How To Grow Hair Faster Video – Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

How To Grow Hair Faster – My Way of Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Let’s enjoy this video on how to grow hair faster naturally using coconut oil – step by step…

Step by step on how to grow hair faster by oiling my hair with coconut oil…

    • Gently and carefully comb out my hair. I use the comb that works for my hair which is easily manageable. Use the comb or brush that’s right for your hair
    • Spray water all around to wet my hair. It is easier for me to spread the oil evenly on wet hair. Wet hair makes it better for the oil to penetrate the hair shaft.
    • I comb my hair again
    • Pour out a teaspoon of coconut oil on this flat dish. I start with a teaspoon. If I need more, I’ll add. If there’s extra, I’ll keep it aside for my skin 🙂
    • To apply oil on my scalp, I have tried several ways (please see video). Since I’m usually going around a pretty tight schedule, my favorite way is to ‘feel my way around my scalp’. I’ve been doing this many times so I know how to feel my way around my scalp and apply the oil all over. For me, this is the quickest way!
    • Now, I oil my hair ends. Remember to do this as hair ends are ‘older and harder’ than hair roots. Hair ends need a bit more tender loving care!
    • OK, quick comb again
    • My favorite part…massage my scalp 😀 When you watch my video, there are several ways to do scalp massage. I have tried all ways and would do ‘a combination’ for at least 5 mins each time. The longest I’ve done is about 20 mins. Then comb again.
    • Comb againhow to grow hair faster
    • Now I tie my hair up like in a little bun and put on my shower cap
    • OK…now I wait for the coconut oil to do its conditioning and moisturizing work on my scalp and hair. And as I wait, I go about doing my other stuff for a few hours.
    • Then I wash my hair as usual with a good shampoo

And my how to grow hair faster naturally by oiling my hair with coconut oil post is done…hope that helps!

Catch my next video for more helpful pointers on how to grow hair faster using coconut oil hair treatment


I do sometimes tilt my head forward (downwards in front). This brings the blood flow to my head (scalp) – also called inversion. I do this as I massage my scalp. My head goes down and up few times (with breaks in between) as I massage my scalp. If you feel comfortable with this, you may do this. Just remember to tilt your head down for as long as you feel comfortable – not till you feel kind of faint or even nauseous. I do this for 1-2 mins. And this ‘blood flow to your head’ thing does help for how to grow hair faster process.

PS: Have you any ideas to share too? Or is there something (grow hair stuff) you would like to know about or like me to do a post on?


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