Grow Long Hair Naturally – Do I Go To A Hair Salon?

I was thinking about washing my hair and thought hey Cindy, since it has been a long time, why not go ‘pamper myself’ a little bit – go to a salon to get my hair trimmed (New Year’s coming!), wash my hair and get my scalp massaged. To grow long hair naturally, yup, I do go to a salon once in blue moon.

grow long hair naturally

grow long hair naturally






Do you go to a hair salon too sometimes? And since it’s about ‘grow long hair naturally’, do you bring along your DIY or own hair stuff or ingredients to the salon?

The salon I went to last weekend was a unisex hair salon. This salon is just 3 minutes drive from my apartment block.

I usually trim my hair here, that’s it.

I have not trimmed for about 6 months. I don’t have split ends nowadays so it’s OK to get trimmed like once in 6-8 months. I trim just so that my hair looks neat and my layers look ‘nicely done or styled’. I usually trim off 1 cm.

In case you’re wondering if trimming your hair helps to grow long hair naturally faster – nope, it does not. It’s good to get your split ends cut off. Otherwise, they split ‘all the way up’ and can make hair brittle. My hair used to break easily because of terrible dry, split ends.

So to grow long hair naturally faster – getting your split ends cut off helps to retain or keep your length – NOT grow long hair naturally faster. And your hair looks healthier and neater too.

To grow long hair naturally – it all happens at or from the root. Not the ends.

But I can try best to keep my hair, retain my length and keep my scalp (roots) and hair healthy – this helps grow long hair naturally, at its healthiest, fastest speed. Or in other words, no slow growing hair, stunted hair growth or losing hair.

Back to ‘grow long hair naturally’ at a regular salon…

I also do my scalp massage and hair wash here like once or twice a year – I do these at home most of the time. I did a post about how I do it at home. Thought I’ll also share about how a regular salon over here does it…

Just a note here:

I usually ‘plan’ to go the salon the next day. So the night before, I would usually wash my hair as usual, apply oil on my scalp and massage. Then leave oil in my hair till next day. Then I go to the salon before noon. Salon opens around 10am.

    • My hair is comb and ‘smoothed out’ using a wide tooth comb, then a ventilated hair brush.
    • Water is sprayed on my hair and a dollop of shampoo is applied. I can bring my own DIY shampoo here too. Or if I want her to add a bit of oil or honey, I can just bring along and she’ll add this in.
    • Then during shampooing part, she massages my scalp. Look at the picture. She massages from below, back of my neck, moving upwards to my scalp and to the top of my scalp using her finger tips.

grow long hair faster naturally

grow long hair naturally






    • Then if I want, I can also get my neck (back) and shoulders blade (upper shoulders, back) massaged.
    • After all that, it’s time to rinse my hair. We go behind where there are 2 ‘long black chairs’ – as you can see in the picture. At one end is a sink attached to the headrest of the chair. So I rest my head there while she rinses my hair.grow long hair faster naturally
    • During rinsing part, I can also bring along my own DIY conditioner, oil or honey – whatever you like – and she’ll use it to condition my hair. Then rinse again. She uses lukewarm water.
    • Then she dabs my hair with a soft towel. Avoid rubbing or tugging at hair. Then she ‘combs out’ my hair using a wide tooth comb, then a ventilated hair brush.
    • Then I get my hair trimmed. Then I rub bit of oil on my palms and apply it to my hair ends. And that’s about it. My hair looks and feels good, and I feel refreshed too after that massage.

Another bit, I do not blow dry my hair. No hot hair dryers for me as far as I can help it. Or perms, or hot curls or stuff like that. I leave the salon with my hair almost dry (by the time I finish getting it trimmed).

My girl (left picture) also gets her hair trimmed as school holidays are almost over.


grow long hair naturally

grow long hair naturally






My little guy on the other hand, gets his hair cut at an Indian barber – you can see what this is in the right picture. Only men get their hair cut here.

So there’s a bit of pampering for me with minimum cost.

And that process in the salon + my DIY or natural hair ingredients that I bring along to use – in its own way helps grow long hair naturally.

Ever since I discovered my DIY hair recipes that could give me healthy scalp and healthy hair growth (at its naturally best speed), I stopped my hair specialist treatments, products, tools, one to one consultations and ‘pamperings’. These had been costing me arms and legs for some time.

But I did learn lots and learned how to tweak lots of stuff – while saving tons of dollars and cents! 😉

How do you pamper your scalp and hair to grow long hair naturally?

Have you any helpful stuff for us to pick up?

Till my next post, HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY 2013!

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