What are some ways I do to make my hair grow faster?

You will be aware that when you do spend some time reading all the stuff (so far…) on my hair site, you will realize there are just so many ways to help your hair grow at its best speed. In fact, I have just been reading my own stuff to see what the heck I’ve shared thus far, I do realize that really, there are various ways I can make my hair grow faster – at least at its best speed.

And nope, not make my hair grow faster like in a few nights or 1 or 2 weeks – do you think this is logically possible? I mean, grow like one inch in a day or week?

Well, I can make my hair grow faster about one inch in like a month – my hair grows at this rate, which I feel is healthy enough for me. But most importantly, my scalp is healthy so I get to retain or keep my hair.

And I’m happy to see like 15-20 baby hairs ‘sticking out’ on top of my head and along my ‘forehead line’. Then, my mane is free of split ends and dry frizzy hair – really much better from what it was…

In a nutshell, here are some tips or ways I make my hair grow faster naturally

Tip#1: Adhering to the ‘right diet’make my hair grow faster

On a regular basis – keep to a healthy, balanced diet that is rich in iron, vitamin B12, zinc and calcium that will help you hair in growing faster naturally. It is also ideal that you include protein rich foods such as lentils, cheese, nuts, eggs and fish. This way, not only will your scalp and hair be healthy, I believe you will be in general good health too!

Tip#2: Keep your stress and blues away

Believe it or not…stress is one common factor causing hair loss in women. I personally experienced hair thinning because of being constantly stressed out – and not taking time to ‘chase my blues away’. Then my lifestyle and diet made things worse.

According to my hair specialist, stress is one very common factor that causes hair loss. However, this can be overcome. How can you do this? What are some ways that can help you shoo away your blues?

For instance, you can minimize stress by relaxing, participating in relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation, ensure that you get plenty of sleep, do scalp massages, do your favorite thing, and lots more.

Addressing underlying health issues like hormonal problems and nutritional deficiencies such as hypothyroidism, which normally cause hair thinning can also contribute to making your hair grow faster.

Tip#3: Adding Dietary Supplements in your Diet

There are some certain dietary supplements such as multivitamins, biotin vitamins and omega 3 which can be added in your regular diet that can also help with keeping your scalp and hair healthy – so it grows at its best, healthiest speed.

It is also believed that supplements like folic acid, which are also usually found in beans, green vegetables, peas, some cereals, sunflower seeds, etc. are good for hair growth.

And something I like most and I feel this healthy ingredient is helping me a lot in this area is virgin coconut oil. If you spend time reading my stuff, you will see me talking about this oil quite a lot.

Tip#4: Applying Natural Hair Oils

Olive oil, castor oil, argan oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, to name a few – are usually good hair oil options that can be used by people who want their hair to grow faster naturally. In addition, using a few essential oils like tea tree oil, rosemary oil, jojoba oil, etc in combination with any of the hair oils that I mentioned, can offer many health benefits including scalp care, hair care and to make my hair grow faster naturally.

As you also would have read my most used or the oil I like best is virgin coconut oil. I can take this oil by mouth and also apply it on my scalp and hair. Then, another I like to use on my scalp and hair is avocado oil – this is more expensive than virgin coconut oil though.

Tip#5: Scalp Massages

Massaging your scalp using your finger tips, on a regular basis, is believed to be immensely essential for overall scalp and hair care including hair growth. This is because massaging improves blood circulation process in your scalp. This eventually contributes in more blood being supplied to your underlying cells.

As a result, your cells get stimulated, hair follicles become stronger and eventually the hair ends up getting an added strength and new healthy shine.

Tip#6: Paste of Fenugreek Seeds

This is another ideal and effective way that can greatly contribute to making your hair grow naturally faster. Using fenugreek seeds, make a paste and then apply in on your hair. Leave this paste on your hair for at least half an hour and then carefully wash off with water.

In case you find it hard to wash off in the shower especially, fill up your tub then soak your hair in the bath tub. Then swish your hair to the right and then to the left gently, while combing your hair gently with a wide tooth comb. This helps to remove the paste from your hair – especially for really long hair. Then rinse in the shower as usual.

Tip#7: Apply Dried Rosemary Herb

Dry some rosemary herbs and then boil them for at least 15 minutes. Let this mixture cool off completely and then apply on your hair. Leave it for at least 15 minutes and then carefully wash off. Adhere to this treatment routine for at least twice every week for more effective results.

By the way, if you have fresh herbs, that would be great too.

Tip#8: Applying Coconut Oil

On your hair, apply coconut oil and leave it for at least an hour. After this wash it with cold water. Actually, for this part, you can read up the other stuff I wrote to learn more about dabbling with coconut or virgin coconut oil. Well, I prefer virgin coconut oil.

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There you have it – those are some ways I make my hair grow faster and I hope it can help you do same. And a note of reminder, hair recipes are versatile okay. You need to fine tune the recipes (any kind of recipe for that matter) to suit your personal needs or scalp and hair condition.



  • Those are great, useful tips. The fenugreek one is new to me. Since I need to make a paste, guess i should pound the seeds, make it into fenugreek powder. Then add water make into a paste. I think I will boil my rosemary herbs, use the water to mix into the paste. Is this okay too?

    • A friend asked this too. She likes rosemary. When she used rosemary consistently, her hair shed a lot less. Yes, it’s powder. So it’ll take some time to pound the seeds. And the paste doesn’t have to be really thick, as long as it stays on your hair. And maybe this helps – sometimes she used a baby bath tub instead of soak her hair in her bath tub to rinse or ‘swish off’ the paste. And she could recycle this ‘water paste’ by pouring it onto plants/ground in her garden!

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