How To Grow Long Hair Tips

Hair in general, grows by at least half an inch in a month. But does black hair grow long in the same speed or way? When you truly love, nurture and care for your scalp and hair be it black or blonde, naturally, this is how to grow long hair fast and have healthy and great looking crowning glory.

How to grow long hair with 6 useful tips: how to grow long hair girl eat fruit

Tip #1 – Your regular or daily diet like the food you consume, determines how much nutrients you have to help your hair grow long healthily and speedily. Because when you massage your scalp, these nutrients in your blood, are circulated up to your scalp. So how to grow long hair effectively?

Know the right nutrients to take and take them daily like salmon, dark green leafy vegetables, beans like kidney beans and lentils, nuts, eggs,carrots and b vitamins, minerals and herbs. A healthy exercise regime will help to boost overall health and help blood circulation.

Tip #2Regular trimming of hair will encourage a faster and healthy rate of new hair growth. This is because trimming removes split and damaged ends that can work their way up, to destroy complete strands, if not removed. Visit a good hair stylist, who will snip off necessary ends, to ensure that the remaining length of hair continues to grow longer, stronger and thicker. While on your grow long hair faster journey, stay away from any chemical hair products or treatments.

Tip # 3Use good shampoos and conditioners that contain natural ingredients to moisturize black hair as it tends to dry easily. In fact my ebook tells you how to even make your own hair products at home. These are best for your grow long hair fast journey and cheap too! You will learn how to grow long hair when you read about effective daily scalp care and using natural ingredients to make recipes to help grow long hair speedily. Choose the one that is best suited to your unique hair type, black or blond.

Tip #4 – Hair black or blond, will not grow faster if you give it the “100 strokes per night” method. Brushing will help ‘produce’ the natural hail oil and as you brush, the oil is distributed evenly throughout your scalp and hair. But brushing too many times makes the hair too oily and hair may shed easily. Do it moderately or just nice will do. Then, try to rest at night on soft satin pillowcases instead of cotton as they will protect your hair.

Tip # 5Avoid heating tools, such as the curling and flat irons. Instead use wet wraps and twists, to ensure that the hair is not damaged or becomes too dry. Use natural leave-in conditioners to ensure that your hair retains the moisture at all times. Stop tugging and yanking at the hair line to tie or style your hair in tight ponytails or braids as this will slow down the natural grow long hair process.

Tip # 6When using relaxers for your hair, there may be chance for breakage. Therefore stay away from chemical treatments that can cause damage to your hair, and ensure that you use the services of a professional hair stylist who can prescribe the right and proper care required to nurture your beautiful hair.

You may also buy my ebook and read more on taking care of different texture hair. You need to stop using chemical treatments if you find your hair breaking easily and resulting in scanty hair growth. If you spend some time to follow a regular hair care routine you will find it easy to grow your hair long, healthy and strong.


How To Grow Long Hair with Consistent Scalp Massage

And remember, above all that, consistent scalp massage plays an important role to grow your hair long at optimum speed. Do massage your scalp twice every day as this helps circulate your blood (with your nutrients) up to your scalp to consistently nourish your scalp to help your hair be healthy and growing at optimum speed.

Other than that, massaging your scalp relaxes and de-stresses your whole body and mind which is essentially good for your health and overall being. Otherwise being stressed up and tired will indirectly cause you to lose hair. How to grow long hair depends a lot to how ‘diligent’ you are in massaging your scalp.

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