Oil In Your Hair – On The Beach & At Home

Do you like going to the beach? Or having fun in the sun? And when you do, do you ‘protect’ your hair and skin while you have a good time in the heat? Do you use oil in your hair? Well, for skin I use sunscreen lotion, then I use oil in my hair – like ‘spray’ or moist my hair.

As I shared, I carry my little pump bottle of hair spray (an essential oil I like mixed with water) and use as a spray or moisturizer whenever I need.  Yup, it is important to have a little oil in your hair like a sunscreen for your hair. What do I do for my hair when I’m having fun on the beach and when I get back home?

I was at Port Dickson beach last weekend with my dad, mum, sister and kids – we had a really good time. Come to think of it, it has been quite a while since I took my kids to the beach. So they had a blast for 3 hours on the beach! My sister also drove us around Port Dickson – visited the small town, a couple of beaches, sight- seeing stuff.

oil in your hair beach 1

My girl and my boy on the beach – we have just arrived on one of the beaches (Blue Lagoon) @ Port Dickson.

Since it was a day out, we went to the nearest ‘beach place’ to the city. It is like about 90 minutes drive. It was a simple and ‘economical’ trip really. And we also packed some home cooked food to bring along there. Port Dickson is no fancy place. Just somewhere my kids can have lots of fun in the sand, jumping over waves, picking shells, do seaside stuff.

What oil in your hair can you use – to make your spray?

Really, it is up to what you like and what suits your hair – if you have a certain condition like dry hair, curly hair, thick hair, frizzy hair, etc.

The oil in your hair can be lavender oil (like this smell), rosemary oil, virgin coconut oil (my favorite), sesame oil, avocado oil (like this too), chamomile oil (relaxes me), jojoba oil, etc. oil in your hair

What you chose as the oil in your hair – just mix it with some water. When you need to use, give the bottle a little shake, then spray – Easy and handy oil in your hair.

OR you can have something to cover your head – like a cap, hat, scarf, bandana etc. I like caps the most, at times bandanas. And a must have – sunglasses.

What do you do or use for oil in your hair, after all that fun in the sun, when you get back home?

For me, after settling all my stuff and my kids – I do a scalp massage. Then I wash my hair as usual. Then dab my hair, leaving it damp.

oil in your hair

l leave my hair damp

oil in your hair

Apply on ‘scalp lines’ first. Then on hair ends.








Now I apply virgin coconut oil on my scalp – and another little round of scalp massage. Then moist my hair ends. Now, I wrap my hair in a shower cap and leave it this way for some time. Then I do the laundry and stuff while waiting.

When I am done with doing stuff around my apartment, I get in the shower, light wash and rinse my hair. If I feel it is still ‘too oily’ I rinse more. Same for you, if you feel still too much oil in your hair, rinse again, or lightly shampoo if really need to.

And even if you feel you have rinsed too much and your hair is too dry – just spray or moist your hair as needed after your shower.

AND if you have dry hair or feel after ALL that sun and heat burning your scalp and hair – you want another round of treatment of oil in your hair – go for it!

Your other round of treatment can be done before you go to bed. Just apply oil-of-your-choice on your scalp (I like virgin coconut oil for overnight do) massage a little, and leave overnight. Then wash, rinse as usual when you wake up the next day.

Do note though, depending on your scalp and hair condition – choose the right oil that is OK for leave on overnight. Certain oils may be ‘too strong’ or may cause irritations. Like for me, I avoid sesame oil for overnight because my scalp gets irritated when I leave this on for too long (not sure why though).

So enjoy and have a dynamite time in the sun and then DO your oil in your hair thing – because your scalp and hair should be treated and pampered with care, especially after a ‘burning’ time in the sun.


PS: More pictures here! Ya know, 2 pictures I wanted – these are like personal gifts ‘TQ pixs in the sand’ – to my ‘Inspiration’ and my mobile battery died! (before trip, I forgot to charge my mobile battery). So my last couple of pictures came out way too dark  🙁

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best oil for hair

best oil for hair

can you see a TV set ‘sticking out’ from the tree?








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