Grow Hair – Water Jet Spray

Grow Hair – Water Jet Spray

As I have shared, my natural hair texture was dry and fizzy. This was especially so after a swim, whether in sea water or chlorinated (swimming pool) water and in spite of using hair conditioner. Often I would spray what I call ‘hair mist’ on to my hair after my showergrow hair to keep my hair moist.

Well, I have been swimming almost every day the past two weeks until yesterday. As the sun was not really burning hot, I swam in the mornings or around 2 to 3 in the afternoon.

During the first 2 days of my swim, after I got out of the pool, I washed my hair using my regular shampoo without any conditioner and lastly let my hair dry on its own, naturally. I noticed and felt that my hair was not as dry as it usually was (during my ‘old hair days’,  it used to get really dry and fizzy after a swim) but felt quite soft and was easily manageable.

I used a wide tooth comb to comb my hair. And as I combed my hair, I did not see any hairs like ‘flying up’ or ‘drawn to’ my comb. In fact, I deliberately used a plastic comb to see if it would cause any ‘fly away’ hair syndrome but there was none. My hair was manageable and felt soft.

Moreover, I did not use any hair mist, hair moisturizer or any virgin coconut oil or whatsoever oil to apply on my hair. So I am happy to discover that my natural hair texture has really improved.

Well, after my third time swimming during that stretch, before I hopped into my shower, I massaged some virgin coconut oil on to my scalp and hair for about fifteen minutes, then washed my hair as usual (without conditioner) and let it dry naturally. As I expected, of course, my hair naturally felt even softer since I used oil. Well, to be ‘safe’ and not ‘harm my hair’, I thought I had better go back to my usual hair care routine. But it was good to know that my hair could be quite soft even ‘on its own’ – unlike my ‘old hair days’.

Water Jet Spray to Grow Hair?

Then, guess what felt good for me in the pool? Shoulder, neck and back of my head ‘water jet spray’ massage!

Can you imagine…at one end of this swimming pool, there are 4 single water spouts in a row, ‘shooting’ or like ‘jet spraying’ water from 4 (about 2cm. in diameter) outlets on a slightly higher wall, towards that end of the pool.

So when I position the back of my body (like my shoulder) against any one of the water spouts, the ‘vibration’ of the water ‘shooting’ against my shoulder feels really good. It’s like massaging my shoulder. So when I want to get a ‘water jet spray’ massage for the back of my neck or a little further up the back of my head, I just move or position myself to get the water spraying against those parts on my back.

After swimming a couple of laps, I would give myself a ‘water jet spray’ massage at the end of the pool, which felt wonderful. And the vibration of the ‘spray’ is just nice even for the back of my head or scalp. I worked it down to my neck slowly, then up again slowly, and ‘semi rotate’ or turned my head a little to the left, then to the right.

Getting a ‘water jet spray’ massage every now and then, within the hour, felt really good – and it’s funny because I also imagined the nutrients being vibrated to my hair follicles! Looks like I’m really carried away in my grow hair long fast journey…!

Anyway, I think you will feel the ‘angle’ of my post today is somewhat different from the other grow hair stuff I wrote, no?

But you know what, it’s been a frustrating day for me. But then writing this, just put a BIG smile on my face – it all actually chills me out!

Try Water Jet Spray to Grow Hair?

So, I just wanted to share this feel good stuff and I hope you enjoyed reading. And maybe sometime, you too can try some ‘water jet spray’ massage?! So once in a while, instead of using an electric or vibrating hair brush that also helps massage your scalp to promote healthy hair growing at its naturally fastest speed, why not opt for something more natural like a ‘water jet spray’ massage! Cheers!!

PS: And to those reading my stuff…thanks y’all

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