Oil In Your Hair – On The Beach & At Home

Do you like going to the beach? Or having fun in the sun? And when you do, do you ‘protect’ your hair and skin while you have a good time in the heat? Do you use oil in your hair? Well, for skin I use sunscreen lotion, then I use oil in my hair – like ‘spray’ or moist my hair.

As I shared, I carry my little pump bottle of hair spray (an essential oil I like mixed with water) and use as a spray or moisturizer whenever I need.  Yup, it is important to have a little oil in your hair like a sunscreen for your hair.


To Make Hair Grow Faster, I Style My Hair With Care

I trimmed my hair last week. My hair is below my shoulders at the sides and longer at the back – it is a little layered. My fringe is a little below my chin. And besides that , to make hair grow faster, I also try best to style my hair with to make hair grow fastercare.


How To Grow Your Hair Faster The Natural Way

I had a chat with some friends and we basically talked about questions and concerns about ‘how to grow your hair faster’ – and like ‘what is my secret to healthy scalp, healthy hair’. For easier reading, I thought of doing this post in a ‘Q&A’ style.how to grow your hair faster Read More...

Oil For Hair Growth – What Is My Favorite Oil?

I have been and still, am regularly exploring simple natural ingredients (as well as oil for hair growth) for my hair recipes. There are many natural ingredients out there to suit many scalp and hair types and conditions. What I like most though are what I feel are the easiest to get or find, as well as can even be used on its own – as a single ingredient to for example, do my scalp massage. Fuss free, simple, works great – period.


How To Grow Hair Faster – Is There  A Best Way To Wash Your Hair?

A friend actually asked me if there is a ‘best way’ to wash her hair or if salons do it better – come to think of it is there really a ‘best way’? I know how ‘regular’ hair salons do it, how ‘exclusive’ hair salons do it and what/how my hair specialist advised and did my sessions (before my own hair journey). And there are lots of info out there when you ‘google’, for example. So how to grow hair faster by washing the right way?

With all those experiences, I actually found ‘My Way’.


Sesame Oil For Hair Restores Scalp To Grow Hair Longer Fast

Have you started trying out my ‘hair grow longer’ sesame oil for hair recipes – which I shared in my previous sesame oil for hair post? While you do that, here is more information about the goodness or benefits of this simple oil for your hair.

According to Wikipedia, sesame oil is also known as gingelly oil or til oil. Sesame oil is an edible vegetable oil that comes from sesame seeds.


How Can I Make My Hair Grow Faster – Sesame Oil Works?

This question – how can I make my hair grow faster – is something I used to ask myself many times and recently, a lady shared with me how using sesame oil had been working to give her healthy hair. Her scalp had even stopped itching and her hair is now less dry.

It is great news from her and I am as delighted to hear that she found that sesame oil did wonders for her hair. Incidentally, sesame oil is something I do use, occasionally.


Home Remedies For Hair Growth Using Avocado Fruit Step-by-Step

I have talked about Avocado – the fruit and the oil – and how to use avocado oil as home remedies for hair growth. Now let us go step-by-step on how a simple fruit like avocado can be used for our hair for like a conditioning treatment.

Meantime, what are the 10 steps for this home remedies for hair growth?

home remedies for hair growth

Flaxseed Hair Gel Picture Recipe

You have seen the ‘hot way’ of making your own flaxseed hair gel in my post, before this one. So, here is how I do it by soaking the flaxseeds to make hair gel. But I have to say, although I can do this, I really prefer the ‘hot way or boiled way’ of making flaxseed hair gel. This is because I find that sometimes, after soaking for hours, I find there is a strange smell.


Make your own flax seed hair gel while you grow hair long fast…

This hair gel is mostly used for wavy or curly hair, but guess what, I have straight hair and I like flax seed hair gel too! Of course, I do not use this gel to define my curls but I do find this gel very handy for doing my wet looks. Whenever I need to style like for a special dinner or something, natural fringe-combed-back’ wet look is really easy to do and good to go just as it is – or I can just stick a pretty hair band up my head.


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