How To Manage Migraine Triggers Keep Stress Away And Grow Hair Long Fast

Before you read this maybe, just to get a picture of what some migraine triggers are, please run through my recent article – Can Migraines Make Your Hair Grow Slowly And Fall Out

Migraine is a common condition experienced by many of us. In fact, I know many people around me suffer migraine attacks on a regular basis. These attacks can be triggered by many factors and it varies from person to person.

My friends too have wondered if getting stressed out due to migraines can cause them to lose hair. Getting stressed out (if extreme) can cause hair loss but migraine itself, does not directly cause your hair to fall out.

How To Manage Migraine Triggers Keep Stress Away And Grow Hair Long Fast Using Your Migraine Diary or Journal of Migraine Triggers…

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to keep a ‘migraine diary’ or ‘migraine journal’ – whatever you want to call it. You must have detailed information of why or what triggers your migraine and work at ‘getting away’ or managing these triggers.

Keep a ‘book’ of what you eat, drink, smell, see (like flickering lights), hear, taste, feel, etc, and then the times you get a migraine. What happened before or when you get a migraine attack? Did something trigger it? Because migraines are mostly triggered and these ‘trigger situations’ can be avoided or managed.

Keep a detailed ‘migraine diary’ at least for 6 months (I know it is hard but it is worth the effort!) and you will be amazed by what you discover or learn that can help you. And when you know much better, you are then able to hopefully manage better at getting away or avoiding ‘your migraine triggers’ and get your quality of life back. It can be a drastic improvement.

Migraine – PMS

Not so long ago, I had regular migraine attacks too – the regular ones happen usually a week before my period. These attacks are by far my worst and used to last 5 days, until I learned to ‘manage my triggers’ better. I used to keep a detailed ‘migraine diary’ and I know roughly when I will be getting my period. So during this time, I am more aware and ‘take extra good care’ of myself.

Like keeping to the right diet, getting enough good sleep, ‘keep my cool’ so as not to get stressed up or out, take my supplements, smile and laugh more, be even more aware of flickering and glaring lights and the smell of ‘heavy’ perfume – these usually trigger my migraine ‘more easily’ during my very ‘sensitive’ time. Back then, I used to rely on painkillers.

My PMS migraine attacks now last the most 2 days, much less ‘throbbing’ in my head and on some months, no migraines at all. And even on the 2 days that I do get an attack, when I first feel the trigger, getting some sleep helps, before it gets worse. Rather, doing something before it gets worse helps my situation. Sometimes getting myself outdoors like a walk in the park, feeding fishes in the lake or just ‘being with nature’ relax my senses and relieve my pain.

Then, I might also get together with some ‘big-time jokers and clowns’ (usually my close, spontaneous and awfully funny buddies). They say “laughter is the best medicine”!

I believe it is because I can laugh my pain away (before it gets worse). I heard that when we laugh, our body releases something called endorphines? (help…because I can’t recall!). This thing naturally eases pain in our body. I might also ‘yak yak yak and laugh laugh laugh’ with one or two on my mobile.

It is like as soon as I feel a trigger (at times, I forget ‘to manage’ a trigger), I ‘quickly’ shift my focus or ‘redirect’ my mind elsewhere, like picking up my mobile and call up ‘a joker’! Or drink some water, consciously relax myself and get ‘in touch’ with nature to chill out.

This for me is so much better and ‘healthier’ than when I kept relying on over-the-counter painkillers. And before grabbing my pain killers, once I feel the pain or trigger coming, I would be thinking ‘along these lines’ like “Damn, I’m getting my migraine again! This really sucks, I hate this!”…more cursing and feeling awful!

When I look back (and look at my diary), feeling like I used to when I first began to feel the trigger, would instantly, have shot up my pain and the intensity of ‘the throbbing’ in my head. Then I go for the painkillers.

So I had realised long ago (with the help of my realiable and trusted migraine diary) – ‘that’ was not the best way to go and there are better ways…

Flickering Lights

From my diary I discovered these are also my triggers – but not 100% of the time though. But ‘to be safe’ I prefer to look away from glaring and flickering lights – lights trigger me more in the day but not so much at night. Lights that flicker from ‘behind the trees and bushes’ when I drive along the road, from other cars like the headlights (more like light reflected from the car lights or window (glass) or body of the car) and when I look up into the sunny sky (glaring sun).

And sometimes when I move too quickly from a very shady place like indoors out into the hot glaring sun, and looking upwards when I make this ‘quick move’. This can trigger an attack in me.

Since I have discovered this, I avoid by being aware of this. Like when I know I am going to ‘get out’, I look ahead or downwards as I walk out or run out for example. Or I close my eyes for maybe 4-5 seconds – just during that short ‘transition’ from ‘shade to bright, glaring light’. Or I wear sunglasses.

Knowing this triggers me and making this ‘minor adjustment’ helps a lot.


This is another trigger I discovered. I realized from my detailed and daily notes that when I sleep too much especially, triggers an attack. It is best if I get 4-5 hours solid sleep – no disturbance and jerking me up from sleep. Jerking me or shaking me up from sound sleep (before I have had 4-5 hours sleep) will trigger my migraine. I usually get up groggy and in a daze!

And I have heard it many times before that 8 hours of sleep is best – but not in my case. I realized sleeping 8 hours can give me a migraine. I would wake up feeling heavy, groggy and with that pounding in my head. This ruins the rest my day.

When it comes to sleep, 4-5 hours of solid sleep works great for me and I wake up ready to sprint! And my head feels fine with mixed up sleeping times – so long as I get 4-5 hours solid sleep.


This is usually a common trigger for many sufferers. For this, take away all the foods that you suspect (refer to your detailed diet diary) trigger your migraine for a week. Then add in a ‘food or drink item’ each week – one item per week. Jot down how you respond to the food or drink item. This way, you should be able ‘to tell’ what food or drink can trigger your migraine.

Then, steer away from this in your diet.

But for me, I noticed that when I drink like 2 glasses of water after what I ate or drank (that I know may trigger my migraine), this seems to like ‘neutralise’ my condition and I do not get an attack.

Commit To Migraine Diary

Last but not least, I want to drive home the most important point – you need to commit yourself for 6 months at least to keep a detailed diary of your migraine attacks. Read my article on migraines triggers to get a clearer picture of what you can look out for – there could be more than what is listed there. Still, just consistently jotting down these notes every day, will help you make ‘adjustments and tons of improvement’ later on which can give you back your quality of life.

The ultimate how to manage migraine triggers keep stress away and grow hair long fast, is to commit yourself to keeping your detailed migraine diary or journal.

It takes effort but again I say, anything that is truly meaningful and truly worth doing in life and gives wonderful and life-changing results take consistent commitment, perseverance and determination. If you have never tried this much to manage your triggers, do give yourself a chance. Consistently, keep a daily, detailed ‘migraine diary’ for 6 months.

What I have up there are some suggestions which I hope you find some value and meaning – I know migraine is a common suffering for many people and I hope my sharing and suggestions help you in how to manage migraine triggers keep stress away and grow hair long fast – or just makes your life better!

PS: Smiles and laughter are fantastic bonuses!  Being positive and taking action to do positive stuff, keep stress away – which works great to grow hair long fast 🙂

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