Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Living it right to make your hair grow faster. How does that sound to you?

It is true that the kind of lifestyle we choose to live can affect not just our mental and physical health but indirectly the health of our scalp and eventually our hair or hair growth. When our scalp is very much alive and healthy, our hair looks great and naturally grows at its optimum speed.

Living It Right to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Alchohol and Smoking

Can we agree that smoking has no benefit at all whatsoever to anybody’s health and well being? In fact ‘second hand’ smoking is just as bad if not worse. Smoking deteriorates your health and is outright ‘burning money’.

What about alcohol? Well, my dad told me before that regularly drinking a little is good for blood circulation. In fact, some wine (like Chinese wine) has medicinal qualities for a common flu, runny nose, a cough or to relieve pain.

I recall during my confinement (after giving birth) my mum-in-law gave me wine and ‘healthy brandy’ to drink every day, two or three times a day. Then every dish I ate had ginger and wine in it too! But these were in small doses (1-2 tiny cups each time) and it was supposed to ‘replenish’ my blood and all nutrients I lost (so it seems…) to boost my health.

However, gulping down glass after glass of like vodka, tequila, brandy coke, and the likes, at like parties every other night, especially on a light or an empty stomach, will adversely affect your health (especially liver) and one may easily become addicted to alcohol or end up driving dangerously and recklessly.

When your health deteriorates, so will the health of your scalp and this leads to hair fall or hair growing slower than it naturally should. It has been said that your hair can actually reflect the state of your overall health.


Do you know that your hair actually grows the fastest while you are sleeping? This is the same as for kids who grow when they are sleeping or as your body needs rest when you are ill or simply to ‘recharge’ so that we can ‘function’ better when we wake up.

Proper and sufficient hours of sleep each night play an important part to make your hair grow faster. Eight hours of sleep will do you good where as teenagers and children need more hours.

For me, I feel ‘quality’ rather than quantity works best for me. Sometimes even though I take like 3 to 5 hours of sleep, so long as it’s really deep and ‘restful’ sleep, I wake up feeling on top of the world and all charged up to sprint!

On the flip side, sometimes even though I may sleep like about 8 hours, I get up feeling groggy because maybe I did not sleep well enough or maybe it is just a matter of sleeping too long?

Most of the time I am energetic (I think this is because I exercise), especially when I am doing what I love or am passionate about.


This is something we all should love to do because it works great for both our mental and physical health and well being. And since ‘proper’ exercise usually pumps us up and get our blood circulating all around our bodies efficiently.

Exercise naturally gets the blood circulated up to our scalp (together with nutrients) which nourishes our scalp and hair to keep it healthy and growing at the fastest speed.

And for me exercising can be just going outdoors or to a nearby park with my kids for a run, a walk, roll around the ground, climb or hang around monkey bars, to feed the fish in the lake, to play catch or kick, to ride on the scooter, to wash the car, to fly kites, to swim, all to get some natural vitamin D (prefer morning or evening sun).

Scalp and Hair Care Routines

Needless to say, we need to discipline ourselves to plan or make time to love our scalp and hair. Like making the effort and time to massage our scalp twice every day, or alternate days at least, and do weekly hair wraps. This really speaks for itself, and will definitely keep your scalp and hair healthy which naturally make your hair grow faster.

Eat right

Take protein (90% of your hair’s structure is made from protein) and iron rich foods like eggs, fish, salmon, meat, spinach, green leafy vegetables and drink plenty of water (general rule of thumb – 8 glasses every day) and take your B vitamins.

Other than water, anti-oxidants like vitamin A, C and E are good for flushing the toxins from your body. This prevents hair loss and boosts your immune system.make your hair grow faster fruits vegs

Pantothenic Acid (a kind of mineral) too is important to the health of your scalp. This is a main component of the cells in your body and it helps convert food to energy. Lacking in this mineral can cause hair follicles to fall and this hinders your ‘make your hair grow faster’ process.


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