Hair Grow Spray & Other Stuff Made From Essential Oil

For those of you who have read my other stuff here, you may have come across me sharing my love of making my very own natural ‘hair grow spray’ using like my favorite virgin coconut oil with water.

Really, other than using virgin coconut oil, you can use many other oils that you like to make your favorite hair grow spray. Essential oils like lavender oil, chamomile oil, rosemary oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, and many more.

What smell do you like? Do you want to rest & relax? You want to be feeling a certain way?

Well, essential oils can be great for all that.

Same time helps to grow hair faster by moisturizing your scalp and hair, leaving it smelling the way you like it.

As I have also shared about essential oils, they have many uses, other than just to make hair grow spray. You can use them as scents (like to release stress), give away as lovely gifts, for massages, to make other hair products or even skin care and soap stuff, and much more.

And since we are talking about hair here, you would have read that the right essential oil can help to revive your scalp, keep it healthy and help best hair growth.

Great for hair grow spray BUT can essential oils also be harmful?

As you use essential oils, are you also aware of the proper and safe ways to handle essential oils?

Otherwise, essential oils may cause ‘harm’. Yup, even the 100% purest, best quality essential oils can be harmful to our well-being if used ‘inappropriately’.

And what do I mean by ‘inappropriately’?

Inappropriate use of essential oils due to lack of information and research, misuse or even accidentally swallowing it can damage your body system and in some extreme cases, can kill.

That’s right – great for my hair grow spray, but if swallowed accidentally, in some cases, can kill.

Especially if you are a mommy like me – keep these lovely oils away from your little ones. 

On the other hand, here’s the good news – The correct or proper use of essential oils can enhance your life, even dramatically, as well as keep your scalp healthy to grow hair faster. And essential oil and water based hair grow spray make wonderful hair moist to care for your hair ends especially, from split ends, dry or frizzy hair. 

So this time instead of talking about how essential oils indirectly accelerate hair growth, I will talk about how to ‘safely use’ hair grow spray essential oilthis nature derived miracle oil. 

For this reason, here I will cover as many possible precautions as I know, to help you get the best out of this oil, without harming yourself.  In fact, other than using essential oils for scalp and hair to help optimum hair growth, it can be used to keep you relaxed and healthy. 

Safety Measures when Using Essential Oils

What can be some safety measures we can take? 


        • Essential oil is best kept in cool place away from light. Can also be refrigerated but never freeze them.
        • Keep out of reach from children
        • Because essential oil is flammable, you must keep it away from the fire, or it will go up in flames!
        • If you label the bottles – make sure it is the correct label. Where relevant, noting down a date would be good too

      Application and Usage

        • Should not be swallowed or taken orally although there are exceptions to this rule for example, oregano oil is used in food or chamomile is used in tea to ease stomach upset.  Nevertheless, in case you need or must take it orally, I strongly advise you to get detailed and clear consultation from a licensed, qualified and well experienced medical or aromatherapy practitioner or physician
        • Do not apply directly onto skin without diluting it first with suitable carrier oil, as it is highly concentrated.  Of course, there are some that can be used undiluted like Lavendar Oil.  However, just to be on the safest side, it’s best to avoid undiluted or concentrated essential oil. 
        • During application, keep away from delicate areas especially around the eyes.  Should by accident it got into your eyes, do not rub.  Instead, dab a cotton ball with milk or vegetable oil and wipe over the affected area.  In severe cases, immediately rinse the eye area with lukewarm water for fifteen minutes.  In case irritation or effects still occur, do see or consult a doctor immediately.
        • Essential oils are so concentrated that you are advised to follow the prescribed dosage as overexposure can be harmful to your liver and kidney as well as damage your skin.  If one drop is good enough to do the job, stick to one drop!
        • With its strong concentration, you should take breaks in between application.  Perhaps you can use it for say 2 weeks and off for a week or for 5 days and off 2 days.  This is to avoid you from being immune to the essential oil so that you experience the desired therapeutic effects much longer
        • Refrain from applying essential oil during pregnancy, nursing or if you are with other health conditions or under any medication, as essential oils could impact that treatment.  Therefore, always consult your regular medical practitioner.  In addition, it is recommended that you read all the safety information before using the product
        • When using essential oil, hold the bottle one inch away from your other hand. Just let the oil drip onto your palm or finger.  This way keeps away contact with the bottle dispenser as your skin can contaminate the essential oil

      Good Practice

        • It is a good practice to keep at least a bottle of carrier oil handy or within reach when handling essential oil as should there be any accidental drop of undiluted essential oil onto your skin, you can apply the carrier oil to help calm the effects of skin irritation.  Take note, in such cases, washing or rinsing with water will only make the irritation worse.  Also, be sure to wash your hands after handling essential oil
        • If you are new to essential oil, always make sure you do a skin test on yourself.  Some call it skin patch test.  This can be done by diluting essential oil with carrier oil or vegetable oil and using a cotton swab, simply apply the diluted essential oil onto a small area of your wrist or underarm or back of your ear (closest to hair and scalp).  Apply bandage aid for 24 hours without washing.  In cases where there are reactions such as skin irritations, itchiness, rashes, blisters or redness, stop using it.  Sometimes, the reactions may not surface during the first exposure.  Hence, you may need to do it a second time just to be extra safe from any allergic sensitivities
        • Once you have performed the skin test and find that there are no particularly adverse reactions, perhaps to be doubly sure and to minimize the risks of reactions, start applying from the bottom of the feet to allow your body to adapt to the oil


        • Essential oil may react to products with petroleum based chemicals that are mostly found in personal care products such as cosmetics, shampoos, hand creams, after shave etc. which can cause skin irritation, nausea, headaches or other uncomfortable side effects.  Try to avoid these chemicals as they can actually remain in our skin and fatty tissues for a period of time
        • Be sure to check with the vendor on the expiration date of the essential oil once opened.  Although most will last a long time, there are some that lasts only for about 6 to 9 months for example, citrus oils.  Once that time is up, it would not be advisable to use for skin
        • Be aware that some essential oils will react to natural sunlight exposure that will cause skin rash, uneven pigmentation or even severe burns.  Some examples are citrus oils such as lemon, bergamot, orange, grapefruit, tangerine and white angelica
        • As we inhale the aroma of essential oils, it enters into our blood stream affecting our brain and nervous system.  Different people will experience different symptoms.  Some of us would feel dizzy, nausea or even experience headache if the smell is too strong.  Simply walk, go away to get some fresh air!

      Seek Pro Advice & Take Precautions

      Like anything else, too much consumption or application of a good thing can become bad for your overall health let alone help to grow hair faster.  There are risks associated with the overexposure or over dosage of essential oils and such risks vary from person to person. 

      Practice moderation and whilst making the most of what nature provides, it is always best to use the oils under the guidance of a licensed and qualified aromatherapy practitioner.  It is also prudent to seek medical attention should you experience any signs or symptoms of such use.

      So as you have all that fun dabbling with essential oils to make your own hair grow spray & other hair or skin stuff – handle essential oils with care. And read the bottle labels.


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