How To Grow Your Hair Faster The Natural Way

I had a chat with some friends and we basically talked about questions and concerns about ‘how to grow your hair faster’ – and like ‘what is my secret to healthy scalp, healthy hair’. For easier reading, I thought of doing this post in a ‘Q&A’ to grow your hair faster

Here are some Questions (which I have gathered so far…) & Answers. This involves many factors and daily ‘best practices’ or rituals we should do and keep to, so that our hair can grow at its healthiest, fastest speed. I hope this Q&A post gives you some value to take away and use…as you experience and go along your own hair grow journey.

Here is Question 1…

Q1: Do I have any secrets and special or exclusive hair tools or gadgets I use to keep my scalp and hair healthy?

A1: When my friends ask me that, I just say ‘My biggest secret is I take care of my scalp and hair with loving tender care best I can!’ And no special hair tools, really (go to Q3). And taking care means looking at all factors – and practice all these best I can.

Q2: Does it take a lot of my time?

A2: Well, just in the early months it takes more effort and time to restore my ‘ailing scalp’ and dry, fizzy hair. But my consistency paid off. And I think anything really worth doing in life, usually takes commitment, effort and time. Anyway, since I had already paid so much money, yet still had to do a lot of the follow up hair stuff at home, why not just try a different way? And besides, I really could not keep paying 🙁

But hey, confession, life gets in the way so…I do slack sometimes. But then I do get back into my hair routines before I see ‘results of my hair being poorly neglected’.

Q3: Do I use any special hair tools?

A3: Hmm…you will be amazed at how ‘special’ and ‘exclusive’ my hair tools are! The most special thing about the hair tools I use every day is – they are mostly FREE. I have shown you the pictures in my previous blog. Anyway, here are my ‘secret hair tools’…

how to grow your hair faster

my hair brush


how to grow your hair faster paddle brush

my paddle brush

how to grow your hair faster combs

my hair combs

My hair brush was given to me by one of the hair treatment salons I used to go to – and would go to like once in a blue moon. Something like… ‘ask and it shall be given’ 🙂   Then my combs, I have more of these I got from a private hospital – thought they looked nice and I could use for my hair, so I asked and I was given some! They are very handy to carry around in my bag too. Last but not least, my paddle brush which cost like about USD10 – which is good and convenient to massage my scalp while I read stuff online. These are the secret tools I use the most, every day 😉

Then I also have few special ones I bought (all inclusive with hair treatment package which I paid a bomb, for few years), and still keep. I am showing you those up there just so you know that it is possible to ‘improvise’ to suit ‘a tight budget’ where necessary – and still works for ‘how to grow your hair faster’ journey.

But for the combs, you may need to use a wider tooth comb for a start – depending on your hair texture, type, length or volume (or if it gets tangled easily…). With a wider tooth comb, less tugging and easier to ‘smoothen out hair’. My hair works fine with those combs because the texture is smoother and more manageable now.

That said, you need to use what works for your unique scalp and hair condition okay. Those are my stuff. They work for my scalp and hair. You may or may not need something else. But the important thing is, it is good to have at least a few good hair combs or hair brushes in your collection – that suits your scalp and hair. A scalp massage hair brush comes in handy too.

Q4: Do I still go for scalp and hair treatment at hair salons?

A4: I used to go regularly to scalp and hair salons and sort of like ‘hair spa’. And also to regular hair salons like the ones along the shoplots near my apartment. Since I have discovered ‘My Way’, I only go to these ‘hair places’ once in a blue moon. I go because I feel like being pampered for the day – and when I do have some extra cash – and not because the salon does the routine better.

But I do not go to hair spas or ‘exclusive’ hair salons. I go to regular hair salons which do give me a good scalp massage and hair treatment.

That said, I always leave the salon with my hair damp or ‘moist’ – I do not blow dry my hair there or at home. I leave it to dry naturally. If you have to blow dry yours, just spray or apply some natural moist or conditioner to it first. Or try using natural hair styling stuff like flax seed hair gel…click HERE for recipe.

Q5: Do I use products at all?

A5: Sometimes I use good baby’s shampoo (my kids’ stuff) which is mild. I add a dollop of honey to this. Or when I feel necessary, I spray or moist my hair ends with an oil after washing my hair – in this case, I do not need to add honey into my shampoo. Or when I feel like I want to have a certain smell, I apply like lavender oil onto my hair ends after I wash my hair – again, this case, no need to add honey into shampoo.

At times, when at my parents place, at relatives place or at hotel (very rare though) or friend’s place for example, I have had to use whatever shampoo I see – since I forgotten to bring mine! Then after washing, I use my handy little bottle of spray or moist to apply onto my hair ends. This little bottle is something I carry wherever I go.oil for hair growth

Q6: Is there anything most important I do?

A6: Even if I do not use any oil or hair potion stuff, I will at least massage my scalp – as tired as I am. Or if for example, I have had to miss my morning session, I will make up for this in the afternoon, like massage my scalp with my paddle hair brush or my hands. If I am out, I will do this in a restroom for like 5 minutes. Of course, all other factors in every day life play their respective roles too, to keep my scalp and hair healthy.

In summary – how to grow your hair faster effectively – takes your commitment and time to do your hair routines, take good care of your hair and of your health and ‘live it right’.

Q7: What do I have in my ‘how to grow your hair faster’ ebooks (Hair Accelerator System)?

A7: Step-by-step hair recipes, benefits of these ingredients, how to mix and match, how to do effective scalp massage, why scalp massage, about how to care for your hair every day, and all that good, useful stuff. The best of all – is my one-to-one email support – because I know each case is some what different. For example, once you have bought my Hair Accelerator System, I will follow up with you, ask what you have started on, how are you getting on, blah blah blah, so I can give you better advice and ‘unique tips’  🙂

Well, I have had personal support too – which I paid $100 per hour! – and just once or twice a month. But I realised, such support is vital because it serves my unique needs and problems including how to sort out my lifestyle, diet, etc.

Variety! Yes, for something like hair routines and hair recipes, I love dabbling with a variety of ingredients to suit my needs, moods, preferences, etc. I find it really hard to stick to one stuff or potion that works for me. I mean, why should I stick to one when I can have a buffet of fun stuff that works just as good, even better in some cases.

OKAY! – I hope all that info kind of ‘in a nutshell’ gives you some value to take away. Sometimes, those stuff up there pop up in my conversations with my friends and relatives. Hope it helps you in some ways as you go along your journey to discover how to grow your hair faster.

And while you HAVE FUN, remember to stay positive and smile as much as you can. I believe in each person there is an amazing personality. So I believe that when you let your amazing self shine, your hair will shine and in fact your whole self will light up! So I truly feel that this is the most meaningful and probably one of the most effective ‘insider secret’ you can take away 😉

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