How To Make Hair Grow Faster

As I have shared, at one time, I had often asked this question – how to make hair grow faster cheaply, effectively and naturally? With lasting results?

And then after picking myself up from being  miserable, desperate and with the biggest hole in my wallet, I was committed to find my own natural solution, from simple ingredients I can find at the grocery store. Well, turns out I don’t need 100 ingredients or recipes, but 23 ‘foundational’ ingredients that I mix and match to get my answer to my question, how to make hair grow faster?

The Truth to How To Make Hair Grow Faster                             

In spite of all the information and ‘secrets’ and ‘miracle potions’ I collected and used, I finally ‘got it’ that it boils down to commitment, discipline, loving care for scalp and hair and patience. No, it does not happen overnight!

Exception, if money does grow on trees for me, ‘for a long time’, then I will have fabulous celebrity, model like or ‘engineered’ pictures from magazine covers, all the time – because I can just pop into a luxury hair salon to get my favorite stylist to pamper my scalp and hair, anytime.

Committed to How To Make Hair Grow Fasterhow to make hair grow faster timer

At one time, it was tough! Although I know the effectiveness of my hair grow faster ingredients and recipes, I slowly slacked in consistently and routinely massaging my scalp every single day (I needed this even more as I ‘naturally’ have dry and lifeless hair).

At one time, I wasn’t consistently committed to this most important routine yet ate food that didn’t compliment my hair grow faster routines. Good thing is I do not smoke. But I did have some late nights out and wasn’t getting enough rest and sometimes stressed out from work. So Hair Expert  began losing hair!

There were 3 months of my how to make hair grow fast journey, my recipes didn’t work too well because I wasn’t committed to eating and living right every day, and most of all, not committed to discipline myself to follow my basic scalp massage routines, consistently. And as for my virgin coconut oil ‘hair wraps’, I did like once a month.

Discipline And Planning To How To Make Hair Grow Faster

When I lacked discipline and slacked in following my little plans (I used to get my hair stuff and work clothes ready every night, for use the next morning), it was a rush most mornings and I skipped my scalp massage routines. And slowly, just out of habit, I also skipped my night sessions.

And it became to like one scalp massage session a week, and I could feel and see my earlier nice hair results of my how to make hair grow fast journey, backsliding…

Loving Care and Patience To How To Make Hair Grow Faster

Here, I did alright all the way. I mean, I didn’t literally ‘harm my hair’ like blow dry it, style it with chemically induced hair stuff or brush it when it’s wet and tangled. As for ‘physically’, I took care of my locks.

And there was one fine day, when I got up, looked into the mirror and made up my mind to be ‘back on track’ on my hair grow faster road. And this time with commitment, discipline and patience to follow through my how to make hair grow faster routines – every day!

And as I have shared, I also found ways to be upbeat and positive throughout my how to make hair grow faster adventure – this time I started venturing out to mix and match my foundational ingredients to make more recipes. I also tried using sometimes just one ingredient, like virgin coconut oil.

I stress again, what we do to our scalp and hair, and how much or how little we care for our mental and physical health, every day, will be the results of our how to make hair grow faster journey.

Get more comprehensive advice from my 3 comprehensive ebooks, to help you get the best out of your how to make hair grow faster journey. And I would love to hear your stories too!

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