Grow Long Hair – Plant Aloe Vera

Introducing Aloe Vera to Grow Long Hair

Aloe vera is a very popular plant among avid gardeners. It has become almost “a must” for those who are thinking of planting something as a hobby or to have some presence of “green” in the house or surroundings.

It is considered as an ornamental plant. The older aloe vera plants may bloom and it could produce flowers of interesting bright colors. Nectar from its flowers is a favorite food for humming birds. Aloe vera is also thought of as medicinal plant. Extract from aloe vera has been in use all over the world especially in pharmaceutical field.

Of late, aloe extract has been used to produce varieties of beauty products. And as mentioned, it is one the precious ingredients that aids to speed up the grow long hair process.

Because of its popularity, aloe vera plant is available at almost all garden shops or nursery with so many species variation being offered.

Grow Long Hair Ingredient – Why Plant Aloe Veragrow long hair aloe vera

Apart from commercial farming, aloe vera is a very popular plant for gardeners. It is easy to grow and maintained. Varieties of aloe species make it easy to create some sort of “aloe garden”.

As it does not need much water to survive, it can blend in so well into a “rock garden”. And since it is a useful ingredient to grow long hair fast, and easy to grow and maintained, planting it in out garden is a good and convenient idea.

Some gardeners plant aloe vera for its medicinal usefulness. Minor burns, insect bites, blisters, rashes, amongst things that aloe vera can be used for treatment. While others plant aloe vera just for the sake of planting and enjoying its presence in the garden.

And of course, aloe vera should be planted for all of those purposes and especially to help the grow long hair fast journey.

Aloe Vera Plants Characteristics that help Grow Long Hair

Aloe Vera plant is succulent in nature with 95% of its composition is water. Its succulent nature allows it to survive a long time with less or no water supply. This very characteristic makes it very intolerant of snow, heavy frost or cold weather. During cold weather (i.e winter), potted aloe vera should be kept inside and during this time aloe vera becomes dormant and it requires very little water.

Aloe Vera in general is resistant to insects pests but spider mites, mealy bugs and scale insects may inhibit its growth or even a decline in its well-being.

Planting Aloe Vera – What Condition Does It Require?

This succulent semi tropical plant grow well in dry and less water conditions. Bearing this in mind, the plant should not be over watered. It requires a well-drained soil as soaked soil could inhibit the plant’s growth as the roots do not spread and look for water.

The plant should be given enough sunlight. However, in very hot and humid tropical or sub-tropical climate, aloe vera should be kept away from direct sunlight or rain as they can easily turn mushy.

For cold weather climate, potted aloe vera should be brought inside home and it should be kept away from chilling windows as it may affect the plant. A few hours of sunlight a day is sufficient for the plant.

Planting Aloe Vera – Potted Plants

Aloe vera has a shallow spreading root. Thus, planting it in a wide pot rather than a deep one would allow faster and better growth. Choose a wide pot of about four times the size of its root spread.

The soil choice is just as important. It requires well-drained soil. Sandy potting soil would serve the right purpose. Use of commercial propagation mixed with extra perlite, granite grit or coarse sand would be best. However, a pre-packed cacti or succulent mix would do the job as well.

Growing Aloe Vera

Aloe vera can be grown from its seeds. But due to the seeds not commonly available, this method is rarely used. The more commonly used method to grow aloe vera is by using its pups or cuttings from the leaf.

A good grown aloe vera will grow pups on the mother plant sides. Once the pups have grown to about 5 inches long, it can be separated from the mother plant and transferred to their own pots. Doing this will allow more room for growth and avoids infestations. Removing the pups will also keep the mother plant healthy.

Once transferred to their own pots, water the plant lightly. Some gardeners will just mist the plant. After the first watering, do not water again until the soil turns really dry. Doing it this way will force its root to grow looking for water. Within about a month, new roots should start to grow. When you see signs of new roots, you can start watering them again. But bear in mind, do not over water them as it inhibits growth.

In between your initial planting and the time when the roots start to grow, you may see signs of health degradation. It may shrivel or discolor but that is normal.

Taking Care of Aloe Vera Plant

The plant or the soil should be allowed to dry before the next watering. It should be fertilized every other month with any commercial fertilizer for potted plants.

If the plant is not properly taken care of, the symptoms are rather obvious. Some of them are:

  • It turns mushy if it has been exposed to cold weather
  • Insufficient light would cause the leaves to lie flat instead of upright
  • If the leaves are thin and curly, it could be due to not enough water and the plant is using its own body liquid
  • Too much direct sunlight would cause it to turn brownish
  • In general, the plant would grow at a slower pace due to high alkaline soil or water; too damp for too long; not enough light or even too much fertilizer.

Since aloe vera is an ingredient that helps to grow long hair and relatively easy to care and maintain, it is a good idea to have a plant in your garden as aloe vera will come in very handy, even to grow long hair.

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