Grow Hair Faster Video – Coconut Oil & Scalp Massage

Grow Hair Faster Video Demo

I have a special guest on my site to share her grow hair faster story and demo video – someone who is near and dear to my heart. She is my beloved sister, Mae 🙂

She had not done any video stuff all her life OK, but she did this, her first video ever for this site. I am very happy to show you her ‘hair care demo’ video.

Mae’s Grow Hair Faster Story

Like many of us (myself included), Mae had mild hair thinning or hair loss. She also had dry hair and sometimes her scalp itched.

Short story – frustrated and desperate, she grabbed any ‘magic grow hair faster’ potion, tools and product she could find. After wasting hundreds of dollars, lots of effort and time as well as going through lots of heartache
– she paid heavily to get ‘proper, expensive’ salon hair treatment.

That kind of worked but not great, still she kept paying.

Hey, in spite of paying these consultants and the salon 2-3 thousand, I could see she still had to do lots of scalp massage at home – day & night.

That was not a permanent solution – she kept paying until she didn’t want to pay like this no more.

She still wanted to keep on her grow hair faster journey and stop hair thinning.

So she had begun using natural hair recipes and does her scalp massages religiously – every single day.

This is a video she would like to share with you.

Mae is a busy lady, so this demo is something she does when short of time. When she wants a quick one like before rushing off to work, this is a scalp and hair care routine she can do, and sometimes leave on overnight.

This works to care for her scalp to grow hair faster. Her scalp has stopped itching and her hair fall is normal (we do drop some hair regularly and it is normal) and she can see baby hairs growing out. Her hair is softer too and no more flakes.

Here is Mae’s Grow Hair Faster using Coconut Oil & Scalp Massage Video Transcription:

This is Country Farm’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – Not promoting Country Farm! It’s just what she uses. ‘Regular’ coconut oil works too 🙂

Next what I will do is I will just pour one teaspoon of oil and I will put this on a small plate. 

One teaspoon is actually very sufficient for my length of hair

Now I will dab a few fingertips onto the oil

And what I will do is I will apply this onto my scalp. Then continue for the other areas of your scalp. Once we have covered the right and left sides of our scalp, the next thing is again, you dab your fingers onto the oil.

Then I will rub the oil like this on my fingertips to spread the oil evenly and I will glide my fingers through my hair.

If you feel you need more oil, you can dab more. But I would suggest that if you are doing this for the first time, you may not want to ‘over-oil’ your hair. Because you may find your hair too oily as coconut oil by itself is very oily.

Now let’s do a quick massage for your scalp. What I will do is use my finger tips, press them onto the left and right sides of my scalp. Then just hold them there, apply a little pressure on your scalp. Hold it there for like 10-15 seconds. Then do the same thing for the front and back of your scalp (see video). Do this whole process twice – or more, up to you.grow hair faster Mae Video

Basically, for a quick one, that is about it.

Now if you have more time to spare or you happen to be home for the day or so, what I would do is I will put a shower cap over my hair for like 20-30 minutes, like a very simple, regular oil hair treatment.

After that you can just rinse and shampoo your hair as usual.

I hope that helps.

One thing, sometimes at night I would apply oil to the middle area of my scalp, before I go to sleep. This does not give any smell and you can leave this in until the next day – and for the whole day (if you are at home), then wash as usual.

Thank you and Bye!

Grow Hair Faster – Helpful Tips

That was a really quick yet effective grow hair faster routine which I myself do when in a rush.

In fact, I carry a small pump bottle of coconut oil in my bag sometimes. If I feel my hair needs a boost during mid-afternoon, I will just find a restroom (or a changing room in a shopping mall) and do that.

I find this a really convenient thing to do to care for my scalp and hair when I am ‘on the go’ especially.

If I want this even more ‘simplified’ – just do scalp massage – this works too 😉

With or without oil, scalp massage by itself works great too!

And then you know what, other than scalp care to grow hair faster…after gliding your hair with oil, rub your hands together. Coconut oil is great for skin too!

Can you also use this oil for kids’ hair (if it’s dry or needs moisture)? Yes, definitely. Just glide onto hair. Kids may not like you kneading and pressing their heads…

Hope that helps


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