How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster – DeStress, Rest & Relax

Can you make your hair grow faster if you are stressed out most of the time? No, your hair can’t grow faster or slower when you are constantly under stress because… your hair will fall off! how to make your hair grow faster hairloss

Because being stressed out affects hair loss and in extreme stress, can dramatically slow down your ‘how to make your hair grow faster’ journey, I want to talk about this. And because stress is so common in our lives, especially if you live in a fast paced life in the city.

I sometimes get stressed out too and so do many people I know. There’re so many ‘bad, sad and unfortunate’ happenings due to stress and depression, even in children and teenagers – this is in the news like the weather report!

A big time overload of stress can lead to big time depression, driving people to jump off buildings and do crazy stuff. When compared, losing hair looks like ‘small matter’ – do you think so?

I’m thinking, well at least I’m still alive and still on my ‘how to make hair grow faster’ journey.

Since stress is so common, I want to share this, how it can ruin your ‘how to make your hair grow faster’ process and how important it is to rest and relax and deal with stress, before it eats us up while we slowly ‘go bald’!

Stress Hinders Your Hair Growth Process

Yes, hair loss and stress, depression or when we are in a ‘feeling really awful’ state, are strongly related. So taking time to chill out, rest and relax is vital for a healthy scalp and a smoother ‘how to make your hair grow faster’ journey.

Otherwise how can you have a good hair growth journey when your hair keeps falling off?

In fact, there is even an extreme condition where the sufferer actually has a very strong urge to physically pull his or her hair out when stressed out or in distress…

Basically, two types of stress that slows down your hair growth

Acute Stress – This your immediate and intense stress response when you are faced with sudden and unprepared difficulties, fear or even a challenging situation – like maybe a sudden change in deadline, a job interview and your kid in a sudden tantrum in public. These are called ‘small’ stressors.

Chronic Stress – This is the piling up of many and over a long period of time, of small stressors (acute stress) and stays and keeps bugging you. This can really get in the way of your life and causing even more hair loss, which definitely slows down ‘how to make your hair grow faster’ journey. If left ‘untreated’ you can end up sick, with headaches, sleepless nights, poor work performance and much more.

As for what causes small time and big time stresses, and on how this stress can be dealt with, hop on to my next post.

Meantime, remember, at the end of your day, take time to chill out – take your time in the shower or your tub and give yourself a good scalp massage! This will definitely boost ‘how to make your hair grow faster’ journey!

As you chill out, get my hair recipes to compliment your rest & relax time and the right scalp massage techniques in my step-by-step Hair Accelerator System ebooks package!

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