How Can I Make My Hair Grow Faster – Sesame Oil Works?

This question – how can I make my hair grow faster – is something I used to ask myself many times and recently, a lady shared with me how using sesame oil had been working to give her healthy hair. Her scalp had even stopped itching and her hair is now less dry.

It is great news from her and I am as delighted to hear that she found that sesame oil did wonders for her hair. Incidentally, sesame oil is something I do use, occasionally. I use a variety of oils and this really depends on how I feel or what recipe I feel like doing.

By now, I kind of like rotate my recipes and still exploring new stuff or new ways to mix and match the ingredients I know work for me.

Since I got her feedback on sesame oil, this gives me another topic to talk about. Just in case you may want to give sesame oil a try, as always, you need to first check with your doctor in case of any allergies – especially if it is something new to your skin. Or just rub some on your wrist, give few hours, see what happens.

Because I do know of a few friends who are allergic to sesame, as some are to nuts. Well, no harm in getting doctor’s advice. Otherwise…

Here is how I can use sesame oil for ‘how I can make my hair grow faster’:

Sesame Oil Hair Spray

This is simplest. I have a small pump bottle (as you can see in picture) I carry with me every day. In this bottle I just need to put 2-3 drops of sesame oil and some water and I get my sesame oil hair spray or handy moisturizer. Before use, I need to shake this to mix well, then spray on my hair ends – do not spray on scalp or hair roots. how can i make my hair grow faster

Hair sprays for me, are the easiest to do and can be very handy especially when I know I need to be outdoors like in the sun, in the park, on the beach, etc. Or after a swim, after I wash my hair, just a little of this natural spray does wonders.

Sesame Oil Scalp Massage

This is basically like how I use or do with for example, virgin coconut oil. Once you become familiar with the benefits and basics of mixing and matching ingredients to make various hair recipes, it really is just a matter of replacing this with that, that with this (tip here!)  😉

Just do not get too carried away and mixing too many ingredients, ingredients that do not ‘match well’ for your condition or use a different recipe like every day or every alternate day, or in some cases, even every week is not advisable – I cannot really monitor this way and will not be too good for your scalp and hair okay.

Now, back to ‘how can I make my hair grow faster’ with sesame oil and scalp massage –

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  • Step 1 Comb your hair. Wash hair clean, as usual. Dab hair dry.
  • Step 2 Apply sesame oil (to warm or not to warm the oil is totally up to you) on to your scalp using your fingertips (not on your hair). Then massage your scalp for some time. Get the oil to penetrate into your scalp skin or pores.
  • Step 3 If you have dry or frizzy hair, apply some sesame oil onto your hair with the palm of your hands (like glide them evenly onto your hair or use a comb).
  • Step 4 Leave on for 30 minutes. If you feel you want to wrap your hair up in a warm towel, this is great too, especially for dry textured, frizzy or coarse hair.
  • Step 5 You may also leave on overnight. Just remember to use a cloth or towel to cover your pillow so that you do not get an oily stain on it. Then wash off when you wake up the next day. Otherwise, you may also skip this step and move on to Step 6.
  • Step 6 Wash and rinse your hair as usual, with mild shampoo. Your hair is actually already clean. So there is no need to wash it off until it is like ‘squeaky clean’ and feels dry. It is alright if there is like a moist feel to it. No worries okay. Otherwise, if it feels too dry (especially for dry textured hair), you may want to spray some moist to it later. Another way is to add honey to your mild shampoo.
  • Step 7 And your hair is good to go! 🙂


Sesame Oil Hair Conditioning Warm Treatment

Note here: This is not something you need to do every day as it is time consuming. For dry textured hair, starting with once/twice a week should be good enough.

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  • Step 1 Comb hair. Wash hair clean as usual.
  • Step 2 Put sesame oil in a small flat-like dish. Place this dish on a mug of steaming hot water to warm the oil.
  • Step 3 Apply warm sesame oil on to your scalp lines or skin – again, not on your hair, yet. Take your time, do your scalp massage really well.
  • Step 4 Apply or ‘glide’ sesame oil evenly on your hair, especially hair ends. Use a comb to do this evenly.
  • Step 4 Wrap a hot towel over your hair. Leave hair wrapped for 30 minutes to 1 hour – this really depends on your own convenience and time.
  • Step 5 Remove towel, wash and rinse hair with your regular mild shampoo.


Since sesame oil is used more as a base or carrier oil especially for massages, you may add essential oils like rosemary, lavender, chamomile, avocado, etc. or even honey or aloe vera. And this also depends on your hair texture, scalp condition and if you have any particular allergy to any ingredient.

Take your time to have fun, play around and fine tune to what suits you best or what you like best.

I always have a fun time exploring ‘how can I make my hair grow faster’ and I hope you find this information useful and have fun exploring too! 🙂

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