How to make hair grow faster with the wonders of kelp

Have you heard that taking kelp and seaweed helps in the process of how to make hair grow faster naturally? Or some may say kelp is good for healthy, faster hair growth.

I was getting my ‘iced caffeine boost’ yesterday morning (yep, when the weather is warm, I sometimes drink iced coffee for breakfast, with food), while reading stuff on my laptop. I was doing some research and came across an article about kelp – how it stimulates skin and HAIR cells.


Grow Out Your Hair Fast Healthily Video, Scalp Massage Tips

Grow Out Your Hair Fast Healthily

Today it’s April Fools’ Day! But hey…this grow out your hair fast with handy scalp massage tips here are REAL.


How To Grow Hair Faster Video – Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

How To Grow Hair Faster – My Way of Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Let’s enjoy this video on how to grow hair faster naturally using coconut oil – step by step…

Step by step on how to grow hair faster by oiling my hair with coconut oil…


How To Make Hair Grow Longer and Healthily With Coconut Oil

In this video, I would like to share with you – the goodness or benefits of coconut oil. Not only for how to make hair grow longer and healthily but how it works great for us – ‘top-to-toe’ and inside-out.

My point – because coconut oil can replace a buffet of hair and skin products while being a great supplement, food and cooking oil – this truly saves me a TON of money.


Grow Hair Faster Video – Coconut Oil & Scalp Massage

Grow Hair Faster Video Demo

I have a special guest on my site to share her grow hair faster story and demo video – someone who is near and dear to my heart. She is my beloved sister, Mae 🙂

She had not done any video stuff all her life OK, but she did this, her first video ever for this site. I am very happy to show you her ‘hair care demo’ video.

Mae’s Grow Hair Faster Story

Like many of us (myself included), Mae had mild hair thinning or hair loss. She also had dry hair and sometimes her scalp itched.


Make Hair Grow Faster – Caring For Children’s Hair Naturally

Make Hair Grow Faster – Caring For My Girl’s Hair

How fast does hair grow? To make hair grow faster, healthily and care for hair, are home remedies the best for kids?

If I said ‘no’ – I would be talking nonsense.

Hey I’m a mum too and love my kids. Not a ‘perfect’ mum, but I do my best to give them the best.

Make Hair Grow Faster For Kids

Children’s hair is generally healthy. So their locks would be growing healthily. I notice like my girl’s hair grows really fast (back when I had mild hair loss and slow growing hair).


Grow Long Hair Naturally – Do I Go To A Hair Salon?

I was thinking about washing my hair and thought hey Cindy, since it has been a long time, why not go ‘pamper myself’ a little bit – go to a salon to get my hair trimmed (New Year’s coming!), wash my hair and get my scalp massaged. To grow long hair naturally, yup, I do go to a salon once in blue moon.

grow long hair naturally

Oil Hair Treatment

Do you swim often? If you do, do you often swim in a swimming pool? I remember when I took my hair for granted and spent 1-2 hours in the swimming pool 3-4 times a week, my hair got dry, fizzy and I had to literally tug at my hair to get the knots and tangles out. But NOT anymore. Since I realized how chlorine can really dry up my hair, I do my own oil hair treatment – before & after I have fun in a pool of chlorinated water.oil hair treatment Read More...

grow long hair quick be positive


Faster Hair Growth

If you have read all about fast hair growth stuff on the Net, you may already know some of these hair myths. Other than the myth about hair being able to grow like an inch in a week (this is definitely false) or ‘almost overnight’, there are other faster hair growth myths to dispel and then learn about the REAL stuff that can help with faster hair growth.

But bear in mind that hair growth depends on many factors (as I have repeatedly shared on my site) and I’m sharing a bit of it here.


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