Grow Hair Long with Honey!

Grow Hair Long Fast with Honey

Hi Honey! And oh,’honey’ here means the honey from bees! Let’s recap, I have shared some on grow hair long with avocado oil, coconut oil and now it’s grow hair long using honey – not organic, manuka, special wildflower honey, just my regular honey I can buy from my local grocery store. Yes, I have tried and am still using honey, which is one of my favourite stuff, on my hair. 

How do I use it for my hair?grow hair long honey

In fact, honey not only nourishes my scalp and maximise my hair growth, but I love it because it smells great! Well, I would just scoop half a teaspoon of honey and when I’m ready to shampoo my hair, I will just add the honey in to my shampoo and shampoo my hair as usual – I use a regular natural shampoo, nothing fanciful and expensive. 

The best thing I love about honey is that it gives such a pleasant fragrance whilst I am shampooing my hair. Then I spend a few minutes massaging my scalp gently and spread the shampoo evenly on my head so that the honey is evenly spread as well.  Thereafter, just rinse my hair as usual and it will leave my hair soft and moist. 

Since my hair was dry, I started this routine 3 times weekly, thereafter when the condition improved I reduced it to once a week.  In any case, it’s really up to you, depending on your hair. For me, since I’m using avocado oil and coconut oil as well, I can simply juggle around the routines but definitely not use all three at once to grow hair long.

Honey – Not just to grow hair long… 

Want to know something? Other than to grow hair long, sometimes when there is a slight left over of honey, so as not to waste it, I will just use it to wash my face together with my face moisturizer! This works great on my face too.

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  • Not sure about biotin. but take the vitamin one-a-day depending on your gender, or even prenatal pills. it will not have any side affects. it’s just a super vitamin.

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