here because by this time my kids would be coming right at me to play – since they see mummy just sitting around and looking relaxed and free!

By the way, I do rhythm tap – making beats, music and rhythm with my feet in shoes with real solid metal taps at the bottom – and yeah, my shoes can knock you out!

So sometimes when I hear and see all these activities going on, I kind of put all the bits together and I hear some kind of beat and rhythm all of these movement and sounds can do or become, like a symphony.

Or like the ball rolls from point A to point B, I imagine playing like 4,6 or 8 beats in between point A and B. At times while I’m observing these activities, an idea or a great thought pops up in my head!

Do I make sense so far?

Anyway, how about this next scenario?

More Scenarios to Chill Out and Grow Hair Positively

Scenario Two – I am having a regular iced milk coffee in a little shop lot cafe along a pretty busy road nearby my apartment block

I see someone stirring a hot drink in circles, I hear the clanging of pots and pans, I see a waiter wiping the table back and forth and in circles, I see the waiter arranging the stools and I hear the sound of some stools being dragged and stacked up against a corner one by one, I hear the voices of and see people talking, I see hand movement and gestures, I see facial expressions, I hear the sound of a spoon clanging on a glass, I see someone flipping through the pages of a newspaper one page by one page…

And you can also move your senses towards the street and there is a whole lot of activity and rhythm there!

Really…I can easily fill up pages and pages with ‘my senses!’

Chilling Out to Rhythm in a Parkgrow hair the stream in park

When I am in the park with my kids, while they are playing around, there is so much around me. A boy jumping up and down, a see-saw going up and down, a kite gradually going up higher and higher then lower then higher again, then the same kite like slides to the left then to the right, a dog barking, a dog wagging its tail vigorously, a dog digging the ground with its paws one after the other, someone’s hand throwing bread crumbs to the fish in the lake over and over again, my boy’s body and head bobbing up and down as his left leg kicks back and then comes up – same movement again and again to get his 2-wheel scooter going up a slope, a little bird pecking and pecking something on the ground, and you can go on and on…

I do not know where in the world you can be but this can practically be done anywhere and anytime.

For me it is a practical and convenient way to de-stress and chill out, as well as make rhythms to ‘move with these activities.’ They are happening all around me all the time!

And being relaxed is good for my grow hair process. So this is something else I do to de-stress – other than scalp massage or mixing hair care recipes 🙂

I hope the different scenarios paint a clear picture of what I was sharing with my friend and you as well. And most of all, I hope it makes sense and can help you regularly ‘getaway’, release stress and see things in a whole new light and perspective and maybe give you great ideas!

Well, this works great for me. I hope you ‘get my drift’ and that this works great for you too!

Otherwise, just grab some good old essential oil and give your scalp a slow massage in the shower and you should feel ‘recharged’ again. Or read my other blogs and articles for more ways to stay positive and to de-stress and chill out.

Do what works best for you to rest and relax because this is vital for your grow hair journey!  🙂

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