How Fast Does Hair Grow?

Really, how fast does hair grow? This is a good question I believe asked by many, me included.

In spite of all that we read about hair growing at ‘lightning speed’ like overnight you get half an inch more…really, how does this sound to you? When I say, at ‘double the speed’ – what do I mean? I mean at double my speed once upon a time ago. That is about half an inch in a month to one half month.

Well, after all that work and regular ‘kneading’ of my scalp – my hair grows about an inch in a month. Is this double the speed?

Yes, my scalp is healthy and so my hair is growing at its healthiest, best speed.

Yes, a healthy scalp means I get to retain and keep my hair – this means, less hair loss. By the way, it is normal to drop some hair every day. As long as it is not like more than 50 strands every day. Or dropping more than it can grow out.

make hair grow fasterYes, my scalp is healthy so my hair texture is healthy too – no more dry, frizzy hair with split ends – easy to manage

Yes, I have 15-20 baby hairs growing out or I see them ‘sticking up’ at different parts of my scalp – I regularly look at the part where I had mild hair thinning.

Then check to see how fast does hair grow – pretty conscious of this especially during the first half year to a year of my make hair grow faster process.

So yup, when we take good care of our scalp and hair – our hair grows at double the speed OR at least at its healthiest maximum speed – which is good!

How fast does hair grow when hair loss is experienced?

The dreadful experience of hair loss is not limited to you or me (at one time), or anyone for that matter regardless of age, gender, race or status.

grow long hair In fact, one of the things that can make people lose their self-confidence is witnessing the thinning of their crowning glory.  This is not something that can be easily ignored for it is apparently noticeable as it slowly turns from a full head of hair to a head of bald spots, patches or thinning of hair. 

Witnessing the amount of your hair fall each time you comb, wash and dry or how easily it falls by just simply running your fingers through them can be alarming and really devastating. 

I remember I felt awful, every day, each time I see a clump of hair I ‘collected’ and counted.

Thus, understanding the basics of ‘how fast does hair grow’ and how too much hair falls – I believe is important in giving you an idea in knowing what to do, determine the status of your condition, know when to seek medical attention to help decide which hair loss treatments to use to curb your condition at an early stage. 

There is one important part of your hair called hair follicle.  This is the point in which your hair grows, is connected to your scalp and is always producing new cells.  Your hair is basically made of keratin, a special type of protein that is also found in your skin, teeth, fingernails and toenails. 

How Fast Does Hair Grow – 3 Stages of Hair Growth

Averagely, healthy you and healthy hair should grow consistently at half an inch, in a month – Some a little less, some a bit more. And some experience hair falling more than it should.

how fast does hair grow


Hair growth generally goes through 3 stages:-

1)      Anagen or growing stage – hair follicles in the scalp are growing lasting approximately three to five years 

2)      Catagen or intermediate stage – end of the growing stage in which the hair follicles are preparing for the resting stage.  The growth period at this stage would normally last for about one to two weeks or may extend to a month 

3)      Telogen or resting stage – lasts from three to four months.  During this time, hairs that have reached their lifespan will fall out and growth of newer hairs will begin.  It is also at this stage that about ten percent of your hair will shed

That said, hair loss can occur when the shedding phase is faster than the growth of new hairs – yet worse it sheds more than it should in a day. 

Our head in average holds about 100,000 to 150,000 strands of hairs and thus, most experts agree that it’s normal to lose hair strands like a hundred a day because new strands of hair replacement are expected to grow overtime. 

About 100 a day is okay, most experts say – but not for me! I felt awful seeing my hair thinning and falling like 50  strands every day. And I felt more awful when I saw just like less than 10 baby hairs growing out.

I kept checking my baby hairs (like if they fell off as well) and constantly wondered how fast does hair grow and how to make my grow faster.

Perhaps, if you are a victim to excessive hair loss, one of the first things that you should know besides hair growth in general is why does my hair fall more that it should? 

What causes hair to drop so much?

Age.  Is growing old a contributing factor? While some say it is, it is not entirely wrong to think as such.  It is a fact that as we age, our body cells are also getting weaker which might affect the rate of new hair growth unless we continuously feed our body with sufficient nourishment.

Nourishment.  A body that is under-nourished will in a way becomes less effective in its functions.  Protein and iron are the very two essential supplements than can help reduce hair loss.  Low iron deficiency can occur in those who go on a sudden crash diet, vegetarians, women who are going through menopause, after birth or had undergone surgery recently.  Therefore, it is a good practice that when you do a medical check-up, you might consider checking the amount of iron in your body.  However, besides protein and iron, other nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and water are also important in ensuring healthy hair growth to grow hair long fast does hair grow

Diseases, illnesses and other medical conditions.  Diabetes, lupus, high fever, thyroid diseases, cancer or some scalp conditions such as psoriasis are some disorders that can affect the growth and the overall production of hair in your body system.  For example, the imbalance of thyroid hormone production due to improper functioning of the thyroid glands can cause either thinning of hair or hair loss on the scalp.  Another example is psoriasis which is basically patches of raised red skin with thick silvery scales.  Although it’s not an infection therefore is not contagious, the red scaly skin however can become infected if not treated.

Childbirth.  Most hairs go into resting phase during pregnancy due to increase in hormones, which is what helps the scalp to retain hairs that it would normally lose.  Therefore, after delivery approximately after two or three months when your hormone returns to normal, hairs that should have fallen out begin to fall.  This is actually a normal cycle and things will go back to normal between six to twelve months.  If for some reason it has not, it could be deficiency in minerals and vitamins. Supplements like these help grow long hair faster

Medications.  The side effects of certain medications like those of isotretinoin and lithium and other diet pills that contain amphetamines are known to cause hair loss especially among teens.  People who are undergoing chemotherapy sessions to treat cancer as well as medications for gout, depression, high blood pressure, arthritis, heart problems and others may trigger baldness. In women, birth control pills can also be the culprit for hair loss.

Hereditary.  Hair loss or baldness can be inherited from either side of parentage.  Unfortunately, since it runs in the genes, there is nothing much that can be done.  This condition can start as early as in your teens.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  DHT is an androgen.  In laymen’s term, DHT is a male sex hormone.  DHT is produced when testosterone is combined with a common enzyme in your body.  DHT is one of the leading hormones for male physical growth during the fetal stages of development but has no significant purpose once you have grown older, yet it is still in your body and will gradually disappear. 

However, problem arises when your body starts to produce DHT at a faster rate causing it to bind your hair follicles since it has nowhere and nothing really to do in your body.  As such, it shrinks your hair follicles, unable nutrients to reach them hence, it would be impossible for hair to survive. This is a deterrent to grow long hair. 

Stress.  This is a very common cause for hair loss.  As long as you are under stress or feel anxious or depressed over some events, it can trigger hair fall.  Therefore, although not easy to do, it is important to try to stay calm and relax.

Improper scalp and hair care.  This can be due to a few reasons:-

a)      Scalp damage due to burns, diseases or injuries can cause permanent hair loss. 

b)      Improper hair styling such as using pins or tying or braiding your hair too tightly can weaken and damage hair roots.  Naturally, tugging at your hair is not a good habit. 

c)      Frequent hair treatments such as perming, straightening, dyeing can weaken your hair causing it to break easily as more often than not, these treatments uses chemicals and most of them are not good to your hair. 

d)      Using heating tools especially hair dryers can also damage your hair. 

e)      Brushing your hair when it’s wet and rigorously drying your hair can cause your hair to be pulled unnecessarily.

f)       Sharing combs or brushes is not advisable as it can transfer skin or scalp disease.

g)      Not washing your hair after a long day especially after applying hair products such as hair creams, gel etc. is not healthy as there are build-up on your scalp.

Hair loss is becoming a major problem to more and more people.  Let’s be honest, our mane is considered our crowning glory, our asset and if we do not pay close enough attention, we might be losing our hair without us noticing and by the time it becomes noticeable not only to you but also people around you, it would have cost us dearly and a long time to recover its condition or worse, nothing can be done. 

Therefore do take the commitment, time and effort to treat your scalp and hair with tender loving care – because this really affects ‘how fast does hair grow’.


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