Make Your Hair Grow Faster – De-stress 2

Make Your Hair Grow Faster – Chill Out and De-stress

As I have talked about stress in my earlier post, and how stress causes hair loss and the two main kinds of stress – acute and chronic stress. Simply put, acute is ‘small time’ stress and chronic is ‘big time’ and long term stress.

If left to accumulate, chronic stress can cause serious health problems like heart attacks, stroke, serious depression and anxiety, and other serious conditions. In fact, stress is the common cause of hair loss – and once upon a time ago, stress was also one of the reasons my hair shed more than it normally should.

Yup, the hair specialist actually said it is normal to shed like even up to 50 hairs every day. Really?…yeah, as long as there’re more regularly growing out and I get to retain these. But at that time, I didn’t see many baby hairs sticking out, and saw that my hair was thinning…

Stress too links to hair loss and so in this way, slows down your ‘make your hair grow faster’ journey

What causes stress?make your hair grow faster hairloss

Some stress at work examples – meeting tight deadlines, missing deadlines, conflict with colleagues, rushing to work and getting stuck in bad traffic while rushing to work, being a leader or being a subordinate or follower!

Stress at home – children who are rebellious, arguments, house in a mess, being nagged at!

Changes in life – moving to a new home (especially when kids have difficulty adapting), job or career change, death of a close friend, death of a pet animal, changing school or meeting with an accident.

Our environment – sometimes people can get stressed up by certain noises around them, chaos around them, sound of a dog barking continuously or maybe when at a high place or at a dark place or room.

There are many factors around that can stress people out and each person has a different threshold of how much stress he or she can cope with.

Make Your Hair Grow Faster – Ways To Cope With Stress or Be Less Stressful

Sometimes I feel it can be a conscious and deliberate decision or choice I make – whether to be positive and cheer up or focus on what’s wrong and get all stressed up. I feel being ‘humorous’ too or looking at the ‘funny’ side of a situation and then smile or laugh over it can sometimes help me see more clearly and see solutions or get good ideas.

Otherwise, talking things out with someone whom I can trust or who I feel can help me ‘see better’ helps ease the stress. On the other hand, sometimes just listening – like sometimes I only need to ‘lend my ears’ to a friend and totally say nothing, but listening, acknowledging, nodding and focusing my full attention on my friend talking to me, actually lightens my friend’s burden.

Or what about just taking a break? Chill out and get yourself a good massage? Like even a simple scalp massage (which works great anyway to make your hair grow faster) in the tub using your favorite essential oil? Or simply do the stuff you enjoy and that makes you smile and laugh a lot?

But in serious conditions, it may be advisable to seek professional help, advice or treatment. Here, some form of medication or special therapy may be needed to help the person cope better. Or seek professional related advice to get solutions (other options) to your difficulty or situation.

It is important to remember to not let ourselves go down to a state of no turning back or can’t get up again, or ‘dipping’ to a point that badly affects our mental and physical well being. On the whole it has been said, one who is sick and in bad health, same will be for the health of the scalp and hair. So stress, especially extreme stress can in some way affect your ‘make your hair grow faster’ journey.

So again, remember, take time to chill out at the end of your day, every day. Don’t let the small stuff or load keep adding up. And well, keep smiling and get a good laugh whenever you can!

Hope that helps and make sense and is meaningful to you 🙂 

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