Grow Out Your Hair Fast Healthily Video, Scalp Massage Tips

Grow Out Your Hair Fast Healthily

Today it’s April Fools’ Day! But hey…this grow out your hair fast with handy scalp massage tips here are REAL.

My previous video – Coconut Oil Hair Treatment – how I do my scalp massage and hair treatment using coconut oil – have you seen it? This video has more follow up TIPS…

In this video, I basically summarized what I do when I do my scalp massage and hair treatment using coconut oil – this could apply too, if I used other oils. Anyway, this routine helps grow out your hair fast healthily, basically by stimulating blood flow to my scalp. Scalp massage also helps to clear away dead skin.

More grow out your hair fast, healthily tips…

Leaving the oil on my hair overnight

Whenever I decide to do a leave-on-overnight, I will do this after washing or cleaning my hair. So I ‘coat’ my scalp and hair with oil after cleaning it and while my hair is damp. It is easier to even out the oil all over my scalp and hair when damp. Oil penetrates hair shaft better too.

And treat your hair with care, as you massage your scalp, do not tug at your hair – use a wide tooth comb or use your fingers to smooth out your hair gently and slowly.

The next day, I washed as usual with herbal shampoo + some drops of oil. The oil acts as a conditioner. I like it this way. This works great for my hair and helps grow out your hair fast process. But really, most of the time, I love my natural, DIY shampoos. I have this herbal shampoo around in case I run out of DIY shampoo and can’t do on the spot, when I need it. Hey…I do slack at times! 😀

As for conditioner, I do not buy any hair conditioning products – I use my DIY conditioners only. 

Then I rinse as usual, dab dry with a towel and dry my hair naturally – natural air dry.

This whole process really boosts the ‘grow out your hair process’.

Wrapping my hair

What do you like to wrap your hair up with?

I think different people prefer different stuff.

When I want to wrap my hair, I am fine with using my shower cap. Sometimes I use a hot towel to wrap my hair then put the cap over. But if I do it like this, I usually apply more oil, like a deep treatment for 8 hours.  Such deep treatment is a good booster to grow out your hair fast effectively.

Deep warm treatment is something I do like once or twice a month. This frequency works fine for my hair condition.

Remember…cover your pillow!

I have forgotten this tip at times and see a stain on my pillow.

When I do remember, I use a towel, a cloth nappy or a smooth scarf to cover my pillow. There have been no hair fall and my hair has been fine and has improved a lot. So I continue using these materials. That said your case may differ. If you see your hair condition ‘getting bad’ or your ‘grow out your hair fast’ process ‘disrupted’, do use better material like satin or silk.

Warming your oilgrow out your hair fast

I like to do this in 2 ways:

1 – rubbing my hands together vigorously

2 – put the oil on my flat dish and put this dish on a mug of steaming hot water


Use a microwave. This works too. However, I’m pretty much used to the other 2 ways, so I don’t microwave my oil.

Important ‘grow out your hair fast healthily’ routine…

Yep, it’s scalp massage.

I do this consistently – with or without oil. Sometimes, only scalp massage – nothing on my scalp or hair. I just keep the movement on my scalp and get the blood flow going up to my scalp. I massage 2 times a day, every day. This routine is indeed important to grow out your hair fast, at its most healthy speed.

Have you ever tried like tilting your head downwards?

That actually helps to get the blood to your scalp and this is good to grow out your hair fast – like a reverse flow to your scalp. That said do this for as long as you feel comfortable. Getting yourself dizzy, giddy or even nauseous is a no-no.

Consistently taking good care of my scalp and hair has improved my scalp and hair condition a lot. Even for you, this can help grow out your hair fast healthily, naturally. Like I have lots of baby hairs in front and at the sides. Before, there were very little. And ‘regularly’ there are hairs growing out on top of head (where was mildly thinning).

How long or how may inches, did my hair grow out?…

By the way, last December, before Christmas, I trimmed my hair (behind) and cut some hair (make layers) at the sides. Cut fringe up to below my eyebrows. Well, I guess the layer cut didn’t turn our really nice. So anyway, I left my fringe long again as want to cut this layer thing. So you can see how long my fringe has grown out since last year December till now…see video – you can see this more clearly towards the end of video when I ‘put aside’ my fringe part.

Alright then, there I have shared some tips I use or do when I do my scalp massage routine. As this has helped my grow hair out journey, I hope this helps to grow out your hair fast too.

Thanks for watching. Take good care!

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