Grow Hair Long – more on Coconut Oil

Grow Hair Long – more on Coconut Oilgrow hair long coconut oil

Hi again! I want to continue from where I stopped the last time on my grow hair long journey with coconut oil. 

It was said that coconut oil is good for one’s overall health, skin and hair. The one serious problem I have with my hair is hair fall or hair loss.  It got so bad that it is worrisome and when I heard that coconut oil can help grow hair long fast, I had to give it a try out of desperation, in spite of the smell. 

Of course, now that I know that virgin or extra virgin coconut oil does not give an unpleasant smell, I do not hesitate applying some on my hair and scalp.  Here I would just like to share how I use coconut oil for my scalp and hair on my first try, to grow hair long.

Coconut Oil to Grow Hair Long – How to Use Externally

To grow hair long or more, you can apply coconut oil before or after you wash your hair.  Since it was my first and not wanting my hair to look too oily or smell of coconut oil (though the smell is pleasant with ‘virgin’ coconut oil), I normally would apply before I wash my hair.  

What I would normally do is first, pour a teaspoon of coconut oil onto a small plate.Then I part my hair to apply onto my scalp with my fingertips. Once I’m done with my whole scalp, I dab all my 10 fingertips with the oil, rub them gently together, then brush or glide through the strands of my hair from top to bottom. 

Be sure not to put too much as it will make your hair look too oily.  That happened to me on my first try but got better during my second try when I did not overdo it. Overdoing this makes the scalp too oily and this may not be good to grow hair long faster.

Once done with applying onto my scalp and hair, I then put on a shower cap and leave it on for an hour before I shower.  I do this once a week.  Within a week or two, I can see more baby hair growing from my scalp! Well, coconut oil helps not only to grow hair long, but also to grow more hair.

You can apply when your hair is dry, in the same way. Dab some oil with your fingertips and brush through the strands of your hair. This will leave your hair feeling moist (just nice, not oily) and helps grow hair long. 

Again, not too much for a start until you feel comfortable with it to add more, which is all up to you.  Eventually, it will make your hair blacker.  I don’t know but my colleagues told me ‘your hair looks blacker’ and a friend of mine said the same thing too!

Coconut Oil – Orally or Internally to Grow Hair Long

I talked about applying coconut oil externally to grow hair long.

Now I will tallk about taking coconut oil orally to grow hair long. The safest for me I feel is to follow the bottle’s dosage instructions. 

For me, as a start I was taking at least 2 tablespoon daily, now slowly increasing to 3 tablespoons daily. 

How’s the taste? Well, it’s tasteless like oil…it is oil anyway.  If you feel you can’t take the taste, try spreading your intake like once in the morning and once in the evening. 

I normally take it in the morning before I go to work. And right after I take it, I eat a prune or any fruit to get rid of the taste. 

When you first take it internally, you may feel nausea as the taste sort of like gets stuck in your throat. But I guess it takes some time to get used to it.  Besides, no one really likes to drink oil!  Like me, it felt uncomfortable when I first took it but as I continued my regular intakes, it got better and I am okay with it now, even if I have no fruits or whatsoever to go with it.

Anyway, since it helps grow hair long and more, i will get used to it!…because I want to grow hair long faster and more.

But hey, in most cases, when something is good for your health, it doesn’t really taste that good.  But I’ve tasted more awful stuff before, so this virgin or extra virgin coconut oil is still bearable to me 🙂

I will bear with the feel and taste of coconut oil in my mouth since it helps grow hair long, more and black!

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