How To Grow Hair Faster – Is There  A Best Way To Wash Your Hair?

A friend actually asked me if there is a ‘best way’ to wash her hair or if salons do it better – come to think of it is there really a ‘best way’? I know how ‘regular’ hair salons do it, how ‘exclusive’ hair salons do it and what/how my hair specialist advised and did my sessions (before my own hair journey). And there are lots of info out there when you ‘google’, for example. So how to grow hair faster by washing the right way?

With all those experiences, I actually found ‘My Way’. Although not entirely the same, ‘my way’ is not very different from ‘commercial ways’ – but it works for me. And I also tweak my way to suit my routine, daily schedule and what I feel.

Essentially, this is why and because I KNOW – each person’s situation and hair condition is unique – is really what makes it vital for me to give one-on-one support (email) which comes with my Hair Accelerator System. What I said to her, at the end of the day it really is NOT just a ‘one-size-fits-all, take it and all the best to you and your hair grow journey!’

Back to ‘wash hair’, if I do go to the salons once in a while, it is because I happen to have that bit more of money and I feel like being pampered! 🙂

Not really because the salons do it better…and when it comes to blow-drying my hair, I request the salon to do it like about half-dry.

So yeah, my hair is damp when I leave the salon and I let it dry completely, by itself. And oh well, sometimes, I am charged a little cheaper too – but hey, this is not my main reason ok!

Anyway, I will share how I like doing my routine this time. In my next post, I will share how most salons do it. And really, both work in their own ways. Then you can make up your own way as well. Then maybe for the sake of variety, you can try all these ways! 😉

Here is ‘How To Grow Hair Faster’ by washing hair ‘My Way’

Step 1

a) Can you see the 2 same white combs in the left picture? I start with one of those to gently and ‘carefully or slowly’ comb out my tangles and knots – my hair is really more manageable now as compared to before my hair journey, so no need for a really wide tooth comb. It is just more to ‘smoothen out’ my hair. Then to smoothen out my hair better (if I feel need to), I may use the finer tooth comb – the more slender, straight white comb in the same picture.

how to grow hair faster combs


how to grow hair faster brush

hair brush








b) If I sometimes skip mt finer tooth comb, I will go straight to my hair brush (in the right picture). I also use this brush to put a little pressure as I glide it over my scalp – you may also use a rectangle head paddle brush. I would also tap it lightly on my scalp (one simple way to massage scalp). If you look closely, I like my ‘tools’ with rounded bristles or with ‘tiny balls’ at the ends. Then final few brush strokes to smoothen out hair.

c) Depending on how much time I have – I will skip part (b) and just brush my hair. Then I move straight on to Step 2.

Step 2

Wash my hair as usual with mild shampoo. To better clean my scalp, I massage my scalp in circular motions with my finger tips. I do not do this for too long because I prefer not to have shampoo for too long on my scalp and hair. I wash my hair like every day, so I do not ‘clean vigorously or too much’. And I do my ‘full scalp massage’ after I wash my hair, not during I wash my hair. Then dab dry my hair with my towel.

Step 3

‘Prepare’ my scalp massage using the oil of my choice – let’s say virgin coconut oil. I put as needed on a flat dish. Can use small flat ceramic/china dish or even a jam bottle cover 🙂   Just that if you are warming the oil a ceramic/glass dish is better – NOT plastic!

how to grow hair faster dish

flat dish

how to grow hair faster jam cover

jam bottle cover








Step 4

Part my hair, to ‘reveal scalp skin’. Dip my finger tips into the oil – just a little or thin layer – not dripping with oil. Apply to scalp skin. I apply especially to my top hair line and area where I was prone to have hair thinning – usually top, middle part of my head.

Step 5

I love this step most – scalp massage! Start with little circles on my scalp, then vigorous movements! Yes, I love taking time ‘working my scalp’…feels so good 🙂

Step 6

Then time to wash my hair with my regular mild shampoo. To condition my hair, I add a dollop of honey to my shampoo. Sometimes I use a separate conditioner, which is the oil I like or choose at that time. Anyway, sometimes, I like my hair better with shampoo + honey. And honey leaves a pleasant nice smell. My daughter loves this too.

Step 7

Dab my hair dry with a towel. Then I have a few drops of let’s say virgin coconut oil, on my palm. Rub my palms together. Apply on hair ends – I do this usually because I need to go out and want ‘extra moist or protection’ for my hair. If I am just at home, I do not apply oil as the honey is good enough. And my hair texture is no more like before – it is ‘naturally manageable and smooth’.

For dry hair though, you need to apply oil or some conditioner (a good conditioner of yours), even at home. Hair spray is fine too. And sometimes it depends on the weather.

Step 8

Comb my hair carefully and gently using wide tooth comb. Then a few brush strokes. Then I leave my hair to dry naturally or on its own.

That’s basically it! 🙂

Well, if you look at my combs and brush – I got them free! The combs, I got from a private hospital and the hair brush given by a hair treatment specialist salon. Surprisingly though, these combs have also been working great for my hair. And I love the brush too. So what I have experienced and learned here is that I do not always have to use expensive or exclusive tools. Sometimes, I also use ‘regular hair tools’ which work fine and are cheaper.

That said, if it is necessary for your hair condition, it is wise to invest in a set of good quality hair tools. These hair tools may or may not be expensive and to save some money, take your time looking around. And keep a lookout for special offers, promotions or discounts. And you can even try asking the hair salon you go to, if they have extra to give you (hint hint!)  😉

So hope you found this post useful for ‘how to grow hair faster’ by washing your hair with care – ENJOY

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