Home Remedies For Hair Growth Using Avocado Fruit Step-by-Step

I have talked about Avocado – the fruit and the oil – and how to use avocado oil as home remedies for hair growth. Now let us go step-by-step on how a simple fruit like avocado can be used for our hair for like a conditioning treatment.

Meantime, what are the 10 steps for this home remedies for hair growth?

home remedies for hair growth

avocados sold in a stall in the ‘wet market’ nearby where I stay










Step 1 – I usually buy my avocados from what we call a ‘wet market’ here, because here, avocados are relatively cheaper when I buy like in the dozens – as you can see in the picture up there.

Step 2 – Wash your hair as usual. Then dab dry with your hair towel – leave it a little damp.

Step2 – Cut 1 very ripe (so it is as ‘juicy’ as possible) avocado into half

Step 3 – Scrape or scoop (using a small spoon) out the inside – as much as you feel you need for your hair. Then, unless you need to use the skin, otherwise you can just throw it away.

Step 4 – Mash the flesh (inside) using a fork or you may blend it (for smoother-pasty texture)

Step 5 – Add a little honey if you like (I do like it this way…). Or if you want it ‘wetter’ you may add plain yoghurt

Step 6 – Apply this mixture to your hair. To do this, using  wide tooth comb can help ‘spread’ the mixture more evenly on your hair.

Step 7 – While doing Step 6, it can be a good idea to massge your scalp with this mixture on your hair.

Step 8 – Leave mixture on hair for 15-20 minutes – you can leave it on longer if so wish. Then, I may or may not do hair wrap for this.

Step 9 – Rinse off as usual. In case you find it pretty tricky to wash off this mixture from your hair, soaking your hair in a tub of water or in your bath tub should do the trick. Soak your hair in a tub of water then ‘shake’ the mixture off in the water. After soaking and ‘shaking’, give your hair a good rinse. Then, a wide tooth comb may also help ‘comb away/off’ the paste – do this gently and slowly okay

Step 10 – Now dry your hair with your towel and you are good to go!

Well, this natural home remedies for hair growth seemed easy to do – and your hair should feel great!  🙂

By the way, what you would like to add into your avocado mixture really depends on you okay. If you like some scent, your favorite essential oil can do this – and this also depends on your hair type or condition.

I hope you have fun with avocado!

And thanks for your comment – which also helps give me an idea of what to blog about  😉

PS: For even better nutrition, eat avocado fruit raw or fresh, or mixed into your favorite salad!

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