Grow Long Hair Fast, Stay Positive

Grow Long Hair Fast, Stay Positive

I talked about how miserable I felt when my hair was cut too short and then shedding like 50 strands every day? It was also painful waiting yet not really knowing if whatever hair products or specialist hair treatments I was using would surely grow long hair fast.

I recall imagining myself turning bald and how ugly I could become one fine day. I really should have been more upbeat and positive. I realized by being miserable, tensed and stressed out, I could not grow long hair fast OR slow – worse, I lose hair!

This emotional ‘roller coaster’ grow long hair fast journey was hard to cope with until I decided to get up and look on the brighter side of life, while I kept walking this journey. And the results were amazing.

2 Ways to Be Upbeat while Your Hair Grows

Let me share 2 ways with you here, and I hope it helps you in your grow long hair fast journey too. Since we have to walk this way, why not make the best out of this journey.

Once you choose to take charge of your situation and make it more positive than negative, you will eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Get Professional Advice

I feel it makes a great start to see a trusted and reliable hair specialist to find out and understand your scalp and hair condition (ask questions!). Then you will have a much clearer picture of what’s going on and know where or which direction to move from here, to grow long hair fast.

You may also get information from books, online and other resources on how to grow long hair fast.

Then seek treatment advice. You will usually need to make 1-3 specialist visits to get all this sorted out. Then you decide which treatment option(s) you want. Some can cost a bomb (as I have gone through, but I when I stopped paying, my hair gradually went back to ‘square one’). And there really is no ‘short cut’ to grow long hair fast naturally.

You do not have to ‘use’ the specialist advice, but it does give a good picture of what to do next. You have to at least know your scalp’s condition and what hair type you have, before knowing what best to do with it, to grow long hair fast.

Anyway, I have discovered what naturally, works best for my scalp and hair and have taken action every day with commitment, discipline, loving care for my scalp and hair and just being patient, through my earlier trials and errors.

And with my results, I finally put all these comprehensively, easy to understand and use practically, in 3 ebooks  on how to grow long hair fast naturally.

Watch My Diet

To grow long hair fast, be healthy, eat the right stuff!  No need for a crash diet but eat in moderation. Do nourish yourself with food that contains especially protein and iron along with essential vitamins (especially B vitamins) and minerals. 

We all love food but if you are the one where everything goes be it healthy or not, this could be a serious step in your lifestyle that you must change to grow long hair fast. There is no better way.

And when I flipped my lifestyle and diet to accelerate my grow long hair process, it was a good thing for my overall being, mental and physical health which made me feel amazing. And since I’m still on this path, I feel amazingly healthy and cheerful most of the time. And my hair naturally sheds less!

And with that, I naturally have a fun and happy grow long hair fast journey.

Do catch my next blog for more ways to stay positive!

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