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I do not know about you and your experience in the search to know how to grow your hair long naturally fast. Out of desperation, I have often asked myself, what exactly does it take to grow my hair long faster? Is it the miracle hair product (natural or chemically induced)? Is it my diet and lifestyle? Is it taking care of my scalp? Is it applying or consuming something? How can I grow long hair fast?

And if money ‘grows on trees’ in your case, what about hair transplants and really expensive hair wigs? Or you can just hop over anytime you want to your favorite $100 per hour hair specialist to get your scalp revived and hair all spruced up? Have you tried these ‘luxury’ solutions to grow long hair fast?

I have not tried wigs and hair transplant is way out of my budget. But I have tried miracle products, some natural, some herbs and a few chemically induced hair miracle potions, and some tools to grow long hair fast.

Basically, I have tried about everything in the market and online but nothing gave me what I truly wanted in my – how to grow long hair fast – journey.

Though my hair looked alright and pretty good, after about two years, I realized I have spent thousands on expensive miracle potions or products, tools and $100 per hour regular specialist visits. Some offered memberships to get discounts or more tools, visits and products.

And when I gradually cut using the potions into half and less often, my hair gradually returned to its dull, lifeless, dry and sometimes fizzy condition. Here, I also realized I had to keep spending tons of money if I wanted to keep my scalp and hair in tip top condition to keep my hair growing  fast.

I had to depend on these expensive miracle formulas and $100 per hour visits or my hair will go back to ‘square one’.

So is this how to grow long hair fast and keeping it good?

I became desperate because I knew I could not afford to keep paying tons of money, and yet still have to go for regular specialist visits. And I also realized if I had too many late nights or get physically or emotionally stressed or tire out, the miracle or magic formulas would not work very well to grow my hair fast or slow – my hair sheds!

My scalp seemed to become itchy (with a little dandruff), too moist and I will shed a little more hair than usual. So the potion alone will not do to grow long hair fast, and keeping it good.

Still, I wanted my scalp and hair to be the healthiest and most fabulous looking that it can naturally be, and growing the fastest that it should naturally be. Most of all, it will last and be a much cheaper solution to grow long hair fast for the long run.

My Grow Long Hair Fast Journey Begins

So I began ‘experimenting’ some natural stuff and going through trials and errors. It took my commitment, discipline, loving care to my scalp and hair, and patience to finally discover how to grow long hair fast naturally using 23 ingredients to make 25 recipes. grow long hair fast cindy

And when I got my foundation right about these 23 ingredients, with a little creativity, I mix and match to suit my hair condition, my routines, moods, tastes and schedules to grow long hair fast.

Key Truth To Growing Long Hair Fast Naturally

And the key or truth is it continuously takes my commitment, discipline, planning and loving care to keep this going. And I can be creative and flexible in my methods and recipes, to grow long hair fast naturally.

In a nutshell, it takes everything I mentioned in the first paragraph of my write up, especially consistent scalp massage and the right lifestyle and diet, to work on the inside. The natural ingredients and recipes which I discovered to grow long hair fast greatly compliment the scalp massage and my diet and lifestyle.

Many people fail to realize that it takes all criteria and consistent action to truly grow long hair fast and keeping it healthy, strong and always growing at maximum speed.

We cannot make it literally grow long fast, but we can be committed to take action every day and live the right lifestyle and eat right stuff to keep our scalp and hair healthy and grow at maximum speed.

Finally, I discovered a ‘how to grow long hair fast’ method that works great for me. Besides this, I have also discovered what other ‘criteria’ greatly works hand in hand with my method to make this a journey a meaningful and successful one.

And to make this whole grow long hair fast process last, is my commitment, discipline, tender loving care and patience – you need to be patient to revive your scalp, then your hair and gradually the healthy and great looking hair you will be having and keeping.

Then once you ‘get the hang of’ these 23 ‘foundational’ ingredients which you can get from your local grocery stores while some can even be grown in your backyard, to make 25 recipes, you can then go on to make your own potions!

With some creativity, you can do your own to suit your own unique hair, daily routines, lifestyles and diet. No need to bother about stocking up either, because these are really simple ingredients to get, fresh too if you want – to grow long hair fast!

Remember too, this is a journey in discovering how to grow long hair fast and it will take time for your scalp to be revived and work at its best to give you healthy and great looking hair, that grows at optimum speed.

My Comprehensive Ebooks and Informative Site grow long hair fast fruits vegs

My comprehensive ebooks and informative ‘hair site’ will guide you on how to grow long hair fast using 23 all natural ingredients, as well as tons of other important ‘guides’ like scalp massage techniques and routines, making your own natural hair care products, the right diet, ways to care for your scalp and hair daily and living a lifestyle that will ‘compliment’ your how to grow long hair fast naturally journey.

In my site, you will even learn how to plant some of these ingredients and read about my own how to grow long hair fast naturally journey and get more hair tips!


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