Grow Your Hair Long Fast with 100 Strokes?

Ever since I could remember, my ‘big aunt’ used to say I should comb (no brush at that time) my shoulder length hair many times, every morning and every night to keep my ‘head’ (maybe she meant scalp?) and hair healthy, and maybe it will help grow your hair long. 

She said that combing my hair ‘makes the oil come out’ and therefore ‘keeps my hair soft and the blood flows better in my head’.  As far as I can recall, my hair grew longer real fast and was ‘moist’ (bit shiny too) and easily manageable, without me using any conditioner or oil whatsoever.

Then history tells us, in the old days and even in ancient times, it was an everyday ritual for women with luscious long hair (and I mean really thick, luscious and long!) to comb their hair many times a day.  Have you heard of the ‘100 strokes method’? Do you think it helps grow your hair long fast?

Many ‘ancient’ women had luscious long hair.  They mostly used wooden combs to comb their hair and washed their hair like once a month. They too believed combing their hair many times daily helps grow their hair long faster.   And what thick, luscious, shiny and healthy hair they had! But does combing many times really help to grow long hair faster?

Does 100 strokes help grow your hair long fast in today’s situation?grow your hair long girl

Does this ‘100 strokes’ method work today to grow your hair long fast?  Some believe not.  They feel that brushing the hair too much damages and weakens the hair.

They feel this method have worked wonders in the past, therefore should remain in the past, as today, other than  having so many types of hair brushes and combs, as well as tons of hair care products to care for our hair, our hair is constantly exposed to harmful climate and environmental conditions which can slow down the hair growth process.

I feel today, our hair is not only exposed to harmful climate and environmental conditions but to many harmful ‘styling conditions’.  In the old days, hair was basically all natural.  Not many women, or men, do stuff like rebonding, perming, coloring or spraying and applying all sorts of chemicals to their hair. 

And when you are in an air-conditioned office for like 8-10 hours every day or exposing your hair to the sun for hours, or exposed to rain, haze or dusty conditions, you need to use hair care products (natural or with chemicals) to ‘put the life back in your scalp and hair’, especially if you want to grow your hair long faster and fall less hair.

For special occasions, we may go to a hair salon to perm or color our hair with ‘perming chemicals’ and hair colorings that also contain chemicals.  Then to style our hair and ‘make it stay’ in a certain style, the hair dryer and more styling hair products, with chemicals, are used.  These hurt the scalp and hair.  And really hinders grow your hair long fast process.

And after a long day, our scalp and hair ‘scream for revival’. It takes a lot more to revive the scalp to grow your hair long fast effectively.

The key to grow your hair long

So logically speaking, to ‘combat’ today’s conditions, just combing your hair 50 or 100 strokes everyday may not be the best idea.  More ‘revival formulas’ (natural or chemically induced) are needed to grow your hair long.  The key is knowing and choosing the right formula for your unique type of hair that also suits your personal tastes, lifestyles and routines.  The right key will speed up grow your hair long process and keep your scalp and hair looking fabulous!

Having said that, it also boils down to what your scalp and hair (and what hair type) is exposed to everyday. If your hair is not regularly exposed to harsh conditions, the ‘100 strokes’ method, complemented with a good regular shampoo may just work to grow your hair long. 

And the conditioning part can come by brushing or combing your hair over and over to stimulate your scalp to release its magical natural oils to be glided and distributed evenly to the ends of your hair.  In this way then, it works great to grow your hair long faster and looking just fabulous!


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