How To Keep Strees Away And Prevent Hair From Growing Slowly And Falling Out

I was walking in the park, along the lake earlier this evening and I was thinking…

Since I have just talked about how I used to get migraines and got out of it by trusting and relying on my migraine diary and making some ‘adjustments’ here and there, I want to also again, mention stress – as this commonly can either trigger you to get a migraine or make your migraine feel worse!

So I was thinking again about how to keep stress away prevent hair from growing slowly and falling out…

That was my case sometimes as with many others I know who shares the same experience. I make it a point to, whether or not I am stressed out at anytime, take time out to chill every day. I chill out in many ways, really – but one thing I do consistently is scalp massage – I love this routine. It is so refreshing, the same time relaxes my body – especially if I use my favorite essential oil at that time.

Another practical way of how to keep stress away and prevent hair from growing slowly and falling out…

So one thing I would do is I would go to the park often after dinner, say like late afternoon or evening. Usually my parents and my kids will be tagging along. My kids love the park, or rather they love being outdoors. And I do not mean ‘the great outdoors’ okay, they love it as long as they are out-of-the-door!

Today though, as I was walking I thought of ‘sharing’ this park with you – the place I go to chill out or just for a ‘mini-getaway’. To know what I actually mean by ‘mini-getaway’, read my blog ‘Be Stress Free With Rhythm’.

So my post today will have photos I took! Yup, pictures I took with my Nokia mobile and uploaded here…hope you can make sense of these pictures. And though this park may not be the best park I go to, it is the one nearest to home. And one I can conveniently go to every day with my kids (like 5 minutes drive away or we can walk there). Well, they love it here anyway – so long as out-of-the-door!

how to keep stress away and prevent hair from growing slowly and falling out

This man-made stream is where I relax to the sound of flowing water. May not be the best stream, but it is the one and only stream in this park!

Here is the playground. There, you can see my little boy in orange shirt climbing that thing. Here is where I sometimes ’empty my head or thoughts’, sit and watch the activities going on and this relaxes me

how to keep stress away and prevent hair from growing slowly and falling out

This is the lake. Sometimes, my kids and I sit along the rocks to feed bread crumbs to the fish. Well, I find this ‘feeding the fish’ thing quite ‘therapeutic’ or sometimes I might sit on a high rock, look at the lake, and this relaxes me or I stroll around the lake. I think being really relaxed, at times ‘make ideas pop up’ in my thoughts…


There, you can see my daughter and my dad sitting on a metal bench and my boy’s two-wheel scooter leaning against the bench. So like them, I may just ‘watch and relax’ and although I find this odd, at times while doing this, an idea suddenly pops up in my head!

Here is my little guy climbing another structure. He loves climbing. And like him, sometimes I climb to the highest point, sit up there and ‘look far and relax’. Ideas at times pop up too. And it’s getting dark…

So, this park and the activities I can do here with my kids help me chill out. Sometimes, it is just playing on the ground, rolling around, play ball, play in the stream, walking around the lake, walking on the rocks, watching the dogs (the dogs here wear little ‘designer’ clothes and shoes), like my daughter sitting on the bench watching kids play in the playground, look at kites up in the sky, throw stones in the lake and lots more simple stuff I do that ‘gets me away’ for an hour or two.

One thing though, watching my little boy on his scooter is often not ‘therapeutic’ and makes my heart drop! But he gets a kick out of being reckless on his 2-wheel scooter, since about 3 years old. So can’t help it, sometimes it is a mixture of emotions  🙂

Well, there you go! Now I know how to use my simple mobile phone, get pictures up here and do caption and stuff. And I will be doing this for hair stuff and recipes soon 😉

That is one of my ways of how to keep stress away and prevent hair from growing slowly and falling out – really, taking time out to chill out every day or chilling out on a regular basis, helps to keep stress away and not let it ‘accumulate’, get worse and go into depression or extreme stress – this will cause hair loss or your hair to grow slowly – and you know what, this is small matter compared to your life getting messed up!

I hope you enjoyed this post  🙂

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