Oil For Hair Growth – What Is My Favorite Oil?

I have been and still, am regularly exploring simple natural ingredients (as well as oil for hair growth) for my hair recipes. There are many natural ingredients out there to suit many scalp and hair types and conditions. What I like most though are what I feel are the easiest to get or find, as well as can even be used on its own – as a single ingredient to for example, do my scalp massage. Fuss free, simple, works great – period.

Do I enjoy going to salons to do my scalp massages and hair stuff? Once in a blue moon, yes. As I shared, this is when I happen to have some bit of ‘disposable cash’ and want to pamper my hair and myself too, really. Otherwise, the stuff I use for my hair routines at ‘home sweet home’ works just as good, sometimes better – in terms of cost and results ¬†ūüôā

And one thing I like best is, I choose the time that suits me most to do my hair routines. Like I am mostly a night person, so sometimes when I want to do my hair say at 11pm, the hair salon is closed! And since I am home most of the time, I rather not travel, especially with kids in tow, to a hair salon to do my regular scalp and hair stuff. Especially not at 11pm!

Anyway, I have been to¬†these¬†‘exclusive’, nice hair salons – before I embarked on my own hair¬†grow journey and¬†made my¬†own Hair Accelerator System. And I still have several of the hair tools. But I¬†do not use¬†those expensive products, consultations and do my hair stuff at these¬†‘high-end hair places’ anymore – saves me lots of money OK!

Oil For Hair Growth – What Do I Like?

Back to talking about oil for hair growth, I have used various oils but the oils I like most are virgin coconut oil/coconut oil, avocado oil, chamomile oil and olive oil. For smell, I like lavender oil.

It is not that other than those oils are not good or does not work. It is just that those oils (among other oil for hair growth) are what I like to use most. But as I shared, I rotate my hair recipes. I have been doing this for some time now. So I have had experiences with many ingredients (oils & other ingredients). And those are just the oils I rotate most, which also suit my scalp and hair.

And I prefer to have VARIETY & ADVENTURE, it is more fun to explore! ūüôā

If you ‘click around my site’ you will see I have shared about how I use oil for hair growth to do like my scalp massage or to mix into or with other ingredient(s). There is no hard and fast rule to ‘travel this journey’.

It really also depends on your unique scalp and hair condition/situation and what your daily life style, diet and schedules are like. Although you have my Hair Accelerator System, the most important I feel, is one-to-one email support from me.

You need support to walk this journey. In fact, I used to pay $100 per hour sessions for ‘personal support’. I was also allowed to make ‘limited’ calls to my hair specialist. Well, although it does make a great difference, I cannot keep paying for this support – plus all the other hair stuff!

Is Coconut Oil My Best Bet For My Scalp & Hair?

For me, I would say it is the best because it is my favorite – which is actually VIRGIN coconut oil.

Yes, I use virgin coconut oil the most. A 500ml bottle for $11 here or less Рwhen there is a discount at the shop. This bottle lasts for 2-3 months, for hair alone. But I consume it too, every day, 1 tablespoon a day. So it lasts one month plus.

Do I make this oil myself? Nope, not that I feel I need to. I know how it is done though, but for the quantity I want, I need a whole lot of coconuts! Though I can get it in abundance here, for me, I feel it does take quite a bit of work. For what I am paying and comparing to what I had to pay for in the past, buying a bottle is fine with me.

How Do I Use Virgin Coconut Oil For Hair РIn A Nutshell

Handy Hair Spray-cum-Conditioner/Moisturizer

I mix virgin coconut oil with water and this makes a handy conditioning hair spray – which I carry along in my little pump bottle (see picture). And if I do not mix with water, just have some virgin coconut oil in my pump bottle. When I need it, just spray or squirt a bit on my palm. Then rub my palms together, glide onto hair ends.oil for hair growth

Well, when I prefer ‘other smells’ – just replace virgin coconut oil/coconut oil with lavender or chamomile oil – simple right! ¬†ūüôā


Hair Conditioner/Moisturizer/Treatment

After I wash my hair (in the shower), I apply on hair ends especially after a swim or when I know my hair needs that extra tender loving touch. This is also especially good for dry or coarse hair, as regular use.

In addition, I love using this oil for hair growth, to do my weekly hair wrap treatments (once a week). Or something I leave on overnight.

I apply onto my scalp and massage – I take my time here (you can also read my ‘Sesame Oil’ Recipe post) to really work my scalp. Then I wash off with as usual with regular mild shampoo + honey.

Otherwise, if I do not wash it off, I can also leave on overnight and wash off the next day when I wake up.

Please check out my other write up about virgin coconut oil.

So far, I am really happy with virgin coconut oil as oil for hair growth – my personal hair growth. It is simple to use and very effective. Currently, like right now, I have like 15-20 baby hairs on my head (top part of my scalp hair line). Not just virgin coconut oil, but the other ingredients as well – especially scalp massages (I love doing this).


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