How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster – DeStress, Rest & Relax

Can you make your hair grow faster if you are stressed out most of the time? No, your hair can’t grow faster or slower when you are constantly under stress because… your hair will fall off! Read More...

How To Make Hair Grow Faster

As I have shared, at one time, I had often asked this question – how to make hair grow faster cheaply, effectively and naturally? With lasting results?

And then after picking myself up from being  miserable, desperate and with the biggest hole in my wallet, I was committed to find my own natural solution, from simple ingredients I can find at the grocery store.


Grow Long Hair Fast, Be Positive

Be Positive!

Here are more ways to be positive and upbeat while you take on your grow long hair fast journey…


Doing What Makes Me Happy to Grow Long Hair Fast

Well, what do I enjoy doing?…while I walk my grow long hair fast path?grow long hair fast cindy Read More...

Grow Long Hair Fast, Stay Positive

Grow Long Hair Fast, Stay Positive

I talked about how miserable I felt when my hair was cut too short and then shedding like 50 strands every day? It was also painful waiting yet not really knowing if whatever hair products or specialist hair treatments I was using would surely grow long hair fast.

I recall imagining myself turning bald and how ugly I could become one fine day. I really should have been more upbeat and positive.


Grow Hair Long with Honey!

Grow Hair Long Fast with Honey

Hi Honey! And oh,’honey’ here means the honey from bees! Let’s recap, I have shared some on grow hair long with avocado oil, coconut oil and now it’s grow hair long using honey – not organic, manuka, special wildflower honey, just my regular honey I can buy from my local grocery store. Yes, I have tried and am still using honey, which is one of my favourite stuff, on my hair.


Grow Hair Long – more on Coconut Oil

Grow Hair Long – more on Coconut Oilgrow hair long coconut oil

Hi again! I want to continue from where I stopped the last time on my grow hair long journey with coconut oil. 

It was said that coconut oil is good for one’s overall health, skin and hair.


How To Grow Your Hair Long Fast Coconut Oil

How To Grow Your Hair Long Fast with Coconut Oil

So far in my grow hair long journey, I have told you about how to grow your hair long fast with avocado oil. Now how about coconut oil?

From what I’ve heard and read about using coconut oil to grow hair long, one of the most common things that most people find unbearable about coconut oil is its overbearaing smell.  When I heard about how it might smell on my hair (though I’ve not actually tried it), I was thinking should I? Or shouldn’t I?  I remembered the smell was not at all pleasant when they passed by me.


Grow Hair Long with Avocado Oil

Grow Hair Long with Avocado Oil

As I have shared, I had gotten my hair cut. I got it cut to a little above my shoulders. I am not desperate (read About Me) though or sad, because I have discovered how to grow hair long fast ALL naturally.grow hair long avocado

So I will be sharing snippets of my grow hair long journey as I go along. Hope this adds more tips to your journey as well.


Grow Hair Long Fast – Snipped My Hair!

Grow Hair Long Fast – Snipped My Hair!

My below shoulder length hair got snipped to above my shoulders! OUCH! And again, it had taken me ages to even reach my shoulders.

To add fuel to fire, I had been gently and politely advised to keep my hair shorter because it was pretty dry and had split ends anyway…

I would have been so depressed…especially when I had a special dinner or function to attend.


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