Make Hair Grow Faster

using ONLY Natural Ingredients

you can find in your kitchen

 -Chemical FREE-

 A little about my make hair grow faster journey…

I am a 40 plus year old mum with 2 kids

I do not know about you, but for me, as far back as I can remember, bad hair was every day!

Growing up, I had what you could call a “perfect storm” of hair treatment problems. I was not born with ‘perfect’ hair genes.

Every morning I’d wake up to find my hair in tangles and knots.

I struggle with styling and ‘fixing’ my hair in place. I really hated using stuff like hair styling mousse or hair styling gel – but had to.

My hair was dry, fizzy and my hair often had the ‘flyaway syndrome’. This is worse after a swim. I love the pool and swimming but hate what it does to my hair.

Even after conditioning, my hair still suck. I get fed up sometimes, trying to ‘fix’ my hair if I have something special on.

Have I tried to make hair grow faster? 

Sure. If you mean make hair grow faster until ALMOST reaching my shoulders – yep. That is where it ends!

My hair NEVER got past my shoulders because they split and I cut it off 🙁

My hair was also slow growing, so if I cut too much of it off, I’d be stuck with a short, tomboyish like hair. Then it takes about a year to reach just below my shoulders.

Like I said, by then, my hair would be splitting and some breaking off (when I comb).

Make Hair Grow Faster Frustration…

I felt miserable that day when (again!) the stylist snipped my hair too short…

Hair Stylist said, “Your hair feels dry. Better leave it short. So it’ll be easier to manage” – I’ve heard this before!

I asked the Senior stylist. And she said. “Grow it out, dear”.

I have heard enough. Had enough.

Make Hair Grow Faster  using only Natural Ingredients

Search, trial & error to make hair grow faster…naturally

I know they say hair grows half inch a month. Not for me. And mine splits. This got worse, because towards my late 30s – my hair started to thin…NOW I got really miserable and desperate.

Cut story short – I started ‘throwing’ money trying one hair product after another – many are filled with chemicals. I think I must have tried everything!

What about ‘real deals’? Sure, if you don’t mind paying hundreds – some of these still have chemicals – it really is not all that natural. The most popular harmful ingredient is SLS – expensive brands of baby and kids shampoos and conditioners, with ‘All Natural’ labels – have SLS.

Then I started breaking the bank to get hair salon treatments and specialist one-to-one consultations.

From my consultations, I learned that I had been abusing my scalp and hair terribly. My poor diet, fast paced and highly stressful work and daily life made things worse. So hair thinning began…

At one point, I thought I was going bald  🙁

One day, I took out my ‘make hair grow faster bills’. Hit the numbers on my little pocket calculator.

At last, I was staring at $2,241 in a year! The treatment & consultations at the ‘special’ salon was the bulk of it.

make hair grow fast

I can’t keep burning my wallet…

I felt there must be a cheaper and possibly DIY natural solution.

From being miserable and knowing nuts about the science, theory and practical stuff about scalp and hair care and hair growth, I eventually became ‘An Expert’ in my own rights 😀

What did I do then to make hair grow faster?

With sheer commitment, discipline, planning, loving care to my scalp and hair, and with much patience and perseverance, I kept on dabbling with all sorts of natural ingredients, looking for a 100% all natural, lasting and most importantly…much cheaper solution.

Not everything worked.

Slowly, patiently, through TONS of trial and error, I found out what worked, what didn’t work.

I also found out there is really no ‘rule of thumb’ for ‘how to do this’ and no truly ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Yep, this is also WHY one-on-one consultations matter – something I also learned from my own expensive experiences.


What did I do then to make hair grow faster?

This is WHY I want to give personal email support.

Because we all are different and we have our own unique scalp conditions, hair texture, daily routines, lifestyles and diet! All plays a part. Period.

And I kid you not…ALL that must come with my commitment, discipline or time management, loving care for my scalp and hair and patience. And if you’re above 40, like me, it could take more ‘work’.

My all natural hair care recipes truly compliments all that. Not only are they all great for the health of my scalp and hair – my recipes are flexible to fit my ‘colorful’ mood swings and sometimes roller coaster routines.

Through it all, my recipes work to give me results I am happy with!

And they are CHEAP.

make hair grow fast

how to make hair grow faster


make hair grow faster
Is that all? Nope

Kids have fun too! 😀

My kids have a heck of a fun time squishing flax seed ‘slime hair gel’, squeezing aloe vera gel out of its leaf, mashing avocados and squirting lime juice at me! Actually, lots more…

And natural stuff in the bath gives healthy fun – and it’s OK to swallow some natural shampoo 😉

I did my own easy to use notes.

I compiled the ‘foundational’ 23 natural ingredients. From these,  I mix and match them to suit my different feelings and moods when I do my hair care routines. In fact, sometimes, especially in a rush, I can just use one simple ingredient and it works great!

Importantly, scalp massage works great too!

My secret simple all natural ingredients, recipes and daily scalp care armed with commitment, discipline, loving my scalp and hair, and being patient, has given me a healthy scalp to make hair grow faster – at its naturally fastest speed!

I am happy to see baby hairs (these are new hair growth) growing out regularly and see my hair grow month by month. My little ‘thinning line or patch’ is also gone. Hair way below shoulder length and no split ends, still growing – even with regular swimming!

Yet “so many women are paying through their nose…”

Can you imagine putting 2,000 bucks back in your wallet?

By the way, I was making my hair recipes for relatives, friends. Most worked great. They wanted more.

You deserve to run your fingers through healthy, beautiful hair.  And be adored, make heads turn and make men stare at you while walking into poles!

But since I don’t have the time to keep making or doing for others – Why not teach others to do this?

All natural, 100% chemical free, steeply cheaper solution to make hair grow faster.

You can do this too!make hair grow fast

Take action TODAY and be consistent

To know more about how you too can make hair grow faster all naturally, with zero chemicals and slash your expenses –  read my articles and blogs or get my step-by-step Hair Growth Accelerator System TODAY!


To healthy scalp & hair,

Cindy – Hair Bliss Secrets


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