How To Grow Your Hair Long Fast Coconut Oil

How To Grow Your Hair Long Fast with Coconut Oil

So far in my grow hair long journey, I have told you about how to grow your hair long fast with avocado oil. Now how about coconut oil?

From what I’ve heard and read about using coconut oil to grow hair long, one of the most common things that most people find unbearable about coconut oil is its overbearaing smell.  When I heard about how it might smell on my hair (though I’ve not actually tried it), I was thinking should I? Or shouldn’t I?  I remembered the smell was not at all pleasant when they passed by me.  It’s not like you are smelling the sweet aroma of a fresh coconut…  

Anyway, one day my colleague who was also interested in all these natural remedies and have dry hair problems, she told me she tried virgin coconut oil.  I asked her how it smelled.  To my surprise she said it doesn’t smell that bad.  It’s like the aroma of coconut, really.  So to find out if that was true, I bought one bottle myself to ‘test it’ for my grow hair long fast journey.

How To Grow Your Hair Longhow to grow your hair long fast coconut oil Fast Using Coconut Oil

I unscrewed the cap and sniffed.  What a surprise, it does smell like the aroma of coconut, which was pretty pleasant.  I told my colleague about this and she said, maybe it’s because its ‘virgin’ coconut oil prepared using cold pressed method. 

So while we were excitedly going back and forth about this  grow hair long wonder ‘potion’, she told me that she once bought this coconut oil from one shop which smelled horrible!

So, what’s the difference here??  Perhaps in the way the oil was extracted or produced.  One way that oil is extracted is by frying the coconut until the oil comes out and then you extract the oil.  The other method is via cold pressed using a machine to directly press the oil out. Still, both ‘types’ of coconut oil can be used to effectively grow your hair long fast.

Now, this is not something we read via the internet although I wouldn’t say it’s not mentioned but since we were just having a casual chat, we sort of concluded that perhaps because it’s fried, it gives such a strong smell in comparison to virgin coconut oil that is extracted via cold pressed method. 

For how to grow your hair long fast, try using extra virgin coconut oil and hey, for me, it seems to be working fine to grow hair long fast.


  • firstly, heat the oil (don’t know the exact reason why, but i have alwyas done it and my mum and my gran and evryone else i know (like heating essential oils). anyway, you can heat it by placing a little in the microwave or place the bottle in boiling water. pour some in a saucer/bowl. then dip your fingers in and massage in to you head, try starting at your roots and then work your way up. eventually you will cover your entire head. keep dipping in bowl after every section of hair, you will know when to apply more. for best results, sleep with it or if you have to wash it out, leave on for as long as you can (put cling wrap, or shower cap to retain heat and for optimum effect).

    • well, there you go…another way to heat the oil. thanks for sharing. i pour my oil on to a kind of flat ceramic dish. then place this dish on a mug of hot (just boiled) water. and for ‘hair wrap’, i use my plastic shower cap which have worked great. still just for fun, i want to try your cling wrap style too 🙂

  • My girlfriend has very long hair. It looked fine but her hair was a bit ‘rough’. You could feel its roughness.
    We did talked about it and decided to do something about it. Read few articles in your website on hair and coconut oil and decided to give it a try.
    Think almost 2 months since she started applying coconut oil to her scalp and hair and to our surprise and delight, her hair now has become more shiny and a lot softer compared to months back. What a simple and inexpensive way of treating the hair! We thank you for the tips. Now, we intend to explore further on coconut oil’s goodness! THANK YOU! Cheers!

  • Hey there! Just wanted quickly to share with you how my girl friend hair fall has considerably reduced! She has recently increased her intake of coconut oil from 2 tablespoons to 3 tablespoons a day. She is now keeping it going at this intake.

    Guess what? Her hair fall has dropped considerably in comparison to when she first started losing much hair and even after she has gone through hair treatments. No doubt the hair treatments work as long as she is in the program and keep paying till one drops dead, but it even works better with coconut oil at such an astonishingly low cost! Now, she can practically say goodbye in due time to her hair treatments which means, more money for something else!!!!

    And since she didn’t really like the taste of it, she took your advise by taking a piece of fruit and felt better!

  • Hi again! As I was so eager posting it out, forgotten to say a big THANK YOU to you. It was your advice that prompted my lovely girlfriend to start using coconut oil. A MILLION THANKS!!!

    • Hi Rudi! I’m so glad to hear what your girlfriend did! and i’m so glad it really worked for her and most of all, saving your money! 🙂 Continue with the routine and I’m sure she can say goodbye to her truly expensive hair treatments! Thank you for trying 🙂

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