Grow Hair Recipe How To Choose Carrier Oil

Grow Hair Recipe – How to Choose Carrier Oil

Carrier oils are actually the ‘base oil’ for essential oil, when both are mixed together – once you choose an essential oil, this essential oil is then mixed into the carrier oil of your choice.

Although we usually talk about essential oils, as I did in my earlier posts, you should note that carrier oils are just as important. Carrier oils are oils made from nuts and seeds. Essentials are so concentrated that they need to be diluted with carrier oils.

Carrier oils that can be good or therapeutic for scalp and hair are coconut, jojoba, evening primrose, rose hip seed, sesame and grape seed.

This is because essentially, the carrier oil you chose will help your scalp to effectively absorb the essential oil you chose. This same carrier oil will also be therapeutic for you and it also has nutrients which will be good for your scalp.

Knowing that, other than knowing how to go about choosing and using essential oils, you need to also choose your carrier oils with care – as they in fact not just compliment the essential oil but makes the ‘whole oil mixture’ more effectively absorbed into your scalp.

What carrier oils should we use for Grow Hair Recipegrow hair recipe carrier oils

Now for my scalp and hair, I would go for jojoba oil anytime (but again, when my mood swings call for like sesame oil to cool down, it is OK too).

Why jojoba oil would be my first choice? For starters, jojoba oil does not ‘hurt’ my wallet too much as compared to other oils and it works best for my scalp and hair. Do you know that jojoba oil has a long history of use for lustrous hair?

Jojoba actually comes from the beans of a shrub plant called simmondsia chinesis. This oil is bright gold and has the highest grade certified organic, cold pressed and unrefined oil – so this is the most liked in the carrier oil group.

Why can jojoba carrier oil be effectively absorbed by our skin? This is simply because jojoba carrier oil has absorption properties that are same with our skin’s natural sebum.  It works great for our skin as well as for your hair. In fact, you can find jojoba oil in many hair care natural products.

Other than being able to cleanse our scalp well, jojoba carrier oil deeply hydrates my dry and fizzy hair. If you have dry hair like I did, for a change, it would be a good idea to use this carrier oil – other than virgin coconut oil or avocado oil. You can take turns every fortnight with these oils and see how each goes with your hair.

And you may also use jojoba oil for body and scalp massages as it deeply penetrates the scalp and contains nutrients. But a tip here, since jojoba oil can be too thick for massaging, you may mix it with a thinner oil. Adjust the consistency to how you like it best

Grow Hair Recipe – How to Mix Oils

Basically, here is how you much or little you can mix the essential oil and carrier oil of your choice:

1 drop essential oil – with ¼ teaspoon carrier oil

2-5 drops essential oil – with 1 teaspoon carrier oil

4-10 drops essential oil – with 2 teaspoon carrier oil

6-15 drops essential oil – with 1 tablespoon carrier oil

8-20 drops – 4 tablespoon carrier oil

10-25 drops – 5 tablespoon carrier oil

12-30 drops – 2 tablespoon carrier oil

Note: The measurement up there is just a general guideline which I use and sometimes I may adjust differently than that – it really depends on how concentrated or diluted I want my essential oil part to be at that time. So it is completely alright to suit yourself here. Just do not ‘oil your scalp and hair’ till it is dripping with oil!

There is no hard and fast rule here. Ultimately, it is important to know your hair and scalp. What hair texture do you have? What is the condition of your scalp? These mixtures are just a guide to help you revive your scalp so that your hair can grow at its healthiest and fastest speed – this is just a small part of my hair recipes ebook.

Here are some grow hair ‘oil recipes’ you may be able to use. I am not sure about your hair texture but I think this ‘guideline’ can help you start somewhere….

If you have thick and dark hair type, you can try oils like coconut, sesame, lavender, jojoba and ylang ylang– mix these together. Note that coconut, sesame and jojoba are carrier oils (your base oils).

Now for normal hair typeand for ‘faster’ hair growth – try jojoba and coconut, with lavender, rosemary and sage – again carrier oils here are jojoba and coconut. By the way, I prefer my oil mix to be quite diluted. And at times, I use one carrier oil and one essential oil.

For Alopecia Areata– carrier oils are grapeseed and jojoba. Then mix with thyme, lavender and rosemary. Mix to your liking and see how your scalp and hair responds to this ‘treatment’.

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