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If you have read all about fast hair growth stuff on the Net, you may already know some of these hair myths. Other than the myth about hair being able to grow like an inch in a week (this is definitely false) or ‘almost overnight’, there are other faster hair growth myths to dispel and then learn about the REAL stuff that can help with faster hair growth.

But bear in mind that hair growth depends on many factors (as I have repeatedly shared on my site) and I’m sharing a bit of it here.

Okay, let’s look at some faster hair growth Myths:

Myth 1 – Trimming my hair makes it grow longer faster?

Nope. You see, your follicles (means, health of your scalp) determine the speed and how healthy your hair is or grows – not your hair ends. But trimming away split ends make your mane look healthy. And if you do have split ends, you would want to trim them off.

Otherwise, they would ‘split all the way up’ or become brittle or break, which is not what I want. And I don’t like how split ends are – my hair looks thin, unhealthy and like ‘off-color’ too. Fyi too, hair with split ends tend to grow out slower – ‘stunted growth’.

Anyway, I don’t have split ends now. My hair texture is smooth and easily manageable, and I’m able to retain my hair much better. So although I trim my hair like once in about 2 months, it is not to cut off split ends. I go for trims to get my hair ‘back in shape’ or so the layers look ‘neater and nicer’.

Myth 2 – Cold or ice water rinse retains your hair (meaning, less hair fall) & makes it look shiny

I’ll be honest – I’m not 110% sure about this BUT there are many who say they have experienced less hair fall when they ‘ice water’ or ‘cold water’ rinse their hair. Even some hairstylists say this – in fact I did ask the hair salon and the stylists thought the same. Well, the logic behind this is – ice or cold water shrinks our pores (follicles) and so hair doesn’t fall easily – simple picture, imagine the pores ‘tightening’ your hair to your scalp ๐Ÿ˜‰

On the other hand – warm or hot water opens skin pores (on scalp), hence ‘loosening’ and causing hair to fall or hair falls ‘easily’. Do you get the picture?

So maybe the logic about ice water retaining hair is true?

As for making hair more shiny…well, hair is dead. I mean, do you feel pain when your hair is cut? No right…so chemists say hair can’t react to cold or hot stuff. But using conditioners, sprays or moisturizers or such natural ingredients help give your hair that healthy shine or glow.

And keeping your hair away from hot, dry air like blow dryers or ‘hot tools’ or things like hair straighteners minimizes damage to your hair.

From my ‘cold or warm water hair rinse’ experiences – not much difference really, if you talk about rinsing hair and cold water keeps my hair ‘tightened to my scalp’. It would’ve been good though, if it worked on me and would’ve been another option to ‘save my hair’ from thinning. I would be delighted ๐Ÿ™‚

For me, scalp massage – how I did it, the frequency and what I used made the difference. Even now, when I’m consistent, it’s less or normal hair fall (it is really natural to lose some hair). And I have baby hairs growing out.

But when I slacked in my routines – in like 2 weeks, I will see my hair falling more than usual. My baby hairs are still there and growing out, but my hair would be falling more than usual. So overall, I know if this continues, my hair gets thinner, although it’s still growing. But I want to retain my hair too. So I would then ‘get back on track’ with my routines.

I must get back on track – otherwise if I keep slacking my hair routines, my hair not only keeps falling more, but it also may not grow at its healthiest, best speed.

Anyway, bottom line for faster hair growth – take good care in all ‘relevant factors’ of your scalp and hair every day or regularly.

Myth 3 – Keep brushing your hair like 100 strokes per day!


Honestly, I heard something along the same lines from my grandma. And my sister-in-law said the same thing – just 2 months ago!

Well, my two-cents on this would be yeah, stroking or brushing my hair (or rather scalp) is form of good massage (as you have seen my paddle brush in my previous blog post). And especially when I’m just sitting down reading stuff online – this is a very convenient way to massage my scalp. And gets my natural oils to ‘spread evenly’ on my scalp to keep it moisturized.

But 100 strokes? Every day? Hhmm…I would think that is overdoing it and will instead cause friction that damages my hair.

And I always feel too much of a good or even best thing, at the end of the day, can be bad or do more harm than good.

And this also really depends on your kind of hair. How much brushing can you hair take? What kind of paddle brush and bristles are you using? What is your hair exposed to every day?

So to be honest – nope, I guess most of us would not need to brush our hair or scalp 100 strokes every day. And is there an exact number? No either. Because this really depends…on those questions up there. But basically, brushing or combing (with a wide tooth comb) to remove tangles and smoothen out hair is necessary. And sometimes, massage your scalp – to do this, fingertips are still your best bet! ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

Myth 4 – You CAN repair split ends!

Before you jump with delight and joy…FALSEfaster hair growth myths

You cannot ‘patch up’ or ‘repair’ split ends.

The one and only way to get rid of split ends is to CUT it with a pair of good scissors (yup, use the right scissors). Period.

And yes, you can cut off your split ends at home – again, use a good scissors. Blunt ones can make your split ends worse.

Myth 5 – Shampooing and washing your hair every day ‘spoils’ & dries your hair

NO. The important thing here is to use a good shampoo – rather, the shampoo that best suits your hair.

As you know, I’m a lover of make-my-own ‘hair potions’. So I do wash my hair every day – and it’s doing fine. And this reminds me of a related myth – it is OK to change hair potions – as long as the potion does not damage and is not ‘harsh’ on your hair. That said, if you like the same stuff, it is also OK to stick with it! ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

Know your hair type and use ‘hair potions’ or stuff best suited to your hair.

And if you use the best suited one – this is good for your scalp and hair. Or if you’re still concern, you can just like ‘light-wash’ your hair using just water OR just condition your hair, massage your scalp, and rinse off. Fyi, scalp massage, other than for blood circulation up to your scalp, it also removes dirt and dead skin cells.

Another related point – is the conditioner ‘effective’ since you’re rinsing it off?

YES, it is. You can actually feel the ‘layer’ of moist that still protects your hair and keep it moisturized. And you can see that shine on your hair too.

Myth 6 – Natural Products (as labelled) you see in shops, are ALL natural

NOPE. I know this for sure because even hair or soap stuff I see in health shops or pharmacies – although labelled “All Natural” – to my dismay, has chemicals. The most common one being Sodium Laureth Sulfate. According to Wikipedia, SLS is a ‘detergent and surfactant’.ย Imagine, detergent…on my scalp & hair? Even in baby shampoo!

BEING A MOTHER – for the best and safety for my kids – I’ve turned into a lover of all natural make-it-myself hair products.

Another thing here – stuff you get from hair salons (especially specialist hair salons) are relatively better quality than what is sold in regular shops or marts. It is better quality in terms of better ingredients to moisturize and care for your hair. BUT most of the time, these products do have some chemicals as well. And you pay bit more for salon stuff.

Well, there you go! Some myths and ‘related myths’ you can ‘chew on’…

Hope all that info also, kind of gives you an idea about what factors affect faster hair growth, in general. Still bottom line – caring for your scalp and hair in your every day hair routines and lifestyle as well as diet, helps. And remember to stay positive and SMILE!


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