To Make Hair Grow Faster, I Style My Hair With Care

I trimmed my hair last week. My hair is below my shoulders at the sides and longer at the back – it is a little layered. My fringe is a little below my chin. And besides that , to make hair grow faster, I also try best to style my hair with to make hair grow fastercare.

To make hair grow faster or when you are growing out your hair, do you style your hair? What are the styles that you like? What hair accessories do you like to use? Do you use stuff like natural or DIY hair gel, spray or moist? 

How do you like to style your hair to make hair grow faster and not make it fall off?

Well, I do not style my hair a lot – just occasionally really – and when I do, it is basically a ‘natural’ or simple look or style. I try best to ‘style with care’. Because ‘over styling’ can stress your scalp and hair, damage your hair or cause your hair to fall. So I guess one way to make hair grow faster is to style your hair with care – if you need to style it.

I usually stick with a ‘wet look’. I moist or gel my fringe, then comb it to the back and clip or tie it in a ‘low ponytail’. Then I put on some light, natural colors make up.

For wet look, I prefer to use natural stuff like natural hair moist or spray / squirt that I make. If you see (left) picture, my hair spray / moist / light oil, is something I carry in a handy little pump bottle. My virgin coconut oil or some kind of oil is usually in the other small white squeeze bottle.

to make hair grow faster

to make hair grow faster






For hair gel, it is flax seed hair gel. You can see the picture (right) up here. Do you want to know how I make this? Just hop over to my flax seed picture recipes posts.

Remember though, using the right stuff on your scalp or hair can help to make hair grow faster. Otherwise, the wrong stuff (even natural ingredients) can cause skin or scalp irritations and problems. So you need to know about your skin sensitivities and if you have any allergies.

So yeah, to make hair grow faster, I style as naturally as possible – and with simple, ‘hair friendly’ accessories.

I have some of my ‘hair deco’ stuff in the picture – like my rubber bands, my hair clip, my hair bands and even my sunglasses. These are just an idea of what kind of hair stuff I use. Basically I like simple things and simple styles.

to make hair grow faster

Here are some of my hair accessories or ‘hair deco’ stuff. I have more, but these are the ones I usually use which I feel are ‘hair-friendly’.

Hair Clips

I forgot to include some simple, straight, flat hair clips – hhmm…how do I describe these?

These are straight clips I slide-on to my hair. Like when I comb my fringe to the side, I have a row of 5 clips (same things) to hold it there (when I do a wet look). Or to ‘hold my fringe and sides together’ to look neat when I do a wet look, and tie my hair behind.

Such simple straight clips are pretty versatile – I can clip them in different ways to make patterns on my hair.

Or for something more natural with ‘dry look’ – I use the brown ‘teeth clip’ (what are these clips called?) to clip the sides of my hair up to theto make hair grow faster back. This is a common style. Or I can twist my hair and clip it up with a ‘teeth clip’. There are many such clips and they come in many patterns and designs – very versatile and useful.  I also like them because they are not ‘harsh’ or too tight for my hair. In this picture is my ‘tooth clip’…or whatever you would call it 🙂

Then I have a ‘wide tooth comb’ clip that I slide up into my hair top hold it in place. I can slide my hair up at the sides – one clip on each side. Or use one of this clip to comb my fringe back and hold or clip it there. Do not clip too much hair or too tight till it is ‘tugging’ at your scalp – let it be ‘naturally loose’.


This is really simple to ‘style’ with. I just slide up my sunglasses (with my fringe, like a hair band) and leave it on my head. This I can say would be my most natural style.  So maybe you can match what you are wearing with the frame (color or pattern) of your sunglasses – but you will need a variety of sunglasses! Well, I have just this one and it is black – and black matches basically with anything 🙂  And…I like black!

Hair Bands

There are many kinds of hair bands these days – made of plastic, wires, cloth and a mix of this and that, with all sorts of ‘decorations’, designs and patterns on them like bows, buttons, ribbons, polka dots, etc.

I prefer simple ones. The ones you see are plain colored plastic ones. These I chose are not too tight for my head. You can see the black hair band has ‘teeth’ (to hold better) and the blue one has no ‘teeth’. So the blue one slips off quite easily. The black one although stays in place better, is not too tight for my head.

I also like hair bands made from cloth – like big ribbons, cloth ones that I can twist at the top of my head into a rose like shape. Cloth hair bands are good as they are ‘gentle’ on my hair and with least ‘friction’ or tangles – unlike twisted and wired ones.

I avoid using wired head bands. I feel wired ones pull my hair back too much, is too tight and ‘stretches’ my fringe back. I do not like the feel of it on my hair. I feel it ‘stresses’ my hair strands.  And at times, my hair strands get like tangled in the wires.

Rubber Bands

The rubber bands I use are ‘cloth rubber bands’ that easily ‘slides off’ my hair when I remove them – anyway, I do not tug at them to get them off my hair. And I do not pull or just harshly slide them off either. Some really ‘pure’ rubber bands are a pain to remove because they are like ‘stuck to’ my hair, causing lots of friction and get tangled.

I have to be really careful when I remove them or my hair will be pulled out as well. The friction is bad.

But I do not tie my hair with too many rubber bands at a time or do it too tight or with my hair ‘pulled away’ from my scalp too much. I would play around with the colors and patterns on the rubber bands to style my hair – usually just stick to one rubber band with a color that matches what I wear. I use thick bands too because these are easier to remove.

Anyway, so far, I have not ‘harm’ my hair with these. Just use the right ones and use with care.

Braids and Buns

These are the best and maybe most common ways to do for people who want to ‘protect’ their hair especially the hair ends. There are many ways to do braids and they can look lovely for special occasions – but I still prefer wet looks though or clipping up my hair (instead of making buns). I feel braids are pretty, but quite tedious to do. I would usually twist up my hair, hold this up with a clip. As for buns…honestly, I do not remember ‘bun-ning up’ my hair at all 🙂

Hair Extensions & Wigs

Though I have never tried these, I can see they look fantastic – wigs make nice fashion statements too. One fantastic thing about wigs are they can change your look in an instant!

I have seen a friend of mine in a really natural looking wig (hair of the wig) and she looked stunning (at a party). Her wig is expensive though – maybe it was natural hair wig or something very close to that. And it looked like it was a custom-made wig. She said it’s expensive…

Otherwise, hair extensions look great too – they give pretty natural looking length. Some with the right colors, give a beautiful highlight or sheen to your hair. So if you have it in your budget, do go for these hair stuff – the more natural looking ones, the better.

Well, those are some ways I style my hair – I avoid any style to do with having to blow my hair to style it. And I avoid using ‘unnatural’ hair products to style my hair. I would just stick to simple, easy styles or something natural.

For more special occasions (mostly evening and night occasions), I do wet looks, with simple hair styles using simple and shiny like silver or black hair accessories, with light make up. At times I may also braid my hair.

To make hair grow faster and not fall due to ‘over styling’ – those are some of my ways. Have you any ideas to share too?

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