Grow Hair Long Fast Brushes and Bristles

What is it like when you go shopping for a hair brush?

For me, it can take like days just to browse around shop after shop looking for what I feel would be the best hair brush. One that will not ‘harm’ my scalp and hair – but helps to grow hair long fast.

But there are just so many kinds of hair brushes out there 😛

Brushes And Bristles That Work For Your Hair

Online and out there, I see a ‘buffet’ of hair brushes.

There are hairbrushes for brushing hair, hairbrushes for preventing split ends, hairbrushes for massaging the scalp and many more.

Although you will see there are many types that help to grow hair long fast, in their own unique ways and ‘built’ – but if put into groups, you get brushes such as…

  • vented brushes
  • cushioned brushes
  • round brushes
  • classic and electric brushes

You know, these hair brushes can be priced from $1 to a whopping $100 or even more – which looks like ‘designer’ brushes.

Sure, having one of each type of these quality designer hair brushes would make me so happy. But I have to watch my wallet.

So yup, I do shop around for hours and also look out for the best brushes (as possible) with the ‘best prices’ or discounts.

And each kind of hair brush has its own ‘function’ to care for your hair or style your hair.

But hey, if you read a blog of mine (…Hair Tools post) you will see that although I have a set of ‘good quality’ hair tools – I also have really basic, simple ones. Go take a look at the pictures and you’ll be amazed! And I got these ‘hair tools’ for FREE  🙂 

Okay, back to ‘proper hair tools’…

Now, on these hair brushes, you have all kinds of bristles. Bristles are good for styling your hair. Some special kind of bristles help to massage your scalp as you brush your hair – these are great as they indirectly help to massage your scalp…like this paddle brush

Brushes and Bristles

Basically you can find 4 types of bristles like boar bristles, nylon bristles, porcupine and even metal bristles.  Each kind of bristle is meant for creating different hair dos and to care for a specific kind of hair. 

The tips here will come in handy, when you go hairbrush shopping.

You get the picture of using which tool to get the most out of your hair’s texture and style. And which tool to use when you want to get the blood flow going in your scalp and add sheen to get lovely locks.

For us who yearn to grow out hair faster naturally, having a great hairbrush or hairbrushes sure does help!

On the flip side, for bristles that may do more harm than good to your scalp and hair, avoid them or if you really want to use these bristles – use with care.

Here are a few groups of hairbrushes to help grow out your hair…

Vented Brush

The vented brush has widely spaced and quite flexible bristles.  Openings or holes in the base or head (where the bristles are attached) allow for good airflow.

Vented brushes are mainly used for drying hair because of their excellent airflow.  These brushes maintain natural movement because the bristles never force the hair into a specific shape.

Furthermore, the ends of the sparsely spaced bristles have tiny, protective balls to guard against hair damage.  This design disentangles even wet hair effectively. 

hairbrushes to help grow out your hair

Check the tips of all your vented brushes.  Even if one ‘protective ball’ is missing, the brush needs to be replaced as the exposed tip or bristle can cause friction and damage your hair. This can interrupt your grow hair long fast journey.

Cushioned Brush

The head of a cushioned brush is padded where the bristles sit on.

These brushes include the oval-shaped cushioned brush used for simply brushing out your hair, and the flat rectangular paddle brush with an air cushion used exclusively for long hair.

Great scalp massaging tools to stimulate hair to grow out.

The air cushioned brush is a must have especially if you have long hair. The cushion and bristles of this special hair tool are designed to ‘collapse’, to be flexible and to smoothly glide through the hair, anytime there’s resistance.

It does not tug at your hair, but adapts and ‘flows’ with it, as you brush. The black base where the bristles sit on, is soft and cushy.

Bristles to Help Grow Hair Long Fast

As these brushes are also non-static, they prevent long hair from being stretched, split or broken and remove knots effectively.  And this makes a great hairbrush that cares for your hair and effectively speeds up your grow hair long fast journey.

Round Brush

Many round brushes have wooden or plastic handles with a variety of grips to fit different grips or hands.  Round brushes have a round, metal barrel for more defined movement or style. 

You can use this brush when you want to have some bends or curls in your hair, though it does not work as much as curling irons or hot rollers. 

Using Brushes And Bristles That Work

It may help to spend time choosing for the right round brush.  Many have heavy heads that may stress your wrist when you blow dry your hair.  A nice one is something called ‘thermal round styler’ which is a round brush with vented cores made of aluminium. 

The metal barrel fills with hot air from the blow dryer, while the vented holes give good air circulation.  This tool dries your hair in half the time, giving a crispier hair shape. 

A word of caution, keep your blow dryer moving and keep checking to avoid over-drying and damaging your hair (otherwise hair damage can affect your grow hair long fast journey)

Classic Styling Brush

Classic styling brushes have a half-rounded head.

They traditionally have five, seven or nine rows of stiff nylon bristles, and seven is most popular or preferred.  They are called half round brush because the head of the brush has a rubberized and slightly rounded shape to make a slight bend in your hair.

The classic styling brush is a great instrument for smooth, sleek and precise hairdos.

groups of hairbrushes

Women often prefer to use the smaller and lighter seven-row styling brush because it is easier to use when styling and blow-drying hair.

On the contrary, men love to manhandle their hair with larger nine-row brushes.  These heavier brushes can style a larger portion of the hair at one time. 

Electric Brush

If you have not tried an electric hair brush, you will surely feel the distinct difference the first time you use it.  The electric hair brush is a perfect tool for massaging your scalp, which naturally helps grow hair long faster.

Basically it uses a vibrasonic action or some kind of vibration to gently massage your scalp as you brush your hair. 

You should feel a tingling sensation and this improves blood circulation for healthy scalp and hair which works well to grow hair long fast. 

If you have not done so, do give this innovative battery operated electric hair brush a try and get that sensational feeling for a sensational scalp massage! 

Bristles to Help Grow Hair Long Fast

Boar bristle

Boar bristles are actual boar or hog’s hair.  These are the most natural (almost identical to our own hair, which is great to grow hair long) and ideal kind because they are soft and prevent friction. 

When brushing, they evenly distribute hair’s natural oil making hair shiny and healthy along the hair shaft or scalp. This works great to grow hair long fast effectively. 

Boar bristle

But since boar bristles are ‘weak’ manufacturers may mix them with nylon bristles so they may hold better when styling the hair.

Boar bristles are best suited for children as the bristles are soft, flexible and very gentle on the hair.  Natural boar bristles too works excellent if you have thin hair.

The hairbrush you see here is made from fine natural boar bristes – this hairbrush is actually highly recommended for thinning hair…though it costs a bomb!

Nylon Bristles

Nylon or synthetic bristles is the ‘theme’ or ‘main’ name for all bristles made from plastic, nylon, rubber or similar materials.  Therefore nylon bristles can be soft and flexible or stiff and firm. 

Nylon bristles are usually cheaper than natural ones.  They are easier to clean and last longer (good for the grow hair long fast journey). 

Since nylon bristles can be flexible or stiff and firm, it therefore gives little to maximum control over your hair.  Stiffer ones cannot distribute natural oil evenly over hair hence, to a certain extent, can damage your hair. 

Nylon Bristles

Furthermore, depending on how closely the bristles are spaced, the stiffer and more closely spaced, the more control over your hair.  Therefore, although these bristles can work well for styling your hair, they may not work as good to grow hair long. Then again, for your grow hair long faster journey, they lasts longer. Use these with care.

Porcupine Bristles

Porcupine means a tufted bristle which is a combination of usually boar and nylon bristles grouped together, which should work alright for good hair growth.  These bristles are gentle but give a good hold on your hair.  They are excellent for controlling fine hair, as well as for thoroughly brushing thick hair right down to the scalp. 

Metal Bristles

Metal bristles, even with soft plastic tips, are too stiff and inflexible to safely use on actual human hair.  

Can you imagine metal bristles gliding on your scalp? Not a good feeling right…

metal bristles to growing long hair faster

Metal bristles are good only for styling wigs and hairpieces. 

So remember, unless you are styling your wig, stay away from metal bristles!

And can you guess if metal bristles can help make hair grow faster?…


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