How To Grow Long Hair Fast for My Daughter

Yesterday, I was having dinner with a few friends, who are also regular mothers like me. We were casually chatting and one of the ‘topics’ we talked about was about my natural hair recipes for children – does my 9 year old girl use any particular hair care recipe? Will my hair care recipes be alright for young children and teens? Can my ‘how to grow long hair fast’ recipes be for my little girl?

how to grow long hair fast

My girl & boy on the beach. A little natural hair mist or spray protects our hair while we have fun in the sun 🙂


In fact, I realized from my very early days when I started dabbling my hair stuff – being a MOTHER is what drives me to continuously explore and ‘test’ natural stuff that even my kids can safely use, play and in some cases, accidentally swallowing this stuff is just fine too! – but do be careful with essential oils and such…

How To Grow Long Hair Fast with Step-by-step ‘Hair Accelerator System’ for my daughter

Well, the hair care recipes in my simple, step-by-step ‘Hair Accelerator System’ are all natural (no preservatives, no chemicals, no added flavoring and coloring) and most of it edible!

In fact, looking at how my kids (I have a girl who is 9, and a boy who will turn 5 years old in December) play and swallow some of my natural shampoo and hair recipes with water, bath soap and bubbles (in fact, I am also learning to make these bath stuff myself using natural ingredients) – made me realize I had better go as natural as possible.

After all, I am a mother. And because I am their mother, and know how my kids (even my 9 year old girl also enjoys having fun while she showers or bathes) love to have a good bath time…

I want to make it as safe and natural as I can for them.

And especially when we have ‘sun time’ on the beach, washing the car, playing sand & water in the garden, having fun in the park…it is good to protect our (yup, I apply a bit for my girl too) hair while in the sun.

But nope, I do not use all the hair care recipes on my daughter. Children’s hair is usually very manageable, soft and healthy growing – so I notice my kids hair growing slightly faster than mine.

Most kids I know are overall healthy and this shows on their skin and hair.

It is really not necessary to use all my hair recipes (even though they are all natural) on her hair. Just one or two ingredients here and there are good enough.

Still, although I say most kids naturally have ‘good hair’, I feel my girl’s hair can get a little dry at times, especially after a swim or time out in the sun. So every time after her swim and time out in the sun, I will add a little honey into her regular shampoo for her to shampoo her hair.

Then rinse thoroughly as usual, with water. Then dab dry. Then I sometimes just rub a few drops of virgin coconut oil on my hands, vigorously. Then I glide my hands through her hair, mostly from halfway, then all the way down.

And I do not massage her scalp. From the looks of her hair, I feel it is not necessary and she does not like to be massaged because she is a ticklish little girl!

And as for my little guy, he is so little and has really short hair – no need for hair recipes!

They do however, share the same naturally home made shampoo and bath stuff. So they can have a really fun yet ‘safe’ time in the bathroom.

But even good stuff like avocado fruit (blended or puree), I do not apply on her hair because she does not like the how this stuff looks (I think) and would hate to have it on her hair. She will say something like this, “yucks mummy, what IS this?!”

And avocado oil and avocado fruit paste stuff is not for fun time in the shower 🙂

So for my girl’s hair, basically, I just stick to the oil stuff like avocado oil and virgin coconut oil.

And occasionally honey, because she loves the idea of ‘sweet pleasant honey’ on her hair. And yes, like me, she loves the smell of honey on her hair (I find it strange but the smell of honey does linger in my hair even after rinsing off with water).

I too, sometimes like to mix a little honey into my shampoo because it conditions my hair while leaving it smelling really good. And works great for how to grow long hair fast.

A side note too – for kids, even using just one or two ingredients, use these like once a week of once in ten days will be good. There is really no need to use on their hair every day or even alternate days, as they already have natural ‘good hair’.

But as we grow up, our health may change according to the diet, daily routines and lifestyle changes as we grow into adulthood. All the factors that come with growing up can affect our overall health, then affecting the health of our scalp and then our hair and hair growth.

So then if we do encounter slow hair growth, we need to ‘sort out’ the factors that are causing slow hair growth. To simply sum up, this is where consistent scalp massage, natural hair care recipes, the right diet, hair care routines and habits, as well as lifestyle (basically sleep, exercise and as stress free as possible) all work together to ‘heal our overall health, to restore the tip-top condition of our scalp and all this is about how to grow long hair fast!

PS: Do you want more hair recipes? Get my comprehensive step-by-step Hair Accelerator System package!


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