Grow Your Hair Faster Naturally – Can Protein Help? 

What is protein made of? Why does it help to grow your hair faster naturally?

Protein is something made of amino acids. Protein builds, keeps in good condition and repairs all the cells in your body.

Protein runs your metabolism, digestion and the flow of nutrients and oxygen in your blood, all over your body. Your body needs protein to make antibodies.

Most relevant point here would be, protein is the main nutrient that makes your hair healthy and looking fabulous, your nails strong, your skin looking young and radiant, as well as give you strong and healthy bones. And essentially, this is how protein helps to grow your hair faster naturally.

Protein Rich Diet to Grow Your Hair Faster Naturally

The most protein rich foods come from meat, fish, poultry, shellfish and dairy products.

Then something I like to eat are eggs – eggs too are protein rich because they have lots of essential amino acids. Just so you know, the amino acids that will help speed up your hair growth are cyctine, cysteine, arginine, methionine and lysine. I know people who apply egg white (usually mixed with another ingredient) on their scalp or hair. Do you use eggs to grow your hair faster naturally?

Dead honest, although I love eating eggs, I have not tried eggs on my scalp or hair – and would not like to try this. But if you are alright with the smell and gooey-ness, please go ahead and give eggs a try – I hear from my relatives that eggs are good and does help to grow your hair faster naturally 🙂

Another favorite food of mine is fish. Fish is another awesome source of protein and tastes delicious. I love eating fish. Then other protein packed foods are like meat, milk, soy beans, rice, peas, oatmeal, kidney beans, lentils and wholemeal bread. These are great for hair growth and great to have in your regular diet.

Protein is great – but should you just have 1 or 2 kinds of protein packed food all the time?

As much as you want to grow your hair faster naturally, instead of just ‘concentrating’ on eating one or two kinds of protein rich food, why not try to have a good, balanced ‘buffet’ of protein food? For example, taking a bit of everything like some red meat, some lean meat, some fish, some shellfish, some dairy food and some vegetables. I guess this is also healthier and more interesting.

One thing though, you should avoid having too much dairy food. This is because dairy stuff may also have high levels of saturated fat – which is bad for your health. Well, if you really want to eat dairy food, try switching to the low fat group like full cream milk to low fat milk, or cheddar cheese to cottage cheese. Just try not to over indulge in dairy food.

In a nutshell, a well balanced of variety protein rich food is best to grow your hair faster naturally.

Too Little or Too Much Proteingrow your hair faster naturally

Like all good food, health food and supplements – too much can cause more harm than good to your body in general. A helpful point to note – to avoid something like a stroke or heart problems, avoid food with high saturated fats. Too much can also cause kidney disorders and gout (joint pain and inflammation due to high uric acid in blood).

On the flip side, too little protein is also bad for your health. Lacking of protein will make you feel tired, fatigue and weak. This is because food that has protein also has iron, so a lack of iron will make your body weak.

And when your system is lacking of protein over a long period of time, this can cause your hair to go into the ‘resting mode’. Eventually, in a couple of months down the road, your hair sheds.  This is because protein is vital to build, make and maintain brand new cells, tissues and enzymes and to grow your hair faster naturally.

Eat protein rich foods to grow your hair faster naturally but not jeapordise your health.

How much protein is enough?

Nutritionists recommend that we should eat 2-3 servings of meat or fish a day. So, 10 – 15% of your calorie intake should have protein.

If you eat meat, cook it healthily like grilling or roasting, instead of deep frying or even frying it at all. And it will be awesome to have lots of fruits, vegetables and fish especially fish oil like 3 times weekly.

As much as you want to grow your hair faster naturally, moderate, balanced and varied source of protein will do this best for your hair. Remember to stick to healthy cooking styles like steaming, grilling, roasting or for some food, eat them fresh and raw!

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