How To Grow Long Hair – More Tips

Know your hair type

A very important tip and secret to how to grow long hair is to find out or know what type of hair you have. . Then, knowing your hair type will help you know how to take care of your hair as the hair care required for each unique hair type is different. Essentially, there is no one size fits all.

For example, hair that is dry, frizzy or curly will need much more tender loving care than say, normal or smooth hair. This is because dry, frizzy  and most curly hair will need more conditioning and moisturizing. On the flip side, this may not be required by hair which is natural and oily. Other that the two, people with silky and smooth hair will tend to require little attention to their hair.

So, do you know your hair type?

You can make some calls and visit a hair specialist or consultant to do some hair analysis to know your current scalp and hair condition. To know effectively how to grow long hair, a scalp analysis is also very important. So, go for a visit and find out what is the best treatment for your scalp and hair condition. And you may also do some simple self hair tests at home.

Tips for How To Grow Long Hairhow to grow long hair girl

Keeping Your Hair Clean to grow long hair fast

Most people know the many obvious hair care tips and some secrets on how to grow long hair  as it is written all over the internet.

But many also fail to realize that other than having or using those miracle potions, oils, methods and treatments, commitment is most important too.

Making sure your hair clean every day is one of the easier commitments. Hair needs to be cleaned regularly to clear away dead cells and dirt. Otherwise, dirt clogs the pores on your hair which hinders healthy and maximum hair growth.

Cleaning your scalp and hair is a way to massage your scalp, which helps circulate blood to your scalp and feeds nutrients to your scalp and hair. To grow hair long better, regularly cleaning your hair is important and this is an ‘activity’ most people follow through.

Use a suitable shampoo and hair conditioner (natural range is best). And how frequent you clean really depends on your hair type. If your hair is normal, you may wash it daily or alternately (depending on the strength of the hair product). If it is dry and frizzy, use ‘gentle’ or only natural hair products and shampoo less frequently.

And note, dirty or too oily hair (attracts dirt) can leave an unpleasant smell on your hair.

Conditioning Your Hair

Normal or dry hair needs the right amount of conditioning, after shampooing or washing your hair. Conditioning your hair will make sure your hair stays moisturized as the natural oils which are produced by your scalp, may no longer be enough for your long hair.

Hair that is dry and not well conditioned will break and brittle easily and makes hair look ‘ill’ and lifeless. And for the best that you can use hair care products that are of good quality and natural based, or some can even be made at home.

Brushing Your Hair

Some of us may have heard or read about brushing your hair 100 strokes helps to grow long hair. This may or may not work, depending greatly on your type of hair. If you have weak hair, this is bad idea as your hair will shed more, due to too much brushing and ‘friction’ on your hair. It can be worse if the wrong or not suitable comb or hairbrush is used.

On the other hand, If you have strong hair, this may work well and all brushing with the right and suitable hairbrush like a hairbrush with boar bristles or a wide tooth comb, is like a form of scalp massage, which is great for optimum hair growth. Avoid combs and hairbrushes that will stretch your hair too much causing it to fall or brittle or break.

Brushing your hair is a tip to how to grow long hair faster, provided you know your hair type, you know how to do it carefully, correctly and effectively. Brushing your hair also helps spreads the hair’s natural oils throughout your hair.

Stay Natural

Another vital hair care tip and for how to grow long hair is just letting your hair stay natural as much as possible. Stay away from harmful chemically induced hair products, especially styling products, which can cause hair damages or breakage, especially for weak hair.

Natural hair when well treated with tender care and taken care of well, has the highest potential of growing very long at its optimum speed.

Avoid Stressing and Rubbing Hair

Women who want to grow hair long should not stress their hair by tightly plaiting their hair or tying them in tight ponytails. Similarly, avoid rubbing your hair as this cause static, friction and tangles your hair. Even to dry your hair, instead of rubbing hard, keep firmly dabbing your hair to dry it, then let it air dry or dry naturally. Do not use hot air like a blow dryer to dry your hair.


I want to stress that caring for your hair and especially your scalp, together with using supplements and oils or hair grow long recipes, and most of all scalp massage, will help to speed up your hair growth or allow your hair to grow at its optimum speed.

Bottom line, the kind of hair you will have, is the result of the kind of care you give to your scalp and hair. So, how to grow long hair at the fastest possible is all about the care you give to your scalp and hair every day.


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