Best Hairbrush for Hair Growth

But wait a minute…i am wondering if there really is a best hairbrush for hair growth that is healthy and that stimulates my scalp?

And brushing your hair is something you do every day, but have you ever wondered what actually happens when you brush your hair?

It is said brushing with the right or best hairbrush, the right way, helps scalp stimulation for healthy hair growth…

Grow Hair Long Fast using Good Hairbrush

Brushing helps your hair growth

Brushing our hair with hairbrushes help to remove tangles and knots, and smooths out our hair to make us look neat, clean and good.  Furthermore, this simple action or routine of brushing from the roots (scalp) to the ends of your hair removes dead skin cells and dirt, and flatten the cuticles, thus reflecting light. 

In essence, a good brushing not only untangles, but makes your mane shine!

That happens because brushing gets the natural oils (or whatever oil you’re using on your locks) from your scalp, evenly all over your hair, while not hurting your scalp.

That said, if you’re brushing your scalp/hair with metal bristles, it could feel a little pokey on your scalp.

But most of the time, rounded bristles, or boar bristles or like the one you see in the picture up there, feels way better 🙂

Naturally, all that ‘hair activity’, helps hair growth.

Brushing too, as a form of massage, stimulates blood circulation to the hair follicles or roots which promotes healthy scalp and hair growth.  This eventually helps to grow hair long fast at optimum speed.

Best Hairbrush for Hair Growth

What are hair bristles made of?

Hairbrushes are made of bristles. Then bristles are sometimes called quills or pins, generally from plastic, nylon or wire. Some may also be natural boar or hog bristles.

These bristles are embedded in a wooden, plastic or rubber ‘base’ and set in tufts or rows. 

When brushing, as the bristles untangle the hair, they also ‘collect’ loose or shed hair in the grooves between the rows of bristles.

The wider the spacing in between the tufts or rows of bristles, the easier the brush combs through the hair.

The easier the bristles or brush glides through the hair, the less friction, the less hair sheds, the more evenly natural oils are distributed over the hair, the healthier the scalp and hair gets, the better to get hair to grow long faster.

Now that we know more of what actually happens when we brush our hair, and how it can help fast hair growth, which hairbrush do we pick?

What does it mean by ‘best hairbrush’ for hair growth?

Tips for Picking a Great Hairbrush

How much thought have you given when choosing a hairbrush?

Way back before I immersed myself into this whole ‘hair project’ thing…not much really! :-/

Before I discovered ‘healthy scalp & hair secrets’, I brushed with a totally plastic brush or sometimes used my mum’s flat plastic comb.

After a shower, I would be tugging at my wet hair to untangle the knots.

Tips for Picking a Great Hairbrush

Or sometimes when I combed my dry hair, I see my ‘fly-away-hair-syndrome’.

Then after days or even weeks of looking around, just when I thought I had picked an awesome hairbrush, the handle or bristles fall apart after about 3 weeks!

I have learned from my frustrations that a good hair brush is an investment.

When I use the right hairbrush and brush my hair the right way, eventually not only this helps grow hair long faster, but I get the best out of my hair texture and style. 

Therefore, I use different types of hairbrushes to help my hair growth (and protect my scalp)

Anyway, before I go into more hairbrush and bristles details, let’s take a look at the basics of the best hair brushes

Here ya go…

Is it ‘made to last’? – Quality Construction

This may sound ‘exaggerated’ but like I said, it makes me upset to finally find the hair brush I like, to ‘fall apart’ after three weeks.

A friendly advice – the price may or may not determine the quality.  So do remember this when you compare prices.

The hairbrush may look good, but it may also fall apart in 3 weeks! 😛

Durable or quality hairbrushes will last and hold up over time to help grow hair long. 

Tips for Picking a Great Hairbrush

From my experiences, I find hairbrushes with solid wooden heads or handles tend to last longer. This is important to last your grow hair long fast journey.

Gentle on your hair

The best hairbrush for hair growth also ‘takes care’ of your hair.

It is gentle on your scalp and hair to help your hair grow healthily.  Hairbrushes with natural boar bristles are fantastic because it not only evens out the knots, but glides smoothly and distributes natural hair oil evenly over your scalp and hair, giving your hair the healthy shine. 

And if you come across a mixture of nylon and natural boar bristles hair brush, it works well too.


Many times (though not necessarily all the time), something great comes with a premium price too.

So you may want to ‘forget about’ the price when looking for a great hairbrush that works wonders and brings out the best in your hair, yet lasts for years (as your grow hair long fast journey).

Best Hairbrush for Hair Growth - Handy Tips!

But do look out – sometimes the same great hairbrush comes with a big discount during a sale.  So grab it when that happens!

Grip, Ease of use, Shape

Have you ever picked up a hair brush that feels good to hold in your hand, but when you start to twirl, shape and style your hair with it, the grip feels awkward and uncomfortable?

At times, this can be quite frustrating too? 

Well, the best hair brushes have handles that move and style easily. You actually enjoy and feel good styling your hair rather than ‘battling’ with your hair.

The hair brush is not too short that your hand gets burned by the dryer, or too slippery and drops!

Yet not too wide or skinny for your hand to have a steady grip 😉

Did I make sense?

So, do have a good feel of the handle before actually taking it home!

Now, I found this (according to user reviews) wonderful hairbrush from This hairbrush looks fantastic and solid. 

This is a natural boar bristle hairbrush that works great especially for thinning hair, as compared to typical bristle brushes. Look at the picture…and if you want to check the reviews, click the link beside it…

hammer exclsv hairbrush






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