Grow Hair Long Fast – Snipped My Hair!

Grow Hair Long Fast – Snipped My Hair!

My below shoulder length hair got snipped to above my shoulders! OUCH! And again, it had taken me ages to even reach my shoulders.

To add fuel to fire, I had been gently and politely advised to keep my hair shorter because it was pretty dry and had split ends anyway…

I would have been so depressed…especially when I had a special dinner or function to attend.

But NOT anymore…BIG SMILE!   🙂  Because I have discovered how to grow hair long at optimum speed naturally!

Hi, I’m Cindy.  I come from a tropical country with stunning sunsets, bountiful nature, breath-taking beaches, rich heritage and culture, multi races living in harmony with each other as well as glorious multi cultural food!  By the way, Asia, is also called a Food Paradise!  So if you have absolutely nothing else to talk about with your neighbor… talk about food!

I am a busy working mom with two upbeat and bubbly kids – the ‘sunflowers’ of my life. As busy as I was, or am, after too many depressing hair-snipped-too-short dilemmas, I was determined to find a solution to grow hair long at optimum speed…the natural way. grow hair long coconut oil

And even when I had burned much money trying various chemically induced ‘miracle products’ or solutions, and still at a dead end, I kept going.  I was so determined to find ‘the light’ to grow my hair long fast, that since I can’t find a solution, I MADE ONE!

My Grow Hair Long Fast Journey Begins Again…

I tirelessly TESTED, TRIED and APPROVED recipes of NATURAL ingredients to get my hair growing longer at DOUBLE the speed it did, and till today, my crowning glory is still healthy and looking great, even though it is a little bit above my shoulders 🙂

As I begin my grow hair long journey once again, every day is fun filled and I love most of all my ‘rest & relax’ (scalp massage) sessions…feels just great and so rejuvenating. 

Especially after a long day, I can feel it pumping the life back into my scalp and hair!  Then my whole self feels refreshed. And this works great to grow hair long faster.

I have even started growing some of these ’23 secret ingredients’ in pots in my little apartment and some herbs at my folks’ home garden.  I thought, as I’ll be using these ingredients for the long run, why not grow what I can?  Gardening keeps me fit, saves me some money and keeps our earth green.  The best part is I have some of these ‘hair accelerator secret ingredients’ right under my nose! 

Well, keep a look out. Along my grow hair long fast journey, I will be sharing LOTS OF info and some of my blissful, fun-filled, journey of discovery with YOU!


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